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Class 4A

Welcome to Mrs. Stumpf’s Page – 4A 😉


June 7, 2019

My sincerest thanks to all my 4th Grade parents for your kindness and generosity! We had a wonderful end of year celebration thanks to the Fredericksons and Applebees!
Like all years it has been a year of highs and lows, successes and struggles but your children are moving on to 5th Grade and I couldn’t be prouder.  These days have been bittersweet as we happily pack up, clean up and move on!  Enjoy your summer vacations and thanks again for all you did to support our children!
Happy Summer! 😉


Remember the lessons you learned in Fourth Grade.
All the successes and yes-mistakes that you’ve made.
Take them all with you where ever you go.
‘Cause you never know when you’ll need what you know!
–Mrs. Stumpf



 I will listen and follow directions.

I will raise my hand to talk.

I will respect my classmates and teachers.

I will respect school property.

I will walk indoors.

I will complete my homework on time.

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