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Class 4A

Welcome to Mrs. Stumpf’s Page – 4A 😉


April, 2019

Tests and other things this week

Monday – Easter Monday, enjoy the day!

Tuesday – HawkWalk permission slips will go home today. Please sign and return.

Wednesday – Verb test; possible Math quiz on equivalent fractions and reducing fractions.

Thursday – Spelling test Unit 6 Week 2; HawkWalk permission slips due

Friday – HawkWalk! Wear your gym uniform; dress for the weather.

Week of  April 21, 2019- Homework

4/21 Sunday – Easter!

Spelling – Unit 6 Week 2 test Thursday


4/22 Monday – 

Spelling – Unit 6 week 2 p 157 test Thursday

Science – gather supplies for your ecosystem diarama to bring into school tomorrow.  We’ll get started on our projects tomorrow!

Test folders – please sign and return, thank you!

4/23 Tuesday –  HawkWalk permission slips will go home today.  Please sign and return tomorrow.  Thank you!  Pray for sunshine!

Math – WB p 

English – test tomorrow on text pp410-419; WB pp63-68

Spelling – Unit 6 Week 2 p 157 in alphabetical order; pp 158-161 due tomorrow;

4/24 Wednesday –  Test folders go home today, please sign and return tomorrow. Thank you!

Math – WB p 


4/25 Thursday – 

Spelling – Unit 6 Week 3; test next week


4/26  Friday – HawkWalk!

Spelling – Unit 6 Week 3 pp 163 in alphabetical order; 164-167 due Wednesday; wds 3x due Thursday; 

Upcoming events:

Friday, April 26 – HawkWalk!
Friday, May 31 – Philadelphia Zoo



 I will listen and follow directions.

I will raise my hand to talk.

I will respect my classmates and teachers.

I will respect school property.

I will walk indoors.

I will complete my homework on time.

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/