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Week 20- January 11, 2021

It was a great first week back.  Students were excited to see one another.   Everyone was ready to get back into a routine and got right to work.  

Our 2nd-trimester focus for Genius Hour will be science-based.  Students have submitted topics and source cards for their Science Fair Projects.  This week they will begin creating their materials list, researching how to conduct their experiment and the best way to go about collecting their data and record their observations.  Steps to get students started will be reviewed during Science class on Monday, and students will begin the experiment preparation process Monday afternoon during their second Curiosity time session.  Project presentations will be made during the last 2 weeks of the 2nd trimester during Science classes.  Student presentation days will be included in their future packets.  Take time to speak with your child on their ideas.  

In Reading, we will continue working on Poetry for this week of January and then move into a 4-week novel study of Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick.  This book has been well-enjoyed and the characters well-loved by past 6th graders.  We will end with a 3-week return to the Wonders Literature Anthology focusing on different types of fiction (free verse, realistic, historical).  Skills will revolve around character development, relationships, mood, theme, summarizing, sequencing, author’s purpose, responding to text using evidence, and vocabulary in context.

In English, our journals have been idle for too long and we are bringing them back to life this trimester!  Students will be responsible for writing 3 entries a week with accompanying illustrations.  New journal topics and guidelines will be provided to students this week.  Our grammar focus will be on adjectives and adverbs.  We will continue working on a new lesson each week in our spelling books, with new words given Tuesdays, pages and writing activities due Fridays, and tests on Mondays.  Beginning the week of January 18th, our Writing focus goals will be linked to our Science project.  Students will be shown how to research to build and present knowledge.  Students will work to make an outline from notes, learn the basics of a research report with an outline, body, works cited page (MLA format), and cover sheet.  In a time where it is so easy to copy and paste from resources to a self-created document, students will work towards quoting and paraphrasing the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism.  A difficult task, but one that will be so valuable to them in years to come.

In Science, we will transition into our Chemistry unit.  Mid-February, after we have studied matter and its forms, atomic theorists, atomic structure, the periodic table and its elements (chapters 1-3 of the text), students will be assigned an element to create a 3D model.  Project guidelines and assignments will be provided, class time will be given to allow students time to create their 3D atoms with materials of their choosing.  6th graders love this project and my favorite part is seeing how creative students get in building their models while upcycling and using craft materials!


As we come off of break, many of us may have traveled or opened our homes to visit with friends and extended family.  Be prudent in keeping your child home at any signs of illness.  Remember they can always hop on virtually.  You have all done such a remarkable job of keeping our school healthy and it will be of the utmost importance to continue our in-person success.

Zoom Office Hours:

At the end of every Monday and Wednesday, I will reopen my Zoom from 2:30-3:30.  This is a great opportunity for students to get some individual attention for an assignment or concept with which they need more help. This is available for my 6Aers and 6Bers.

Peek at the Week:

Reading:               Unit 4, Week 5 Poetry- how an author develops a character point of view, analyzing stanzas and how they contribute to the development of a setting or theme, interpreting figures of speech, and reading poetry orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on successive readings.

Language Arts:  Spelling-Consonant + le Syllables pgs. 55-59, Grammar- Adjectives, Writing- Journal & self-created poetry         

Science:                Introduction to Chemistry – Chapter 1, Lessons 2-3 (pgs. 6-19) Classifying and measuring matter

Religion:              Chapter 13: Learning Godś Way

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes, Projects:

Religion:                    1/11 Ch. 12 & 1/20 Ch. 13

Spelling:                     1/11 pgs. 115-119, 1/19 pgs. 55-59

English:                      1/22 Adjectives 

Reading:                     1/15 Poetry Unit (poetry terms, rhyme scheme, meter, sonnet, lyric, narrative, & free verse poetry)

Science:                     1/19 Intro. to Chemistry Test Ch. 1, Lessons 2 & 3 Classifying and Measuring Matter


Cell Phones: (The kids have been doing a great job!)

Due to COVID restrictions, we are not collecting cell phones from students at the beginning of the day as we did last year.  Students have been informed that cell phones should be turned OFF, not on silent mode, and kept in their backpacks at all times during the school day.  Phones are not permitted to be out during arrival, class time, snack, lunch, or waiting for dismissal.  Please speak to your child about our cell phone policy.

School Supplies:

Thank you for having 100% of the students have earbuds/headphones.  Thank you for having your child charge their Chromebooks overnight when they borrow them, it keeps everyone in their own workspace during the school day.


Maschio’s lunch orders and payments will be handled online.  Click here to access the PaySchools Central site.  

We are in a sacred space and need to be mindful of all the work it took to make our chapel beautiful.  Please limit “wet” snacks and lunches.  It would be really challenging to clean up a dollop of yogurt or a pasta sauce stain out of our chapel carpet.  Help keep our space clean.  

Remind App:

Please use @lpizzu to join my classes for frequent reminders, updates, and pictures from our day.  If your child has a phone, please encourage them to use the app, too.

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Mondays:                Mindfulness Meditation & Genius Hour

Tuesdays:                Gym

Wednesdays:          Music

Thursdays:              Computers

Fridays:                   Health & Art

Important Dates:


Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I am always here to help! 


Mrs. Pizzuto

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