Class 8A

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Welcome to 8A!

We’re going to have a fantastic year together!

Classroom Supplies

  • Please send in Clorox wipes so that your student can disinfect their desk before going to the next class.
  • Tissues, paper towels, and pencils are appreciated!
  • All 8A students will need a bin for their personal items.  An 18 gallon bin is the recommended size, but you are welcome to send in something smaller.  Students will need to store their coats, lunchboxes, and a few books in their bins.  Bins from last year will work perfectly!
  • Please put contact paper on any consumable workbooks that students receive.


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8A Lit/Science/Writing: @class8a22

8B Lit/Science/Writing: @class8b22

7A Science: @7asci22

7B Science: @7bsci22


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