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Online textbook website:  my.hrw.com

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Wednesday 3-3:30 (grade 8)

Thursday 3-3:30 (grade 7)


March 1, 2021

We are nearing the end of the 2nd trimester!  Please be sure that all assignments are up to date and if you have a test or quiz that needs to be made up that you are in touch ASAP.

Congratulations to the new members of the National Junior Honor Society!  We are very proud of you!

This week we will be writing Hawk Walk letters to raise money for our school.  Thank you for your support!

Students will participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation on Thursday, March 11.  

In religion class, students have notes about Lent and the special events of Holy Week.  We are also beginning  chapter 12 on Penance and the Anointing of the Sick.


Have you heard about the top rated podcast, new in 2021?   It is called The Bible in a Year, with Fr. Mike Schmitz from Ascension Press. I was never a podcast listener before, but wow!  For 20 minutes a day, Fr. Mike reads a portion of the bible and offers a reflection.  I am always encouraging my students to find new ways to develop their personal relationship with Jesus, and I am really enjoying this.  I hope that maybe you will, too!  

Have a great week!

Religion: chapter 12, Sacraments of Healing

7-1 and 8-2 Math working on solving equations with fractions, writing equations for word problems.  Next up is the distributive property and then equations with many solutions or no solutions.  Quiz Wednesday and chapter 7 test early next week, likely Tuesday. 

7-2 We have been working on percentages!  Quiz this week on Tuesday followed by more practice with applications.

8-1  Chapter 7 continues this week with fractional equations and then percentages.  One more test for the marking period sometime next week.


Have a Great Week!



Please be sure you are signed up for my updates on Remind App. See below for the class code. 

  • After you download the app, send a text to 81010 with the message code:

7A Math and Religion:  @7amath72a

7B Math and Religion:  @7bmath71

8A Math:  @8amath81

8B Math:  @8bmath82


Older notes:

Have you and your child been checking Power School regularly for posted grades?  There are NO test folders being sent home, so look into each subject to see what is “missing” or incomplete.  Once those turn into a zero (0) the grade you currently see will go down.  Once the whole class has taken a math or religion test in the Go Formative website, I will “unlock” it so if the kids log back into the assignment, they can view it and/or show you.

Please encourage your kiddos to ask questions during math class and/or come to office hours as needed.  This new school year is challenging and many need some extra practice.  When I assign homework EdPuzzle videos, students should be writing notes and a good idea would be to write questions in the margin of their notebook if they are unsure of what I’m saying.  Or, they can email me questions if they’re nervous in class. The videos can be re-watched for test review, too.  Kids can also access their online math textbook at my.hrw.com

If there’s ever a problem accessing homework from one of the websites I use, I have asked the kids to take a screen shot and email it to me.  It will help me to trouble shoot.  Sometimes the educational websites get some high traffic and there are problems accessing them.  If you would please let me know when this happens, I’d appreciate it, so that I don’t think it’s just a case of someone avoiding homework 🙂


I’m trying a new website called GoFormative, and the kids seemed to adjust really well to taking a test online rather than on paper.  I am stressing that they need to be very careful about saving all of their scrap work, in the event that they question a grade that they earn.  If such an event occurs, they should notify me ASAP and we can conference about their assignment.  All students and parents should be checking PowerSchool for grades regularly, at least weekly, to see posted grades and note any missing assignments.  It is extra important since there are no test folders being sent home.  If you need help accessing PowerSchool, please contact Mrs. Salvemini (computers@stjaneschool.com)

Thank you for reminding your children about keeping their 6 feet of social distance–even while at recess!– keeping their masks on to cover both their nose and mouth, and for limiting the amount of times they are out of their seat in the classroom.  We are reminding students to wipe down their desk before and after eating and to sanitize their hands, but some extra reminding from home would be appreciated.  

