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**Updated on Thursday  April 15th**


Can you find the 8 vegetables in the picture above?

Which vegetable is there twice?

Can you find 5 fruits?

Can you find the 2 seafood pictures?

There are two items from the Dairy Group and one item from the grain group, can you find them





FYI – As I mentioned at the beginning of the school year.  In June 2019 Pennsylvania passed legislation that CPR/AED training will be MANDATORY before High School graduation.  There are now 39 states that have this legislation in place.


8th Grade Health –   THURSDAYS   8B  12:05 – 12:55    8A  12:55 – 1:45   


THURSDAY, April 15th – 1 – REVIEW SCENARIO #2        

                                                    2 – READ PAGE 59 – How to Help a Choking Victim Who Becomes Unresponsive

READ Starting on Page 41 – INFANT CPR  (Mr. McGarvey will Demonstrate)

READ Starting on Page 58 – FBAO for INFANTS (Mr. McGarvey will Demonstrate)

                                                   3 – PRACTICE  THE ENTIRE SEQUENCE USING THE PILLOW 

You will be check to see if your 30 compressions are between 15 to 18 seconds


                                                  4 – SCENARIO TEST #3   IF YOU ARE ABSENT FOR A SCENARIO TEST YOU MUST MAKE IT UP                                                                                                        BEFORE THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY.

Here Is Your Scenario #3 Test –


Click the picture below to recognize choking and learn how to perform the Heimlich maneuver:

                    1. How to use the AED
                    2. Special Situations when using the AED



7th Grade Health –   FRIDAYS   7B  9:50 – 10:30     7A  10:30 – 11:10      


                                                                         STARTING ON PAGE 41 IN YOUR STUDENT WORKBOOK

                                                                                         PRINT OUT FOR APRIL 16TH – GRADE 7 Health Lesson 11


  PRINT OUT FOR APRIL 16TH LESSON #12 (6 Pages) – GRADE 7 Health Lesson 12


                                    GRADE  6       HEALTH


                            6th Grade Health –  FRIDAYS    6A   7:50-8:30          6B   8:30-9:10

                                This Week’s Lesson – APRIL 16th  – Continue Lesson on Time and Money Management 

                              PRINT OUT LESSON – For THIS FRIDAY, April 16th – GRADE 6 Health Lesson 16

                                                           Lesson #16 (5 Pages) Time and Money Management



2nd  Grade Health -Thursdays

2B 10:00-10:30     2A 10:30-11:00


Lesson for APRIL 8th –   CONTINUE Lesson #7 – The Digestive System  (4 Pages)

NEW LESSON – Lesson #8 The Skeletal System

                          PRINT OUT for this Thursday, April 15th Class – GRADE 2 Health Lesson 8


      • HOMEWORK FOR THIS THURSDAY, April 15TH – Do Pages 3 and 4 Lesson #7



4th Grade Health –  THURSDAY 4A   9:20-10:00      FRIDAY  4B  1:05-1:45

Watch these Slim Goodbody videos: 

        1. Inside Story: Heart and Circulation
        2. Inside Story: Lungs and Respiration – The Breath of Life
        3. Inside Story: The Brain and Nervous System – The Smart Parts
      • New Lesson – for April 15th or 16th Lesson  #11    The Circulatory System – 2 Pages
      • Watch video – LUBBA DUBBA ON CIRCULATION.   You can watch the video at home by clicking on The Inside Story: Heart and Circulation posted above
      • PRINT OUT FOR THIS WEEK – LESSON #11 –  GRADE 4 Health Lesson 11 Circulatory
      • PRINT OUT EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS GRADE 3 –  Nothing this week

                  KINDERGARTEN   HEALTH

KINDERGARTEN  Health   FRIDAYS   K-2  12:00 – 12:30       K-1  12:30 – 1:00

                               APRIL 16th –  New Lesson – TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF

               PRINT OUT FOR APRIL 16TH – Protect Your Skin

PRINT OUT FOR APEIL 16TH – Take care of Yourself


Health is still a Minor Subject even though it is now listed as a Sub Code under Physical Education. Grading for Health has now changed to a + (PLUS) Exceeds Expections (A numerical Grade of 90 or above or a letter Grade of Very Good or Outstanding). / (CHECK) Meets Expectations (A numerical Grade of 75 to 89 or a letter Grade of Satisfactory or Good). – (MINUS) Does Not Meet Expectations (A numerical Grade of 74 or lower or a letter Grade of Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory).

