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February 16, 2020

Important Information:

  • Monday-  No School
  • Tuesday-  New sight words will be sent home.
  • Thursday- Mass 8:15

This is what we worked on this week:

RELIGION:  We learned about the Holy Eucharist.  We discussed the importance of sharing meals with our loved ones.  Ask your child to tell you the story of the Wedding Feast at Cana.

MATH:  We continue to work on numbers 11-20.  Be sure your child can print and identify the numbers, the quantity for each, tally marks, and use a double ten frame for each number.  We have also learned 3D shapes:  sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, and rectangular prism.  We completed Math Centers on Thursday and Friday.  

MATH CENTERS:  I pads (addition) / penguin addition cards / valentine “I Spy” / adding with valentine dominoes / snowman subitizing 1-10 / snowman subitizing 11-20 / match dots to the correct number with heart shapes / valentine missing numbers / teddy bear spin addition

LANGUAGE ARTS:  This was a review week for all letters and sounds.  We practiced reading and spelling the following words: fan, hen, rock, hat, lab, led, kick, rib.  We meet every day in small groups to practice letters, sounds, and read stories.  We spend a lot of time blending sounds to make words.  The children also write in their journals several times during the week.

CENTERS:  Listening / Writing / I Pads / Art-  parent valentine gift / fill in missing beginning sound / Write the Room / STEM- build with valentine candy / Sentence Work / ABC Work- clip beginning sounds of pictures / Monthly Art- love bug   

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We read books about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

SCIENCE:  We did a sink or float experiment with valentine candy.


More parent information can be found at

Have a nice week,

Mrs. Blessing                                                     

Image result for free clip art for february