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Mrs Pretopapa


Monday: Please send in word ring.  New words: zero, one, two . Gym uniform today

Tuesday: Please return your child’s Library book.  Thank you.

Thursday: Pick a Pumpkin Day.  Each child will be able to pick their own pumpkin from our pumpkin patch.  We will be decorating our pumpkins in school and sending them home later.

Wednesday, October 27:  Parent Conferences 4:00-6:00 via Zoom.

Thursday, October 28:  Parent Conferences 4:00-6:00 via Zoom.

Friday, October 29:  Halloween Parade – 9:00.  Kinders wear costumes to school.  Please have your child wear sneakers.

Friday, October 29:  12:00 Dismissal.  No lunch.

*Scholastic Book Code:  YGGMV Orders due online by October 17th. (hoping September orders come any day now!) 

Friday, October 29:  12:00 Dismissal.  No lunch. 


October 16, 2021

We will be having Parent Conferences via Zoom on October 27-28.  Information will be sent home soon for you to sign up for your child’s conference.  I will be sending home your child’s Fall Assessment on Tuesday, October 26th.  I am looking forward to discussing these results with you during our scheduled conference.

Beginning November 1st, all children will need to be wearing the winter uniforms purchased through Flynn & O’Hara .  Here is what your child may wear: 

  • GIRLS: 
  •  November 1 through March 31:   Plaid jumper, white Peter Pan collar long or short sleeve blouse; dark green knee socks/tights; black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes(heels no higher than one inch); dark green sweater is an option.  Option 2:  Tan pants, green golf shirt with school logo; brown, dark green, or tan socks; black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes(heels no higher than one inch).  No belts, please.  (Dark green sweater is always an option.)
  • May not wear nail polish or hoop/dangle earrings. 
  • BOYS:  
  •  November 1 through March 31:  Tan dress pants; green golf shirt with school logo; brown, dark green, or tan socks; black or dark brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes.  No belts, please.
  • Gym Uniform:  November 1 through March 31:  green T-shirt with school logo, grey sweatpants with school logo, white socks,  white or black sneakers( laces or velcro – NO LIGHT-UPS).  Optional:  grey sweatshirt with school logo.  Gym uniform may be worn everyday in Kindergarten.

Here is what we learned this week:

RELIGION:  Quiet is good.  It is good to spend time in silence to listen to all that is around us.  Jesus is always present in our “heart room” for us to talk to him whenever we want.  We learned that God is present in a special way in church.  We also learned about the Holy Trinity.  We discussed some facts about St. Therese of the Child Jesus and watched a short video about her. 

MATH:  We are having a lot of fun learning about numbers.  Your child should now be able to recognize the numbers through 10, count objects, and write the correct number for how many.  Please help your child to practice printing the numbers correctly.  Have your child count various objects in your house and then write the number.  (Please practice 0-10 for this week.)

We have been spending time identifying even and odd numbers through 10.  We have also been working with identifying ten frames and tally marks. We are continuing to learn about patterns.    

We will be working with the numbers 0-10 for several weeks.  We have begun to “subitizing” the numbers.  To subitize means to “instantly see how many.”  That means that your child will be able to recognize the number and number word, use tally marks, identify a number on a ten frame, identify numbers using dice, use/count pictures, count on and down from a number, use dominoes, and identify number of fingers.  These skills take a lot of time for children to master.  It takes a lot of practice.  Your child will be introduced to each of these skills throughout the coming weeks.

LANGUAGE ARTS:   We have now completed letter identification, both upper case and lower case for all the letters of the alphabet.  We have also been working on identifying the sound for each letter.  It is very important that you continue to practice the letters and sounds with your child.  We also practice identifying and producing rhyming words.  We segment sentences into words by counting the words in a short sentence.  This week, we began to segment words into syllables.  The children are given a word and then they clap it out.  We are working with 2-3 syllable words.

Next week, we will begin to isolate individual sounds.  We will identify the sound at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.  We will also begin to blend sounds in 3 letter words.  It is so important that you review the various papers your child brings home.  These papers will help you understand what they are learning in school so you can reinforce the various skills at home.

Our letter next week is Mm.  We will be identifying words that begin or end with this letter sound.  We will also be identifying this sound in the middle of words.  Here are some words your child will be blending  to read the word:  man, map, mop, Mom.

CENTERS:  1) Teacher Table: Writing   2)  Pumpkin Letter Match   3)  Form Color Words  4)  Number Ghosts    5)  Fill a container with pompoms  6)  Spider Shape Art   7)  Listen to a Book


We are working on how to do the sign of the cross all throughout the day when we pray. Ask your child to show you how they can do it (and gently remind them to use their right hand and cross over to their left shoulder , then right shoulder). They are so proud of themselves for learning this! 

We love to celebrate birthdays! If you want to send in a snack (no cupcakes or drinks), please send in enough for 15 children.  Please send the snack in with your child.  We usually have snack at 9:15.  If you are going to send in party invitations, please send in enough for the whole class or  just the boys (6) or just the girls (8). 

I love spending my days with these 15 awesome children!!! They are so much fun and keep me smiling :). 

Have a great week!

Mrs. Pretopapa

Kindergarten Teacher

St. Jane Frances de Chantal School 

“Specials” Schedule for K-2:

Monday:  Gym  (All children must wear gym uniform and white or black sneakers.) 

Tuesday:  Spanish (every other week) and Art

Wednesday:  Library

Thursday:  “Thankful Thursday” afternoon fun!

Friday:  Computers and Music

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Kindergarten Websites:



Please note Kindergartners may wear their gym uniform everyday all year long.  At this time all students will be allowed to wear their gym uniforms everyday. Students are allowed to wear white, gray, or black sneakers with their gym uniform.  You may also wear HawkWalk shirts as part of you gym uniform.


*More parent information can be found online at