“In prayer one must hold fast and never let go, because the one who gives up loses all.” St. Jane Frances de Chantal

April 12- April 16

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MEMO #1:
MEMO # 2
: Classwork needs to be turned in through the Google Classroom. Please do not share or take pictures of the work.
MEMO # 3: Please do not turn in the Digital notebooks as work to be graded.

Grade 8 – ELA

Topics:  Subject-Verb agreement;
sentence structure


Spelling : Lesson 15 Worksheet

Writing: Giggle Rap

Grade 7 – ELA 

Topics:  Sentence Structure

: 4/29Spelling : Lesson 15 Worksheet

Writing: Position

Grade 7

World Cultures  

Topics:  Southern Africa; map should
be completed by 4/8; worksheet by 4/12Test:  4/16

Extras and


gr 8 ELA
: SpellingL14,RAFT, Spring Sentences, CMP-CPX 2,
CMP-CPX 3, Idioms-Slang-Jargon (464),

gr. 7 ELA: Spelling L14, Mt. Cameroon, Preposition (197),
Punctuation Challenge (194), Ninja clauses, Conjunction Review,
Idioms-Slang-Jargon (464), Spring Sentences, animal couplets,

gr. 7 SS: Map for Central-Eastern Africa, Virunga WK,
Central-Eastern Africa Worksheet, slide presentation,


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