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Class 5B

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Welcome to Mrs. Lytwyn’s 5th Grade Class 

Be the Best That You Can Be, Every day!!!!  Give 110%  
December 8, 2019
Reading Logs are due Monday with 4 entries.
If anyone has red or green sparkles to add into the Reindeer sparkle we could use it for our preschool buddy treat we are making. 

This week is a Journal Writing week with 3 entries. We will also be Journal Writing next week with 3 entries. All Journals will be due by December 20th with 6 entries.  

Monday, December 9th; I will have extra help  for the Social Studies test that will be on Thursday. We will review and make index cards to study for the test. Students can study their notes and review pages 104-127.

In Math, we are working on subtracting fractions. Some students are having a little trouble with renaming, but with a little practice all will succeed. On Friday, we will have a subtracting fractions test.  Before Christmas break we will have a word problems test from Chapters 4 and 5. Students can study workbook pages 49 and 61.

In English, we will still be working on pronouns. Some really need to work on the clues to recognize the jobs that nouns perform: subject, subject complement, indirect object, direct object, and object of the preposition. Practice, practice, and more practice. We will get it! The little quizzes along the way will hopefully help the process. 

For December the fifth grade will be surprising each other with a little snack surprise. I will start the process tomorrow. We are calling it- You have been elfed! Just a little Christmas snack-nothing over the top. 

Fifth grade has also taken a vote to get their preschool buddies a little something. We have agreed on a little book- and maybe a candy cane. Does not need to be an expensive book, can even be a grocery store coloring book. Everyone knows what is expected-keeping it low key. We will also make reindeer food in school as an added treat. Our little Christmas party with buddies will be December 13th. 

Spelling City is not optional. Should there be a problem that a student cannot use a computer at home, they can complete a spelling assignment on paper.

Check out some our photos on Fifth Grade Happenings on our Facebook page:

Homework is posted daily on the Remind app. 

Collecting for Colonial Days: Cleaned out soup cans-small or large. We also need small baby food jar.  If anyone knows someone that can collect them for me, that would be great. 

Tests for the Week of Nov. 3

Thursday: Social Studies Test
Friday: Math Subtracting Fractions and Spelling Test

Mondays: Library every other week
Tuesday: Computers
Wednesday: Music and Gym
Thursday: Spanish
Friday: Health first half of the year

Helpful Sites:
Religion    Once on the site, click on Parents and then Grade Five.  There you will be able to find the chapter we are working on.

Extra Help for Pronouns:

Math and English:

Fifth Grade Policies

  • If your child is absent from school one day there is no need to send in for homework.  If your child misses school for two or more days,Please feel free to call in for homework.  Please call in before eleven o’clock to allow us time to gather materials needed for your child.

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