A minimun Health Grade of a / CHECK is required in order to receive Honor Status.

HOW DO I FIND OUT WHAT MY CHILD’S GRADE IS IN HEALTH CLASS??? In order to find out your child’s Health Grade you must go to Physical Education on Power School and touch the numerical Grade in the Trimester column. This will open up so you may see your child’s Health test scores, homework assignments, etc. However, it will not give you their average for the trimester. In order to find out their trimester average you must compute their average by going back to the old formula of adding their grades and dividing by the number of items for that trimester.

(A check mark under a homework assignment has no numerical or letter grade value it means that the assignment has been completed. A zero (0) under a homework assignment means that the assignment was not completed and the zero will be averaged into their grade until the assignment IS COMPLETED.)

Health for Grades 6, 7 and 8 – If you wish to know the procedure for health class rules, homework, and tests ask your son/daughter to show you “The Pledge” which should be their very first page of their health notebook. The main factors for determining the students health grade are: Test scores, Homework assignments, Projects, Participation in class.

Health for Grades 3 through 5 – The main factors for determining the students health grade are: Knowledge of the material, Participation in class, and completed homework assignments.

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/


How to make a Smoothie Videos:

Strawberry-Banana by Mr. McGarvey

Peach-Mango by Lina Burgess, 6B

Healthy Banana Split by Mr. McGarvey





HEALTH FUN FACT CHALLENGE:  Put in order from FASTEST  to  SLOWEST  number of heartbeats per minute.

                    • Whale
                    • Mouse
                    • Human
                    • Hummingbird
                    • Hibernating Groundhog
                    • Elephant     

Write your answers down so you do not change your mind.  The answer is at the bottom of the webpage.


NUTRITION FUN FACT CHALLENGE:  Put in order the top five most POPULAR fruits in the United States. 

                        • Bananas
                        • Oranges
                        • Apples
                        • Strawberries
                        • Grapes  

Write them down on paper so you do not change your mind.  The answer is at the bottom of the webpage.




CEREAL FUN FACT CHALLENGE:  Put in order the top 6 most SOLD cereals in the United States.

                • Honey Bunches of Oats
                • Frosted Flakes
                • Cheerios
                • Frosted Mini-Wheats
                • Honey Nut Cheerios
                • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Write your answers down on paper so you do not change your mind.  The answer is at the bottom of the webpage.




NOT NUTRITIONAL FUN FACT CHALLENGE: Put in order by mean$ of DOLLAR$ the most $old candy in a year.

                  • Hershey Bar
                  • M & M
                  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
                  • Kit Kat
                  • Snickers

Write your answer down on paper so you don’t change your mind.  The answers are at the bottom of the webpage.  


HEALTH & PHYS ED CROSSWORD PUZZLES: Download these worksheets and have fun!  Email me the MYSTERY MESSAGE from the FRUIT and Berries crossword. Who will be the FIRST STUDENT to send it in.  I will then post your name.










Welcome to Mr. McGarvey’s Virtual FIELD DAY!

Field Day Introduction by Mr. McGarvey

Event #1 – Egg & Spoon Race

Event #2 – Sock Ball Cornhole

Event #3 – Sponge Bob Water Relay

Event #4 – Tossing-Cup Knock Down

Event #5 – Garbage Bag-Potato Sack Race

Event #6 – Burpee T-Shirt Race

Event #7 – Beach Towel Flip

Event #8 – Penguin Race

Event #9 – Bottle Flip

Event #10A – Backyard Obstacle Course Part 1

Event #10A – Backyard Obstacle Course Part 2

Event #10B – Driveway Chalk Obstacle Course




Name the tag game or catch game you played in gym class.  Maybe you can do some form of the game with your family in your backyard or safe space.

