Preschool News

Dear Families, 

             Happy Summer!  I am looking forward to a great school year!  Our  4 year old preschool program will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for the 2020-2021 school year from 8:30Am-11:30AM.  Our class will be limited to 10 children.  We still have a few spots open please call the school today if you are interested. 

           St. Jane has created a health and safety plan for the 2020-2021 school year available to view on the school website.  Please read through this  document, the Preschool program will also follow these protocols.   I have done my very best to make sure that the classroom is setup to provide a top level quality early childhood Catholic education in a safe environment.  The classroom is setup so the children have individual socially distanced work spaces, individual supplies, including sensory boxes, art supplies, fine motor materials, play-dough etc.  A cleaning schedule is in place to ensure sanitation of materials and the classroom.  We will utilize the outdoor space for classroom activities we can do outside, movement activities and outside playtime as much as possible.  A lot of early childhood is learning how to work together and building social skills, the children will be working in the same small groups.  I will follow the guidelines for the grouping as recommended by the CDC, PADOH, PDE, and the Diocese of Allentown Office of Education. 

     Despite the challenges of the pandemic I am really excited to meet the children and for this school year!  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.  May God Bless all of you and your families!  I wish you all a wonderful summer!!!!


Ms. Johnstone




Graduation Slide-Show


Mother’ s Day Slide Show


Morning Meeting Preschool

This link has my YouTube playlist for our morning meeting.  There is a variety of songs for good morning songs, Days of the Week, Number Recognition, Months of the Year, Alphabet Recognition and letter sounds, and the weather.  You can choose what you would like to do daily.  Your child should recognize the songs we do in class and some will be new to them.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Phonics & Fine Motor Practice:

Letter Z: Bounce Patrol

The Z Letter Song: ABC Mouse

Rainbow Letters

Print out page 30, the letter z!



Print out page 27 Use a bingo dabber or color the letter z!



Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire

Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo!

The View at the Zoo by


Leopards: All Things Animal


Animal Dance & Freeze: Jack Hartman

Animal Boogie

Hands-on Activities:

Make your Own Leopard

Using a paper plate your child can color or paint it yellow.  Then decorate it with colorful “spots” using pom-poms, painting them on, colorful fingerprints, or just coloring dots.  No paint, have them cut out a yellow circle out of construction paper to decorate.  Have them cut out a yellow circle from construction paper then cut in half and glue on for ears and two black construction paper dots for eyes, and an oval for the nose. 

Put Me in the Zoo Mini Concepts Book. Print Pages 6-10


Have your child cut on the line to separate the pages and staple together to build the book.  Encourage them to use their pointer finger to follow along as you read the words.  They will color the spots on the Leopard according to the directions on the page.  (Emphasize that zoo begins with the letter z makes the /z/ sound)

Zoo Patterns Math Activity (Emphasize that zoo begins with the letter z makes the /z/ sound)


Z is for Zoo Coloring Page


Spring Movement: Letter Z (68-74)


Zoom Meeting:

Animal Strike at the Zoo

Graduation Thank you Song Tutorial

Thank you, Song, With Children (To practice for Graduation Zoom Meeting)

Thank you, Song (No Children) (To practice for Graduation Zoom Meeting, this is the version that will be played at the Graduation Zoom Meeting)

I am a Promise (To practice for Graduation Zoom Meeting)

I am a Promise (To practice for Graduation Zoom Meeting, this is the version that will be played at the Graduation Zoom Meeting)


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Phonics & Fine Motor Practice:

The Alphabet Zoo: Sunny Side Up

Alphabet Handwriting Practice tracing the Letter z

Print out page 28.



Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

The Zebra Said Shhhhh….


Why do Zebras have Stripes?


Let’s Go to the Zoo: Super Simple Songs

Animals Freeze: Kiboomers

Animals in Action: Jack Hartman

Hands-on Activities:

Letter Z Zebra Craft  (Emphasize that zebra  begins with the letter z makes the /z/ sound)

Cut & Paste Zoo Animals Math Activity: (Emphasize that zoo begins with the letter z makes the /z/ sound) (Page 1)


Z-Zebra Coloring Page

Take a Virtual Field Trip to the San Diego Zoo


Jungle Safari: Cosmic Kids Yoga


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Graduation Day!!! 


