Class 5A

Class 5A: Mrs. James   

The snow has arrived!

Please remember to dress warmly for the next few months. Fresh air and a chance to run around is welcome and will be taken as long as conditions permit. 

We are fast approaching mid-second trimester and are back into the swing of a rigorous work schedule after the blessed Christmas break.  I am hoping you have noticed improvements in the work habits and responsibility level of your children as I have.  Although we must not forget they are young children and do need reminders and frequent check-ins.  A strategy I have found helpful with my daughter has been to say, “… tell me about three things you learned in _____ today.”

Thank you again for all the much appreciated wonderful Christmas gifts.  I was humbled.

Science Classes

Shortly before Christmas break we began work in a consumable Science textbook.  I believe this will be an easier reference for students.  We continue to utilize Google classroom for supplemental material like videos and compilation of notes. 

Presently we are learning about air pressure and measuring tools for weather.  This will lead into weather patterns, climate, ecosystems and biomes, and some effects of climate change.  Our overarching theme has been to understand that science effects us at every moment and to realize the many cause and effect relationships at work around us.

Math Class

Please, please, please, make sure your students have mastery over their multiplication facts.  This is imperative for long and short division, with which have been working.  Without this strong foundation, each problem is a daunting time consuming challenge! 

Next we will cover order of operations followed by fraction sense, least common multiple (LCM) and least common denominator (LCD), and move on to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions.  Again, the mastery of multiplication facts is crucial to success.

The Remind group for 5A is our most frequent manner of communication. Please join by sending a text to 81010 with the message, @kg9gb4h

The Remind App is a handy way to send simple messages.  Please continue to utilize email for more serious communications. Download from the App Store or Google Play to your phones or mobile devices. There is no limit to the number of devices that may join. Once you download the app, click Join a Class.  


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