Class 7A

“Follow your own way of speaking to our Lord sincerely, lovingly, confidently, and simply, as your heart dictates.” ~ Jane Frances de Chantal     

January 24 – January 28

MEMO #1: It’s going to be cold – bundle up!

MEMO #2: NJHS meeting Monday until 3. Installation practice Tues in school.

MEMO #3: NJHS installation on Friday, 1/28, after 8:15 Mass.

Grade 7

Topic: Punctuation
Writing: Argument Structure
Spelling: Mar, Mari, Mer, 
Test: ELA –  2/16 / Spelling – 1/25

Grade 7
Social Studies

Topic: North Africa
Tasks: map (Google) worksheet
Test: 2/9/22

Grade 8

Topic:  Infinitives as modifiers
Short Write: using Infinitives
Test: 2/10/22   or, you can go to and use the join code: 589-475-8251

Grade 7 ELA Syllabus                                                           Grade 8 ELA Syllabus


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