Class 7A

“In prayer one must hold fast and never let go, because the one who gives up loses all.” St. Jane Frances de Chantal



October 18 – October 22

MEMO #1:   7th grade spelling test on Wed, 10/20

MEMO #2:    Mass at the church on Friday, 10/22.

MEMO #3: Don’t forget permission slips and emergency contact information

Grade 7

Topic:  adverbs
Writing: poetry (due: 10/22)/opinion
Spelling: Test 10/20
Test: ELA – 10/27 – verbs/adverbs

Grade 7
Social Studies

Topic: East Asia
Tasks: map; worksheet; project
Test: Test is the project: 10/29

Grade 8

Topic: Rev, clauses/ participles
Short Write: Halloween noun clauses
Test: ELA – 11/04   or, you can go to and use the join code: 589-475-8251

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