Extended Care

The St. Jane Frances de Chantal Extended Care Program will strive to provide a Christ-centered, safe, nurturing, and fun childcare environment that serves the needs of our school families. Students will have opportunities for games, art/crafts, homework, movies, and more.

Hours of operation are from 2:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. and the program is not offered on Non-School Days. Extended Care is offered on most half days.

*Snack: Snacks will be available to be purchased for 50 cents (students do not have to purchase a snack). To buy a snack, students must bring money.
*If a child has food allergies, they need to provide their own snack.

**Only complete the registration form, if you are signing up your children for the first time OR there needs to be changes to the original form you handed into the school before (ex. additional child(ren), change to approved pickup people, etc.)

*The $20 registration fee is only for new families using Extended Care (it is not a yearly fee).

Extended Care Contact Information: 

Contact School Office - 610-253-8442 or email the principal Marybeth Okula at principal@stjaneschool.com 

Policies and Procedures

The Extended Care Program is an extension of the school day; therefore, all rules and regulations outlined in the St. Jane Parent Handbook apply to the Extended Care.

Children must be registered in advance so that all essential paperwork is processed and sufficient staff is on hand to monitor the children in the program. Emergency situations must be discussed with the principal before a child can attend without the proper paperwork on file.  Each child must have a registration form on file that lists all known allergies or medical conditions, an emergency contact with current home and cell phone numbers.

The registration form requires parents to list the names of the individuals authorized (by the parents) to pick-up their children if the parents are not able to do so themselves. If a name is not on the pick-up list, we cannot allow your child to go home with that person. This is an important record and safety measure for the childcare staff, your cooperation is appreciated.

*Parents/Guardians/Authorized Individuals are asked to be prepared to show photo ID when picking up.
If children will be picked up by a Girl Scout Leader, Tutoring Teacher, Babysitter, etc. a note must be provided to the school.

Location: Extended Care is usually held in the Bennett Building in Father Farrell Hall (FFH). If the Hall is being used for other activities, Extended Care will be provided in the IHM Chapel or at another location.

At dismissal time, students are lead over to FFH by a teacher or the adult in charge of Extended Care.
A parent/guardian must come into FFH or the aftercare location and sign out the child(ren).

Children will be allowed to change out of their uniforms. Clothing must be appropriate and within the guidelines of our Student Handbook Casual Clothes guidelines. Sneakers need to be worn to utilize the gym. Students may bring snacks and drinks to Extended Care.

Daily attendance is taken upon the students’ arrival. Students must be signed out by a parent/guardian, or an authorized person (from the emergency form). The person picking up the child will be required to show identification before the child is released into his or her care.

Homework: Since there is a scheduled homework period, it is the child’s responsibility to acknowledge his or her assignments and to begin to work on them. If there is a need, a child may ask for assistance with homework from our staff. Please do not assume that all your child’s homework is completed. It is always recommended that you review your child’s homework on a daily basis. Studying is very important and should be done at home.

Personal Items: Students should have their personal belongings labeled with their name. School/Extended Care is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property that is brought to School/Extended Care.
Students cannot use personal electronic devices during Extended Care.


Problems which occur at Extended Care will be handled on an individual basis. All incidents are documented and reviewed by the principal. 

Rates and Payment Policies

The registration fee $20.00, the hourly cost of one child is $6.00, second child is $5.00, third child $4.00. Since fees are the sole support of the Extended Care Program. It is essential that invoices be paid upon receipt so that continual coverage can be provided.

Extended Care ends at 5:30 p.m., all students must be picked up before 5:30 p.m.
Families will be charged an additional $5.00 for every 5 minutes after 5:30 p.m.

All invoices are generated weekly and sent home via your child’s Take Home Folder. Please make payments upon receipt of invoice in order to guarantee continued use of Extended Care. 

Please Note: If payment is not received after the first billing cycle, it will be marked PAST DUE OR DELINQUENT. Every effort will be made to collect Extended Care Payment. Your account will be suspended after 30 days of non-payment. Your balance will incur a $50 late fee, it will be rolled into your current FACTS account, and your child will no longer be able to attend Extended Care.

Snow Days Or Emergency Situations

The Extended Care will not run on ANY snow day cancellations. We will not have staff available these days on such short notice.

*In severe weather or emergency situations which result in an early dismissal form school, Extended Care WILL BE CANCELLED.  The school will notify parents. Parents are expected to pick up their children as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the children and our staff.