1) dre  voerr     2) laoffbu  lilb     3) wrosc  nad  narcse     4) iuqrslrse  dan  eerts      5) ingtmdih      6) hwo  etl  het gdso  to     7)  ipp  auqeks  adn  uiwrbl   


Name the Gymnastics or Tumbling term we did in gym class.

K-2:      1) oesutsmal    2) ogl lolr  3) aeml god lakw  4) barc akla   5) aels rwcal   6) rroweelbawh  7) geg olrl  8) pttoao acks ecar

GRADES 3 and UP:   1) oesutsmal    2)tuvla   3) crwelathe    4)lanpk   5) aacblne  emab   6) cbka edrgib   7) lllaapre srab   8) onofrudf     9)ddlestra    10) hasadedtn   11) adtnhnsad   


Name the Body Systems.

GRADES 2 and UP:   1) icltrcruaoy   2) yrotaripser  3) nrvseou  4) dgsieietv  5)ralucsum  6) skltleea  7) knsi  


Name the sport we did in gym classes

GRADES 3 and UP:   1) adepdl    gnop    2) ccoser   3) forol  ockhye  4) bseblaktal  5) llllbaeyvo  6) ikalkcbl  7) wbiaflflle 

  Answers at bottom of the webpage*


PBS Fitness Quiz

Eating & Exercise Trivia Quiz





Let’s Go Bowling by Mr. McGarvey

Hula Hoop Skills by Mr. McGarvey

Agility Ladder Drill – Part 1 by Mr. McGarvey

Agility Ladder Drill – Part 2 by Mr. McGarvey

Daily Workout by Alec Falcone, 4A




Backyard Obstacle Course – part 1: Setting up the Course by Mr. McGarvey

Backyard Obstacle Course – part 2: Running the Course by Mr. McGarvey

Backyard Obstacle Course by Candace Boyd, 2A

Backyard Obstacle Course by Jacob Minniti, 2B

Backyard Obstacle Course by Lucas Yingling, 1A



Jump Roping – Beginners (PK, K, 1, & 2) by Mr. McGarvey

Jump Roping – Advanced – Part 1 for grades 2-8 by Mr. McGarvey

Jump Roping – Advanced – Part 2 for grades 2-8 by Mr. McGarvey


Tony Chestnut – (PreK, K, 1) by Mr. McGarvey

Tony Chestnut – Sing-a-Long Lyrics







Jumping Jax Gym

Moe Jones Kids Workout #1 – Beginners  (8 levels) 

Camp Katina


Mr. McGarvey’s Morning Challenges

Morning Challenge #1 – Plank Jacks by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #2 – Sofa Squats by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #3 – Mountain Climbers by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #4 – Plank Stacking by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #5 – 5 Arm Exercises with Weights by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #6 – 3 Point Plank by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #7 – Spatula Challenge by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #8 – The Sidewalk Chalk Challenge by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #9 – Crisscross Juggling by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #10 – 4 Kinds of Jumping Jacks by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #11 – Unlock Your iPhone by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #12 – The 40 Card Plank Challenge by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #13 – 3-Minute Relaxation Challenge by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #14 – Tower Juggling by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #15 – Brain Teaser Challenge by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #16 – The Hula Hoop Challenge by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #17 – Trash Ball by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #18 – Soccer Challenge by Mr. McGarvey

Morning Challenge #19 – Tic-Tac-Toe by Mr. McGarvey


*IMPORTANT INFORMATION IF YOUR CHILDREN WERE REGISTERED FOR THE CUP STACKING TOURNAMENT* As stated on the registration information form the registration fee is nonrefundable.  However, any student that was registered for the March 21, 2020 Eastern Pennsylvania Sport Stacking Tournament and wishes to attend the March 2021 Tournament (4/20 or 4/21) their registration fee will be waived.  I also sent all cup club members a link for 27 cup stacking videos to practice along with. Hopefully, you were able to open the link.  I would like to hear back from a few if they were able to open the videos.

