Class 6A

Welcome to 6A!

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Mr. Loch – 6A Religion, 6A Language Arts, 6A & 6B Social Studies

Mr. Dicker – 6-1 & 6-2 Math

Important Dates/Announcements:

Monday 10/11/21 – School Closed; Faculty In-Service

Wednesday 10/13/21 – Mid-Trimester Progress Reports

Thursday 10/14/21 – Picture Day – Wear regular school uniform – Please turn in your order form. 

Friday 10/15/21 – Mass at 8:15 AM in IHM Chapel

Thursday 10/21/21 – St. Jane Pumpkin Patch – Every student will get to choose their own pumpkin during recess today 🙂

Friday 10/22/21 – Beginning of 40 Hours – Grades 2-8 will visit St. Jane Church for adoration – Please return the permission slip if you have not yet done so. 

Friday 10/29/21 – Noon Dismissal (Teacher In-Service)

Friday 10/29/21 – Trunk-or-Treat (6:00-8:00 PM) – Please return the sign-up form as soon as possible if you want to attend. 

*Every student needs headphones/earbuds to be kept in school.


Daily Schedule:

This is the official 6th-grade daily schedule for the 1st trimester.  2nd and 3rd trimesters will be adjusted to include Health class.

Specials Schedule:

Monday:  Computers

Tuesday: Gym

                  Spanish (every other week)

Wednesday: Music

Friday: Art

Peek at the Week:

Week of October 11

6A Religion: Chapter 3: “Everything God Created is Good.” Students are learning about Genesis and creation. We continue to discuss the saint of the day. During the month of October we are also praying the Rosary together as a class. 

6A Language Arts: In English, we are starting Chapter 2, Section 2: Pronouns. Please refer to textbook pp. 338-360 and workbook pp. 19-38. In Spelling, students are learning about irregular plurals. There is no pretest this week; everyone must do the homework for Friday. Write at least six sentences – topic Mystery – 8 words underlined L.L.W.H. The Lesson 6 Test will be on Friday. 

6A/6B Social Studies: We’ve finished our major atlas/map work. We will continue with it throughout the year. Students will begin a chapter called “World Overview” in the textbook and then move into Chapter 1: “The Beginnings of Human Society.” 

6-1 Math: The Chapter 3 Test will be on Thursday 10/14. Wednesday will be our big review day. The following topics will be included on the test: Division of whole numbers, division of decimals, patterns with decimals, scientific notation, writing/evaluating multiplication and division expressions. 

6-2 Math: This week we’ll be finishing up Chapter 3. We’ll continue to practice dividing decimals. We’ll also work on writing and evaluating multiplication and division expressions. The Chapter 3 Test will be early next week.  

Contact Information:

To contact Mr. Loch, please call the office (610-253-8442), send in a note, or send an email (

To contact Mr. Dicker, please send an email ( or call the office (610-253-8442).

God bless you!

Helpful Links for the School Year 

ReligionChrist Our Life – Link to study guides and chapter review games.

“Books of the Bible” Song

The New American Bible

Social StudiesAncient World – Link to the practice tests online as well as enrichment activities. Please refer to the textbook for the various content codes.

Videos I like: 

What makes a civilization? Click here to find out!

“We’re the Mesopotamians” song

The Mummification Process 

How an Ancient Egyptian Mummy Was Made – WARNING: GROSS

How To Make a Mummy

Death Along the Ganges River

The Mauryan Empire War Elephants 

Who Was The Buddha? 

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