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Kindergarten 2 – Blessing

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December 14, 2019

Important Information:

  • Monday-  Please send in your child’s reregistration form sometime this week.  Many have been returned, thank you.  K-2 is hoping to be the first class to earn 100%.  We would win 5 dress down days! 
  • Thursday- Class Christmas Party.
  • Friday- Christmas Dress Down Day.  Dress in green and red.  11:00 Dismissal.
  • Things to work on at home:  Practice all letter sounds, count to 100, print the numbers 1-10, practice tying shoes, practice addition flash cards, and word ring.
  • Looking ahead:  School closed December 23- January 1.  School reopens on Thursday, January 2, 2020.

This is what we worked on this week:

RELIGION:  The third candle, pink, will be lit on Sunday.  We are all anxiously waiting for the birth of our Lord.  The children listen to stories daily about how Mary and Joseph prepared for the birth of Jesus.  I asked them to say a prayer together with their family on Christmas morning to thank Jesus for being our greatest gift! 

MATH:  We continue to work on addition skills.  We work daily on adding numbers.  The children are doing a great job!  I’m so proud of them.  I will be testing each child on “quick recall” of the facts in early January.  They should not be using fingers and should answer within five seconds. 

MATH CENTERS:  Santa Bump number game / roll dice and color / roll dice and trace number / 100 puzzle / addition elves / Christmas addition / subitizing / Christmas number count / Christmas number puzzles

LANGUAGE ARTS:  The letter of the week was Oo.  We identified many words that have the short /o/ sound in the middle.  Examples: hot, cot, mop, top.  We met in our small groups to practice letters, sounds, and read stories.  We spend a lot of time blending sounds to make words.  Books will continue to be sent home for homework. 

CENTERS:  Listening / Writing / Letter Stamp- Oo / writing short o words / Sentence Work- Can you see the______? / Monthly Art- the Grinch / Roll a Sight Word / Word Work- build trees and gifts with sight words / Gingerbread, Write It! / Christmas rhyming puzzle

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We completed a booklet about Christmas symbols.

SCIENCE:  We did an experiment with candy canes.  Ask you child what happened when a candy cane was put in each of the following: warm water, cold water, and vinegar.  The results surprised us all.


More parent information can be found at

I would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY BLESSED NEW YEAR!  Enjoy the holidays with family and friends. 

Mrs. Blessing

Image result for free christmas clip art