CUP STACKERS:  Every Monday starting April 6th Speed Stacks is releasing new cup stacking videos.  Check them out!  Speed Stacks Videos


Physical Education Grades – At the beginning of each marking period all students receive a satisfactory (passing) grade in Effort and Conduct. Lack of effort or poor behavior in class will show on Power School that the student is deficient in those areas.

The student’s final trimester grade in PE is based on individual skills, game skills, knowledge of rules, team play, sportsmanship, effort, and conduct.

Students in Grades 1 and 2 are graded on basic Physical Education Skills, Effort, and Conduct. They will receive a skills evaluation sheet to let you know how they are performing in certain areas. For example, locomotor skills, ball skills, jump rope skills, tumbling skills, rhythmic activities, game skills, etc. On their report card they will receive a “PLUS MARK +” (Very Good), a “SLASH MARK / ” (Satisfactory) or a “MINUS – ” (Needs Improvement).

Students in Grades 3 and 4 will also receive a skills evaluation sheet along with their regular trimester grade.

Conduct in Physical Education class – All students should demonstrate the 6 traits of Good Character (A Life Skill) during PE Class. Those traits are: Trustworthy, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Caring, and Good Citizenship. If a student fails to do so he or she will be removed from the activity. In addition, Grades 6, 7, and 8 will also follow the policy for self -discipline.

Students are also expected to do “NED”. This stands for: Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best.


Word Scramble #1 – Tag Games   

  1. Red Rover
  2. Buffalo Bill
  3. Crows and Cranes   
  4. Squirrels and Trees   
  5. Midnight   
  6. Who Let the Dogs Out   
  7. Pip, Squeak and Wilbur  

Word Scramble #2 – Gymnastics

Grades K to 2:

  1. Somersault
  2. Log Roll
  3. Lame Dog Walk 
  4. Crab Walk 
  5. Seal Crawl 
  6. Wheelbarrow
  7. Egg Roll
  8. Potato Sack Race

Grades 3 and Up:

  1. Somersault 
  2. Vault 
  3. Cartwheel 
  4. Plank
  5. Balance Beam 
  6. Back Bridge   
  7. Parallel Bars   
  8. Roundoff 
  9. Straddle   
  10. Headstand 
  11. Handstand

Word Scramble #3 – Body Systems

  1. Circulatory 
  2. Respiratory  
  3. Nervous 
  4. Digestive 
  5. Muscular 
  6. Skeletal 
  7. Skin

Word Scramble #4 – Sports

  1. Paddle Pong
  2. Soccer
  3. Floor Hockey
  4. Basketball
  5. Volleyball
  6. Kickball
  7. Wiffle Ball

Nutrition Fun Facts:

  1. Bananas
  2. Apples
  3. Grapes
  4. Strawberries
  5. Oranges

Cereal Fun Facts:

  1. Honey Nut Cheerios
  2. Frosted Flakes
  3. Honey Bunches of Oats
  4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  5. Cheerios
  6. Frosted Mini-Wheats

Not Nutritional Fun Facts:

  1. M & M ($406 Million)
  2. Reese’s ($398 Million)
  3. Snickers ($386 Million)
  4. Hershey Bar ($249 Million)
  5. Kit Kat ($201 Million)  

That’s a lot of $$$$$$$$ spent on just those five candy bars in one year – $1,640,000,000  Can you read that number? WOW!  

Health Fun Facts – Heart Beats:

  1. Hummingbird  1,260 Beats Per Minute   
  2. Mouse  500 BPM
  3. Human 70 BPM
  4. Elephant  25 BPM
  5. Whale  9 BPM
  6. Hibernating Groundhog  5 BPM