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6B Religion, 6A & B Reading & Language Arts & 6A & B Science

Week 23

The next 2 weeks, we will move into expository writing using our chosen biographies as the subject.  Students will also write an expository news story about a historic event. Through instruction on the news story structure and investigations of sample news stories, students will understand the critical components of a news story, so that they can write their own informational news article on a selected research topic.  Creatively, we will work on writing limericks with Leprechauns as the main subject.

***The students and I would love any donations of gently used newspapers  and magazines to use in the classroom.***

***If you are willing and able to donate, we are out of Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, too.  Please help us stay healthy and clean!!***

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes:

  • Tuesday, 2/4:  Spelling Test pgs. 55-59
  • Wednesday, 2/5:  Science Unit 1, Lesson 2 Test pgs. 23-39 The Behavior of Mechanical Waves
  • Friday, 2/7:  Reading Benchmark Test on Main Idea & Key Details, Synonyms & Antonyms, & Informational Article
  • Monday, 2/24: Cereal Box Biography Projects due (all work done in class)

Notices and Reminders: 


Helpful Links:

Online Science student texts and resources  (Choose District, Pennsylvania State & Diocese of Allentown as District. Have your child enter their username and password)

IXL: www.ixl.com

Online Religion quizzes, games, and study guides 

Hatchet audiobook

These Are the Books of the Bible!! song


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