What is a Flipped Classroom? The basic idea is that homework and classwork are flipped around….for homework, students will be mainly watching videos of me instructing.  They should take notes as they go, and answer the video questions.  I get a report from the video website (Edpuzzle) that shows me how much of the video they completed.  When we are together in class, instead of me lecturing and giving notes, we will spend the time practicing the concepts from the homework video.  We will do the practice problems in our books and ask any questions as they occur.  I hope watching the videos at home and practicing in class will give everyone a chance to learn and practice at their own pace.  It also helps if you need to review a concept, or if there are internet problems for virtual students, or anyone who is absent.  Having access to a computer with internet is important to accomplish these goals.  If there is a problem with completing homework because of technology challenges, please send me an email ASAP when the problem occurs.  

Older Notes:

  • Virtual students should sign in by 7:40 for prayers.  You should rotate into each teacher’s zoom room according to your schedule.  Please email me if you need me to help explain…we can have a zoom meeting if needed.
  • Please fill out the daily temperature check on the main school webpage each morning.
  • Seat sacks are permitted
  • Pack a water bottle
  • You may bring in a plastic storage box with a lid to help store your materials.  It should be the size that would fit your bookbag, lunchbox, coat, and supplies for the day
  • If each student bring their own cleaning material (wipes) for the desk for before and after we eat, it will speed up the cleaning process.  I can and will spray the desks with cleaner if you don’t have wipes, but in that case, please bring a roll of paper towel.
  • Please cover math books with clear contact paper–I know it is a pain, but the covers ripped off a lot last year.  It’s worth it in the long run.  Thanks!
  • Be prepared with your own personal supplies (pens, pencils, art) but especially hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes, and of course, your mask!  Pack an extra mask  or two just in case!  A friend just told me she is also sending her son with a few ziplock baggies in case he needs a place to keep his garbage until we can collect it.
  • Bring headphones to school.  When we need to watch a video, it is important that we all can hear and not distract others.  Avoid bringing expensive “Air-Pods” to school, if possible
  • You do not need to bring a Bible to school
  • Use the RemindApp. Both parents and students can join.  I will post announcements and homework assignments, and you will receive a text message. Find the code below to join the ONLY class that pertains to YOU!  After you download the app, send a text to 81010 with the message code:

7A Math and Religion:  @7amath72a

7B Math and Religion:  @7bmath71

8A Math:  @8amath81

8B Math:  @8bmath82


Google Classroom Codes:

                                                                        7-1 Math:  dditimb

                                                                        7-2 Math:  il6o4hv

                                                                        8-1 Math:  stoj4ah

                                                                        8-2 Math:   pc7pey6    







GoMath! online textbook website:  http://my.hrw.com





Zoom can be accessed from your computer or any smart device. You will need a camera 

and working camera and sound.

 Headsets are optional, but can sometimes provide better sound quality. 

IMPORTANT: Avoid streaming videos on other computers, televisions, or other devices 

during your session. Any simultaneous Internet usage may reduce bandwidth and compromise the quality of the online session. Close all other screens. 

Sitting closer to the Wi-Fi box can help improve your connection or plug into the cable. 

Make sure to place the computer and student in a quiet space free of distractions (e.g., 

toys, hand held devices).

 Eliminate all background noise (i.e. TV, conversations including phone, siblings playing). 

Make sure there is appropriate lighting so your child’s face is visible. The best source of 

light is overhead or in front of the child, not from behind. 

Adjust the computer and web camera at an appropriate level where your child can see 

the monitor and the counselor can see your child’s face. 

Have your child sit at a table or desk to engage him in the learning process. 




Extra help after school is available on an as-needed basis.  Students are encouraged to ask questions in class and I am available most days after school if additional reinforcement is needed.


Classroom Rules

1.  Show respect for each other, our school, each other’s property.

2.  Be prepared with supplies, homework, and a positive attitude!

3.  Pencils, pencils, pencils for math!  I will not grade work done in pen.  Save the pen for religion and other classes.

Have a Great Week!

Mrs. DiLollo

Email: class7b@stjaneschool.com

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