The wonderful Things You’ll Be

I Wish You More


A beautiful Day

Celebrate a Great School Year: Jack Hartman

Boom Chicka Boom Graduation: The Learning Station

Baby Shark Graduation Parody

Graduation Song for Preschool: Kiboomers


God Made Laughter

Let’s Take a look at the picture below.  How do you know that the children and Jesus are happy?  (they are smiling) Why do you think they are happy?

God wants us to be happy.  Everything God does is to make us happy.  God likes to see us smiling and hear us laughing. 

Can any animals really laugh? (No) We are special.  God gave us the gift of laughter.

When are you happy?  What makes you happy?

We are happy when we act like Jesus, when we do nice things for people, and when we are kind and loving.  It makes your heart feel good to do nice things for others and makes Jesus and God happy.

In Heaven our happiness will never stop.  Listen to what Jesus says: “Your hearts will be happy and your joy will last forever.”

Think about how you can make others in your life happy…

  • How can you make your Father happy?
  • How can your make your Mother happy?
  • How can your make your siblings happy?
  • How can you make a friend happy?

Here is a prayer we can say to God to thank him for his gift of laughter and happiness.  Have your child close their eyes and repeat the words silently in their hearts. 

Dear God, thank you for

making us to be happy.

Thank you for the gift of

Laughter.  I love you.  Help me

To make others happy.  Amen.

We thank God for the gift of laughter.

God Has Made Laughter

If You’re Happy and You Know it: Jack Hartman

Hands-on Activities:

Last Day of School Crowns

(Print out your Boy or Girl Crown for your child to cut out, color, and glue on the pieces)


Last Day of Self Portraits

Let your child look at themselves in the mirror and have your child draw a Self Portrait of themselves on their last day of Pre-school and write their name.  This will be a nice keepsake.  You can interview them and write the answers on the back. (How old are they?  Who is their teacher?  What is their favorite food?  What do they want to be when they grow up?  What is their favorite toy?  Who are their playmates?  What are their favorite books?  What was their favorite school memory?  Etc.)


Dream Big Little One Coloring Pages

(Print out Page 2 or 3, Boy or Girl)



Movement Songs Playlist: Pick any of your favorite movement songs to get those wiggles out!


Zoom Meeting:

All parents are invited to attend this special Graduation Zoom Meeting!

Curious You, On Your Way!

Thank you song

I am a Promise

I am a Promise

Graduation Slide-Show


Friday, May 29, 2020


A Gold Star for Zog: (Emphasize that Zog begins with the letter z makes the /z/ sound)

And Then Comes Summer


It’s a Beautiful Day: The Singing Walrus

My Big World Scholastic: Splish Splash Summer

Literacy: Listen & Read: Splish Splash Summer

Health & Safety Video:  High Five for Summer Safety

Math Game: Ice Cream Patterns

Hands-on Safety Activity:  Listen to the Lifeguard:


Math Skill & Health & Safety Sorting Skills Sheets: Summer Count & Safe or Not Safe Sorting



I will send the class code for scholastic via remind


Spring Movement: Letter Z (68-74)

Have a wonderful & Blessed Summer!  




If you have any trouble with any of the links please let me know!  Ms. Johnstone


  •   Zoom can be accessed from your computer or any smart device. You will need a camera and working camera and sound.
  • Headsets are optional, but can sometimes provide better sound quality. 
  • IMPORTANT: Avoid streaming videos on other computers, televisions, or other devices during your session. Any simultaneous Internet usage may reduce bandwidth and compromise the quality of the online session. Close all other screens. 
  • Sitting closer to the Wi-Fi box can help improve your connection or plug into the cable. 
  •  Make sure to place the computer and student in a quiet space free of distractions (e.g., toys, hand held devices).
  •  Eliminate all background noise (i.e. TV, conversations including phone, siblings playing). 
  •  Make sure there is appropriate lighting so your child’s face is visible. The best source of light is overhead or in front of the child, not from behind. 
  • Adjust the computer and web camera at an appropriate level where your child can see the monitor and the counselor can see your child’s face. 
  • Have your child sit at a table or desk to engage him in the learning process.