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Parents who have attended a SIT meeting in October, or are scheduled for the first week in November, do not need to schedule a conference. The SIT meeting counts as the conference.

“With God there is no need for long speeches.” St. Jane Frances de Chantal


Office Hours: gr. 7 (Wed. 3:00 – 3:30)    gr. 8 (Thurs. 3 – 3:30)   or, you can go to and use the join code: 589-475-8251

Grade 8 – ELA

Topics:  Noun Clauses; introduce participles

Test: Nov. 5th
Opinion Writing: Due October 23

Grade 7 – ELA 

Topics:   Adverbs; introduce words for Lesson 10 in Spelling; adverbial clauses

Test: Nov 18th

Opinion Writing: Due October 23

Grade 7

World Cultures  

Topics:   SE Asia, Oceania, Australia and New Zealand

Test: Nov. 4th

Extras and


gr 8
: Text ex. on noun clauses, Halloween Noun Clauses, Position Writing

gr. 7 ELA: Descriptive Adjectives, Halloween Adverbs,

gr. 7 SS:Ayers Rock, Australia’s Improbable Animals (AIA),



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