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Class 4A

Welcome to Mrs. Stumpf’s Page – 4A 😉


February, 2019  

HawkWalk is coming!
There’s still some addresses out.  Please help us reach 100% participation; only 10 addresses are needed!

Any child that brings in 10 or more sponsor addresses, or raises $150 of non-corporate donations will get a T-shirt.  Please be sure to notate your child’s shirt size on the form. If you bring in 15 or more addresses you will earn a nut card.The more money raised the more opportunity you have to win prizes! Please refer to the HawkWalk letter for further details.


Tests and other things this week

Monday – Happy President’s Day!

Tuesday – Religion Chapter 15; Measurement: inches, feet, yards, miles conversions and comparisons; Religion Bee 9:15 in IHM Chapel

Wednesday – 

Thursday – Spelling Unit 4 Week 5

Friday – Science Ch 3 Lessons 2-3; proper adjective test

IXL Top Practitioner of the week: Congratulations Kaden Frederickson!

IXL Measurement Practioners of the week:  Congratulations Nico Braido, Sophie Braido, Keanu Ewards, Isabella Mateo, Maddie Thompson!


Week of  February 17, 2019- Homework

2/17 Sunday – 

Spelling – 116-119 due Wed.  Wds. 3x due Thursday

Health – worksheet due Thursday


2/18 Monday – Happy Presidents Day!

Math – WB p 73 evens; memorize inches, feet, yards, miles and conversions and comparisons; Sign on to IXL Lesson N.3 units of measurement for practice. Test tomorrow

Religion – Study Chapter 15 test tomorrow

Spelling – Unit 4 Week 5; p116-119 due Wednesday; wds 3x and test Thursday.

Social Studies – decide on about 6 states to choose from to do your state report. Determine which region they are in.


2/19 Tuesday – 9:15 Religion Bee IHM Chapel – Congratulations Isabella Mateo!

Simple Solutions # 73-74 if not completed for morning work

English – WB p 51; memorize proper adjectives including spelling. 

Spelling- pages due tomorrow; wds 3x and test Thursday.

Science – study Ch 3 Lessons 2-3; complete any review worksheets due tomorrow to be graded.


2/20 Wednesday – Happy Snow Day!  Please continue with Simple Solutions and the posted homework today.  

Simple Solutions #75

English – continue to memorize proper adjectives for test Friday

Spelling – study for test for tomorrow; complete 3x each on theme paper due tomorrow

Science – study worksheets and diagrams for Ch 3 Lessons 2-3 for test Friday

IXL – Math – Measurement. N.5 and N.7;  spend 15 minutes on these areas.


2/21 Thursday – 8:15 Mass 

Math – WB p 
Simple Solutions # 76

Social Studies – Pennsylvania book  reread pp 292-295 

Spelling – Unit 5 Week 1 pp 122-125 due Wed. 3x and test Thursday.


2/22 Friday – 

Spelling – Unit 5 Week 1 – pp 122-125;   due Wednesday; wds 3x  and test due Thursday.

Religion – Ch 16 test next week


Upcoming events:

HawkWalk Letter Writing next Tuesday!





 I will listen and follow directions.

I will raise my hand to talk.

I will respect my classmates and teachers.

I will respect school property.

I will walk indoors.

I will complete my homework on time.

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