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Kindergarten 2 – Blessing

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April 14, 2019   

Important Events:

  • Monday:  Gym class.  Send in 12 plastic candy filled eggs for our egg hunt.  Please tape each one so they don’t break open.  Thank you.
  • Wednesday:  Library- return books.  Easter Party and Egg Hunt.  Snack will be provided.
  • Thursday:   Dismissal- 11:00.  Snack only.
  • Friday and Monday (April 19-22)– No School.
  • Planning ahead:  No school for Kindergarten only on May 30-31.
  • More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents

This is what we worked on this past week:

RELIGION The children attended the performance of  ‘The Living Stations of the Cross’ on Friday.  Our 8th graders did an amazing job with this portrayal.  The children were so well behaved as they followed each station.  We also learned that Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week in the Church.  We will continue to discuss the important events as we spend the day on Thursday having a “retreat” day.

MATH:   We worked on capacity, height, weight, length, and width.

Continue to practice addition and subtraction facts to 5.  Work on rapid recall, answering within 3-5 seconds and not using fingers to get the answer.  For an extra challenge, work on facts up to 10.

LANGUAGE ARTS:   This week we worked on the long a sound with the following words:  safe, fame, bake, make, rate, came, gave, made, name, ate, save, and late. 

Please be sure your child can recognize and produce the sounds for all 26 letters and the following:  sh, th, ch, -ing.   

Your child is reading several stories a week during our “small group” reading time.  It is so important that your child know the letters and the sounds and be able to identify the words from our word wall when reading.  The children should be using their “reading finger” to point at each word as they read.  We have also been focusing on the ending marks on a sentence.  The period, question mark, and exclamation mark. 

The children write in their journals several times during the week.  The kids are doing such a great job.  We are focusing on using a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, space between each word, and an ending mark to end each sentence.  Encourage your child to write at home.

WORD WALL:  I, red, can, yellow, blue, green, the, orange, we, purple, see, black, a, like, brown, zero, one, two, to, go, and, three, four, five, you, do, six, seven, eight, nine, my, are, with, he, ten square, circle, is, little, was, she, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, for, have, of, they, said, want, here, me, this, what, help, too, has, play, where, look


SOCIAL STUDIES:  We learned about several American symbols like the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell.  We learned that the bald eagle is the National Symbol of America!

SCIENCE:   Scientist of the Day is a big hit!!  The kids love listening and watching their classmates explain each experiment.  Just a reminder, be sure your child is able to tell us all the steps as they present their project. 

Tuesday, April 16th:  Aanand and Lily

Wednesday, April 17th:  Ava and Gavin

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  Have a nice week and a Blessed and Happy Easter!

Mrs. Blessing