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Class 7B

Welcome to Class 7B!

Mrs. Margie DiLollo

April 7, 2019

In religion, we will be studying chapters 19-21 and reflecting on the Transfiguration, the raising of Lazarus and the opposition that grew against Jesus.  We will look a the Eucharist as well as the final hours of Jesus.  Later this trimester we will be looking at chapters 13 and 16, in which we will study the ways in which we are called to protect the gift of human life, and live chaste lives.  I invite you to speak to your children about these topics as we study them in school.

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Important Dates:

  • 4/8 Spring Pictures:  Register online.  Only those who will be photographed may dress down
  • 4/11 8:15 Mass
  • 4/12 Living Stations presented by the 8th graders at 12:45 for the school and again at 7:00 pm for our parish
  • 4/18  11 am dismissal
  • 4/19- 4/22 School Closed for Easter holiday
  • 4/26 Hawk Walk!  This is now a full day
  • 5/8 7th Grade Field Trip to the Iron Pigs

Math Class Updates

8-1 Algebra:  We will be finishing up our chapter with word problems on mixtures and then “work”–solving when 2 or more people work at different rates to complete a job.  There will be a take home word problem test….show all work, work together….use this as an opportunity for a solid 100 test grade!  After Easter, our remaining time before the end of school will be a review of coordinate plane graphing linear equations!

7-1/8-2 Pre-Algebra: We continue to work on graphing linear equations, and are beginning to study the slope-intercept format for graphing.  STudents will have a quiz at the end of the week.  We will continue to graph, find slopes and intercepts, and write an equation given specifications.  After Easter, there will be a test on these topics.  The year will wind down with applications of algebra to geometry.

7-2 Math: We will begin the week with a review of translating verbal expressions into algebraic ones, and solving inequalities with their graphs on a number line.  Last week, we reviewed operations with fractions, and that will be included on the test on Wednesday as well.  Our next chapter is about ratios, rates, proportions, and percentages.  Our year will end with a unit on geometry.

Remind App Codes for 2018-19

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7th Grade Religion and General Announcemens: @fc74a4e

7-1 Math: @71math2018

7-2 Math: @72math201

7-2 Saxon@saxon72

8-1 Algebra: @81algebra2

8-2 Pre-Algebra: @82pre

8-2 Saxon: @saxon82

Extra help after school is available on an as-needed basis.  Students are encouraged to ask questions in class and I am available most days after school if additional reinforcement is needed.

** In an effort to make students more accountable for their homework, some quizzes will be open notebook homework quizzes.  I will reference a homework problem by page number and problem number, and students will open their notebook to the homework section and copy the problem, work, and answer.  We will have already checked the homework and it is up to the student to bring any concerns to class.  Homework quizzes should be easy 100%!!** 

Classroom Rules

1.  Show respect for each other, our school, each other’s property.

2.  Be prepared with supplies, homework, and a positive attitude!

3.  Pencils, pencils, pencils for math!  I will not grade work done in pen.  Save the pen for religion and other classes.

Have a Great Week!

Mrs. DiLollo

Email: class7b@stjaneschool.com

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