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Class 7B

Welcome to Class 7B!

Mrs. Margie DiLollo

September 15, 2019

7B and 7A each earned a NUT award for bringing in all of our forms!  Please adhere to the dress code when you dress down on Friday, Sept. 20th.  There will be a second NUT day coming up since we had 100%….stay tuned.

If you haven’t signed up for the Remind App for math, religion/homeroom, and science (Mrs. Schroeder) and Literature (Miss East) please do so.  Also, please continue to check Miss Mello’s eboard for important assignment and test dates.

We will begin Chapter 2 in Religion this week, “Friendship with Jesus.”  There will often be a video and questions about a saint to work on throughout the week as well. Our next saint will be St. Pio (Padre Pio).

See below for math class updates.

Here is our 7th Grade Specials Schedule:

Monday: none

Tuesday: Computers, Spanish

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday: none

Friday: Art, Music, and Health

Important Dates:

  • 9/19 Confessions
  • 9/26 Mass

Math Class Updates

8-1 Algebra:  Quiz Tuesday on solving equations.  We’ll be moving onto more word problems at the end of the week.  There will be a separate take home test for word problems by the end of next week, and an in class test to solve equations mid week, around Sept. 25.

7-1/8-2 Pre-Algebra: Our text books have arrived!! First test was last week.  In 8-2, corrections on the test will be due on Tuesday….this will help improve your grade.  Chapter 2 begins with rules for exponents and then using scientific notation.

7-2 Math: Our books arrived!!! The first quiz went very well….now we are practicing subtracting integers and we will be solving word problems and using IXL for supplemental practice.  I’m hoping to have our test on addition and subtraction of integers this Thursday.

Remind App Codes for 2019-20

To: 81010

Use each code below in the message field to join a subject:

7th Grade Religion and General Announcements: @kfh9gc

7-1 Math: @b2b8hc

7-2 Math: @7ec9ah

8-1 Algebra: @hedgcge

8-2 Pre-Algebra: @82math2019

Extra help after school is available on an as-needed basis.  Students are encouraged to ask questions in class and I am available most days after school if additional reinforcement is needed.

Classroom Rules

1.  Show respect for each other, our school, each other’s property.

2.  Be prepared with supplies, homework, and a positive attitude!

3.  Pencils, pencils, pencils for math!  I will not grade work done in pen.  Save the pen for religion and other classes.

Have a Great Week!

Mrs. DiLollo

Email: class7b@stjaneschool.com

Helpful websites:

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/