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Kindergarten 2 – Blessing

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February 16, 2019                                                                       

Important Events:

  • Monday:  No School- Presidents’ Day
  • Tuesday: New book orders will be sent home.  Code- MFP78
  • Wednesday:  Return library book. 
  • Thursday:  Mass 8:15.  All are welcome.
  • More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents

*It was another crazy week with the weather.  Thank to the moms for sending in the many treats for our Valentines Day Party. 

This is what we worked on this past week:

RELIGION We learned that everyone makes mistakes and that Jesus always forgives us when we are truly sorry.  We learned the story of Zacchaeus.  Ask your child to tell you the story.  They are so good at retelling Bible stories.

MATH:  We continue to work on “decomposing” numbers up to 20.  For example, 20=11+9; 15=9+6; 18=7+11, etc.  The children used our “decomposing machines” to complete the problems.   

Your child should be able to identify the numbers 0-20, write each number (0-20), and say what number comes before and after each number.  Also, you child should be able to count to 100 without skipping any numbers.

Please continue to practice “quick recall” of math facts.  For an extra challenge, practice the addition facts for 6.  6+0=, 5+1=, 4+2=, 3+3=, 2+4=, 1+5=, 0+6=. 

We know how to “subitize”.  This is the skill of being able to recognize the numbers 0-10 in various forms.  Including: ten frames, number words, fingers, tally marks, and dots.

LANGUAGE ARTS:   Our letters this week was Kk.  We identified pictures and words that have the K sound. We also practiced printing this letter. 

Your child is now reading several stories a week during our “small group” reading time.  It is so important that your child know the letters and the sounds and be able to identify the words from our word wall when reading.  The children should be using their “reading finger” to point at each word as they read.  We have also been focusing on the ending marks on a sentence.  The period, question mark, and exclamation mark. 

The children write in their journals several times during the week.  The kids are doing such a great job.  We are focusing on using a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, space between each word, and an ending mark to end the sentence.  It is also important that the children are writing sentences that make sense.  Encourage your child to write at home.

WORD WALL:  I, red, can, yellow, blue, green, the, orange, we, purple, see, black, a, like, brown, zero, one, two, to, go, and, three, four, five, you, do, six, seven, eight, nine, my, are, with, he, ten square, circle, is, little, was, she, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond

Practice these sight words on a daily basis.  Take the words off the ring and shuffle them around.  It’s very important to not fall behind on this.  This will help your child to become a successful reader.

CENTERSWRITING / WORD WORK / LISTENING / WRITING AROUND THE ROOM- Valentine words /  / STEM- build a tower with 100 cups / MATH-counting objects 11-20 / MONTHLY ART- Valentine card for parents / LETTER ART- king crown

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We learned many facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

SCIENCEEveryone finished writing and illustrating their book about The Four Seasons.  They will be sent home next week.   

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Have a nice long weekend!

Mrs. Blessing