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Scholastic Book Club: Class Code (YGGMV ) Ill be placing the last class order before the holidays on Monday! Thanks for your support! 

November 19, 2022     

  • Monday:   Send Word Rings today.  New words:  two   three
  • Tuesday:  Gym Uniforms.  Library books today.  Special “Thanksgiving Snack” with our K-2 Friends – Food and drinks will be provided by some parents from each room.  
  • Wednesday:  11:00 Dismissal – No lunch or aftercare
  • Thursday:  Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Friday:  School is closed.
  • Monday, November 28:  School is closed
  • Friday, December 2:  School Picture Retake in the morning.  Must be in uniform.
  • Friday, December 2:  Special Picture with all Kindergarteners:  Please have your child wear their school uniform along with some kind of Christmas “head” decoration:  Santa hat, Reindeer headband, Christmas bows, etc.
  • Friday, December 9:  6:30 PM:  Kindergarten-3rd Grade Christmas Concert at Main Church (Not school).  You will love this! The children have already begun to practice.

HOMEWORK:  1.  Practice all words on your child’s word ring each day.   2.  Practice blending sounds and reading the following words:  sit, fit, pin, bin, tip, dip 3.  Practice putting 10 items in a line and counting them as “ordinals.” First, second, third, … tenth.  4.  Practice counting to 70 without skipping any numbers.

Dear Families, 

Wishing you all such a blessed Thanksgiving. I am SO thankful for each of your children. They are so sweet and Mrs Penson and I truly so love them!! Every day we are talking with them about a classroom family and they are really getting it! I hope you are amazed with how much they have learned and grown since the beginning of the school year. Its so awesome to see them flourish!! They are now reading, writing sentences, doing addition and so much more!!! 

On Tuesday, we will be having a Thanksgiving feast with K1 in the cafeteria in the morning. Just so you are aware, we assigned each family a special holiday to send in donations and come into help our classroom. (This way everyone doesn’t have to donate every party).  If you would like to know your holiday, I can let you know on Monday, when I’m by my list :). We tried to keep it to what everyone signed up for at the parent meeting this summer, with making sure each family gets a turn. 

Here is what we have been up to! 

RELIGION:  We became a member of God’s family at our Baptism.  Baptism is a sacrament.  At Baptism, each child was anointed with a special oil called chrism.  Each of us continue each day to grow in Jesus’ love.  We watched a video of my godson get baptized a few weeks ago! They loved it! Talk to them about their baptism. They had so many questions about their own baptism, that I obviously wasnt able to answer!~ lol 

MATH:  We have now begun to practice addition.  We are practicing how to put two groups of objects together to find out “how many in all.”  The children have been introduced to the “+” and “=” signs.  Learning to add is so much fun!  It is so important to continue helping your child practice identifying the numbers 0-10 through various number forms:  ten frames, tally marks, number words,  numbers that are more, less, greater than, less than, and counting on from a given number through 10.  Your child should now be able to print the numbers 0-10; count objects; identify the position of an object as first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth; recognize what comes next in a given pattern; and be on their way to counting to 100.  (Some children get confused when counting their teens.  Please listen carefully to your child when they count.)  

LANGUAGE ARTS:  This week, we learned about the letters Nn and Cc.  We have been spending a lot of time practicing how to “blend” sounds to read words.  At this time, your child should begin to blend 3-letter words and then read them smoothly.  This is a very important skill for children to learn.  

Did you know that your child is beginning to write their own sentences about their own drawing.  Some children are able to write a three-four word sentence.  We are now talking about the importance of each sentence beginning with a capital letter and putting an “ending” mark at the end.  (period, question mark, exclamation point)  

Thank you so much for helping your child develop a love for reading.  I hope you enjoy listening/helping your child read the books they bring home each week.  I am very thankful that the books are being returned the next day.   

It takes a lot of practice and repetition for a child to be able to store their “sight words/heart words” in their brain.  We practice these words on a daily basis in our small groups and whole group.  Thank you for continuing to practice these words on a daily basis at home.

Next week’s letters: Oo

CENTERS:   1.  Teacher Table: Writing- their choice!    2.  I Can Build a Turkey Tangrams    3.  Art:  Thanksgiving Placemat    4.  Turkey numbers with feathers and dry erase markers 5.  Art:  Pilgrim Art (their own)    6.  Number Puzzles   7.  Listening   8.  Turkey Dinner Snap Cubes

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE:  We are spending time learning about the First Thanksgiving, weather, and shapes we see in our environment.

It is so important that you review and practice any papers that come home in your child’s folder on a daily basis.  Your child is continually learning new skills.  New skills are built on previous skills that have been taught.  Reviewing and practicing your child’s letter and number skills will help them to feel confident in all they do in school.

As always, never hesitate to contact me for anything :). 

Mrs. Pretopapa

Kindergarten Teacher

St. Jane Frances de Chantal School 

[email protected] 

Our Special Schedule: 

Tues- Art 12:30- 1:10

            Gym 1:10- 1:50

Wed-  Library  8:30- 9:00 

            Spanish 1:10- 1:40

Thurs- Computers 1:15- 1:45

Fri-      Music 1:20-1:50

Kindergarten Websites:



         FALL/SPRING UNIFORMS:  First day of school through Oct. 31 and April 1 till the end of the school year:

  • Children may not wear nail polish, hoop/dangle earrings, or light-up sneakers.  
  • GIRLS:  Tan skort or shorts, green golf shirt with school logo, white socks, white or black sneakers. No belts.
  • BOYS:    Tan shorts, green golf shirt with school logo, white socks, white or black sneakers.  No belts.
  • GYM UNIFORM (Boys and Girls):  Green T-shirt with school logo, black mesh shorts with school logo, white socks, black or white sneakers.  Gym uniform may be worn everyday in Kindergarten.

         WINTER UNIFORMS:  November 1 through March 31:   

  • Children may not wear nail polish, hoop/dangle earrings, or light-up sneakers.
  • GIRLS:  Option 1:  Plaid jumper, white Peter Pan collar long or short sleeve blouse, dark green knee socks/tights, black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes.  Option 2:  Tan pants, green golf shirt with school logo, brown, dark green, or tan socks, black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes.  No belts, please.  
  • BOYS:  Tan dress pants, green golf shirt with school logo, brown, dark green, or tan socks, black or dark brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes.  No belts, please.
  • Gym Uniform (Boys and Girls):   Green T-shirt with school logo, grey sweatpants with school logo, white socks, white or black sneakers.   Gym uniform may be worn everyday in Kindergarten.

*More parent information can be found online at