Class 5A

Class 5A: Mrs. James   

Three more weeks of winter?

A few weeks ago our class wrote persuassive letters to Punxsutawney Phil each with their own reasons for wanting more or less winter.  Thus far we’ve been spared of snow, but there is quite a bit of time left with one snow day waiting in reserve.  Only time will tell.  It is certain however that the end of Trimester 2 is fast approaching within the next three weeks.  Please be sure to turn in any outstanding assignments for grading. 

Math Class

We have started skills regarding factoring and fraction sense. This will lead into least common multiple (LCM) and least common denominator (LCD), and on to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions.  Again, the mastery of multiplication facts is crucial to success. To that end, we continue to practice maintence activities to keep all math computation and problem solving skills fresh leading up to standardized testing in the spring. 


Science Classes

Science involves understanding the ever present processes, relationships, and laws that exist in nature.  A large part of our science objective is to help the students understand cause and effect, problem and solution, and interdependence among Earth systems. Presently we are exploring weather, weather patterns, and climate.

The students did a great job overall creating and using their barometers! 


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