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Welcome to 5B 


Mrs. B.

May all our actions, words, thoughts, and spirit be centered in God, on God, and for God!  Let us keep our passions well-disciplined and our spirit pure and faithful.  Fidelity to our way of life will help us keep our thoughts centered on God.  Then our words will be an inspiration to family, friends, and acquaintances.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          -St. Jane Frances de Chantal


NJHS volunteers for 5B has been suspended .  I am still available on Thursday until 3pm  if you would like your child to stay after for extra help.  Please send them to school with a note for permission to stay and how they will be dismissed at 3:00 (pick up by… or aftercare).  Students are also welcome to pack a small snack for afterschool.
 Homework  is posted in Google Classroom.  The students will have an opportunity during morning work to copy their homework into their agenda books.  Parents can find homework for each day of the week in our Google Classroom posted within ‘morning work’.  I will try to post all classwork each day when there is a student absent so students can find what they missed while they were out.
I will be posting occasional reminders on Remind.  Please join me on Remind App!  You can contact me through Remind, in addition to email.  Download from the App Store or Google Play to your phones or mobile devices.  There is no limit to the number of devices that may join.  Once you download the app, click “Join a Class”.  Then, enter this class code:  @5bstj .  You’re in!
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January 24 – 28

Religion:  We are working on Chapter 11, we are sent to glorify the Lord.  Focus will be on Jesus’ farewell at Ascension, the Concluding Rites at Mass and recognizing God’s gifts to us and identifying ways to use them to glorify God as St. Francis Xavier use his gifts to spread the Good News. Test will be next week, Wednesday.

Math:  We have begun chapter 5 with adding fractions with like denominators and unlike denominators.  We will be adding three fractions and adding Mixed numbers.  A test on just adding fractions is planned for next week Thursday.  I am offering extra help after school this Thursday if help is needed.

We will be continuing with Simple Solutions quizzes though, soon, they may be less frequent as we will be making room in our day for ‘daily skills’.  Students will be given a five to six question quiz on fractions almost daily.  I will attach together several daily skills papers to create one daily skills test grade.  Anyone having difficulty with daily skills is welcome to stay Monday and/or Thursday for extra help.

Language Arts:  There will be no journal writing nor reading log due this week in order to give students more time to focus on completing their book, If You Give a Kid a Catholic School Education.  There will be a Spelling test this Friday.  We are now working on adjectives in Exercise in English in class this week.  The class has also listened to a read aloud called, Miss Alaineus by Debra Fraiser.  This book is the premise to our choosing words to put on display for the Catholic Schools Week, Annual Fifth Grade Vocabulary Parade.  Each student chooses a word and is then assigned to, at home, create a costume and/or poster to help make memorable their word as they will tell the viewers the name of their word, its part(s) of speech, definition, synonyms and antonyms, and a sentence using the word.  For those who have not seen this parade in the past, it is a quick, lighthearted parade to the chapel wherein each student stops at the front microphone to present their word to those in attendance.  Students thoroughly enjoy seeing all the costumes, posters and quips students often tack on to their presentation.

A full dress rehearsal will take place in school prior to the vocabulary parade. Please have posters and costumes ready to bring in to school by Thursday, January 27th.

Biography Tissue Box Book Report (due Feb 17).   If you plan to purchase a book on your own please use the general rule that books should be over 100 pages (Who Was books are NOT acceptable for this project) and be careful if ordering online that you do not order something too large or difficult or a title already chosen by another student.  Feel free to send me a message on Remind if you need me to check the list and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.  For this book report, students will be asked to donate to class a new unopened box of tissues (long style box).  Students will be given directions on how to present their book report on this box of tissues.  This is a fun project that the class will enjoy throughout the rest of this school year as we display these decorated tissue boxes all the while learning about different individuals and using these much needed tissues.  In case a backup copy is needed, I will post the rubric for the Tissue Box Book Report on Google Classroom.


Social Studies:  What wonderful Explorer Projects!  Students shared with the class the explorer they researched and what they felt he was best known for or something they found interesting.  The poster are now adorning the hall on the second floor and they look fabulous, hope you can stop by and see them during Catholic Schools Week open house.

Students continue to read their magazine called Exploring the Americas in its entirety and write notes on key terms and concepts.  Students should be studying their notes every night in preparation for the test.  We will be making time for creating index cards for some of the notes (students will receive extra credit if they create and show me, index cards for all their Age of Exploration notes)/  We will also be reviewing notes and playing Kahoot! during Catholic Schools Week.  The test will follow the week after and is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 8th.  

Tests this Week:





Friday:  Spelling


Weekly Specials:

Tuesday:  Computers & Spanish (Spanish is every other week)

Wednesday:  Library & Gym

Friday:  Music & Art

Students will switch classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to have Science class with Mrs. James in 5A.


Important Dates:

Sunday, January 30 – Catholic School Week begins 10 am Mass

Sunday, January 30 – Open House and Scholastic Book Fair 12 noon to 2 pm

Sunday, January 30 – Band Concert 1 pm

Friday February 4 – Noon Dismissal

Monday February 21 – Presidents Day, School Closed.





Helpful Sites:


Once on the site, click on Parents and then Grade Five.  There you will be able to find the chapter we are working on.




Extra Help for Pronouns:

Math and English:


Fifth Grade Policies

  • If your child is absent from school one day there is no need to send in for homework.  If your child misses school for two or more days, please feel free to call in for homework.  Please call in before eleven o’clock to allow us time to gather materials needed for your child.


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