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Class 6A


Bless the LORD, O my soul!
O LORD, my God, you are great indeed!
You are clothed with majesty and glory,
robed in light as with a cloak. Ps 104

Food Drive – St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry

There is still time!  Class 6A has been asked to donate jarred or canned spaghetti sauce, jarred or canned gravy, or sloppy joe mix to our annual food drive.  We are collecting the donations in the classroom until February 8th.  Thank you for your generosity.

Classroom Supplies Requested 

We are out of tissues and nearly out of Lysol wipes. Any donations will be most appreciated!

Hawk Walk 

Have you returned your addresses, labels and stamps for this year’s Hawk Walk? Our Hawk Walk raises tens of thousands each year to pay for important upgrades to our curriculum and physical plant. Please send in your paperwork by Friday, February 15. Thank you for your support!

St. Valentine’s Day 

Students in 6A may bring in a small treat to share for St. Valentine’s Day. There are now 27 students in the class, so please bring enough for everyone. No one is required to bring something in; our class parents have generously volunteered to send in juice and a snack.  This is strictly on a voluntary basis.  

Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, February 14 – St. Valentine’s Day – 6th graders may exchange cards and small treats as long as no one is excluded – this is not mandatory!
  • Friday, February 15 – Test folders will be sent home.
  • Monday, February 18 – Presidents’ Day – School is closed.
  • Tuesday, February 26 – Hawk Walk Letter Writing Day

Upcoming Tests & Projects  

  • Tuesday, February 19 – Chapter 15 Religion Test (6A)
  • Friday, February 22 – Ancient India Social Studies Test – Study guide and test questions to be distributed on Friday, February 15.

Bloomz App

Mrs. Pizzuto and I use Bloomz to improve our communication with parents and students.  Download the app to your phones and devices from the App Store and Google Play. Once you have the app, use the following codes below to join our groups.  Each child should join THREE classes – the homeroom, the math class, and the classes (s)he switches for.

  • Ms. Berge’s Homeroom 6A – FTMDSY
  • Mrs. Pizzuto’s Homeroom 6B – J655QH
  • Ms. Berge’s Math Class – Y5Q97K
  • Mrs. Pizzuto’s Math Class – VAW565
  • Ms. Berge’s Language Arts & Social Studies (for 6B only) – MQ9DDA
  • Mrs. Pizzuto’s Reading & Science (for 6A only) – 67JY3W

Grading Policies

In Religion (6A), Math 6-1, and Social Studies (6A/6B), grades are weighted as follows:

  • Tests 40%
  • Quizzes 30%
  • Classwork 15%
  • Homework 15%

In Language Arts (6A/6B), grades are weighted as follows:

  • Tests 40%
  • Quizzes 20%
  • Spelling 20%
  • Classwork 10%
  • Homework 10%

Helpful Links

Religion – Christ Our Life – Link to study guides and chapter review games.

“Books of the Bible” Song

“We’re the Mesopotamians” Song

Grammar – Voyages – Link to the textbook’s study guides and skill review.

Grammar – Exercises in English – Link to the workbook’s study guides and skill review.

Social Studies – Ancient World – Link to the practice tests online as well as enrichment activities. Please refer to the textbook for the various content codes.

Why did early man move from one place to another?

Math – Progress in Mathematics  – Link to online practice pages and skill review.

Happy New Year!

In Christ’s love,

Ms. Berge

(610) 253-8442


*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/