Class 7B


Welcome to Class 7B!

Please consider sending in a few containers of Clorox wipes.  We clean the desks before switching classes for math and religion.  My classroom is using 4-5 large canisters a week, so it adds up fast!  If you prefer for your child to use a personal supply they keep with them, just have them tell me. Thank you so much to those who have already donated.

Have you been checking Facts for updates on your child’s assignments?  The junior high teachers have all entered grades at this point, so if you are not able to see them, please send us an email so we can work on fixing that! Mid trimester progress reports will go out around October 20.

Upcoming Events

10/14 Thursday:  School Picture Day in Uniform

10/22 Friday:  40 Hours Devotion at St. Jane Church on Hartley Ave.


Students should be aware of our dress code. Please make sure boys have a belt and that girls are not wearing nail polish to school.  I know it is expensive to go the nail salon, and I don’t like having to ask them to remove the pretty designs.  High school will be here soon enough and then they can wear polish to school.

Please join the Remind App for announcements….see codes below.

Please make sure your child has a covered math book, calculator, dry erase board and markers,  and pencils for class.


Class Updates: 

**Please remind your child to show their work in the copybook when math homework is assigned.  I’m not looking for a list of just answers, but the problem and steps taken to solve it.  Thanks!

Religion 7A/7B: We have been learning about how the New Testament was written.  In chapter 3, the class learned a lot about each of the Gospel writers.  The test has a lot of new content so should be reviewed carefully.  Test on Wednesday, 10/13.

7-1 and 8-2 Math: We have been learning about scientific notation and will continue to use it for writing out small numbers this week, and for comparing numbers.  Test on Chapter 2 next week, 10/19.

7-2 Math: We have been learning how to multiply and divide with positive and negative integers and solve word problems.  Quiz on Thursday, test next week.

8-1 Math We have been practicing solving equations and showing all of our work.  Word problems can be tricky, so please keep practicing!  Chapter 3 test will be next week, and a take-home component with word problems will follow.

Specials Schedule for 7th Grade:

Monday:  Music 

Tuesday:  Art, and Spanish every other week

Wednesday:  Gym

Thursday:  Computers



Remind App Join Codes for 2021-22

To start receiving Remind messages and announcements (text message and/or emails) for your math class, use the codes below.   Parents and students may join.

Send a Text Message to 81010 with the message below.  Please only join one class; if you are unsure which one to choose, please email me.

7-1 Math/Religion:  @71mathr

7-2 Math/Religion: @72mathr

8-1 Math Algebra:  @81mathal

8-2 Math Pre-Alg:  @82mathp


Link to IXL:

Here is the link to Mrs. DiLollo’s Zoom Room (password provided in school):

Or, you can go to and use the join code573-435-2547


Online textbook website (user name and password given in school):



Have a Great Week!

Mrs. DiLollo


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