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Class 4A

Welcome to Mrs. Stumpf’s Page – 4A 😉


September 16, 2019

Thanks for your kind donations of paper towels, tissues and clorox wipes!

Math Facts – please continue to review math facts with your students, thank you!

Tests this week

Monday – 

Tuesday – English sentences

Wednesday – 

Thursday- Spelling – Unit 1 Lesson 3; 

Friday – Religion Chapter 2 test; Math quiz


Sunday – 9/15

Math – study math facts

Social Studies – flash cards due today.

Monday – 9/16 – 

Religion – read pp 12-13; study notes in copybook for test Friday.

Math – WB p 10 odds complete page

English – complete review packet; be able to identify declarative; imperative, interrogative, exclamatory. test tomorrow

Social Studies – complete flash cards and map skills worksheets for Thursday.

Science – worksheet due Friday

Spelling –  pages 14-17 due Wednesday; wds 3x due Thursday.

Tuesday – 9/17 – Spanish/Art –

Religion – study copybook notes and highlights in Ch 2.

Math – WB p 13 #3, 5-9

English – sentence poster due Friday.

Spelling –  pages due tomorrow; words 3x each due Thursday.

Social Studies – (see Monday’s homework due Thursday)

Science – (See Monday’s homework due Friday)

Spanish – worksheet due Tuesday.

Wednesday – 9/18 – test folders go home today.  Please sign and return by Friday.   

Religion- Study Ch 2 highlights and notes in copy book

Math – WB pp 6,9 circled problems

English – sentence poster due Friday, graded assignment

Spelling – complete pages, work on 3x each worksheet due
                  tomorrow; test tomorrow

Social Studies – flash cards and work packet due tomorrow

Thursday – 9/19 – Confessions

Religion – study Ch 2 and notes in copybook for test tomorrow

Math – Review problems on WB pp 6, 9, 10, word problems 

Spelling – pages 20-23  due Wednesday; wds 3x and test due Thursday.

Social Studies – complete map skills packet

Friday – 9/20

Math – study math facts

Spelling – pages 20-23


Specials Schedule

Monday – Library
Tuesday – Spanish, Art
Wednesday – Gym, Computer
Thursday – Health (second half of year)
Friday – Music


Reading – students should have a book to read at all times. Sometimes we just need to chill with a good book! The best way to improve reading skills is to do just that! 

Dates to be aware of…

Tuesday 9/10 – Back to School Night 6:30 in Chapel

Wed 9/18 – Boy Scout Assembly

Thursday 9/19 – Pretzel Day begins





 I will listen and follow directions.

I will raise my hand to talk.

I will respect my classmates and teachers.

I will respect school property.

I will walk indoors.

I will complete my homework on time.

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/