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Have a wonderful summer!

Take the lessons you learned in fourth grade.
All of your successes and yes, the mistakes that you’ve made.
Take them all with you where ever you go.
‘Cause you never know when you’ll need what you know!


Summer Work

Students going into 5th Grade – Expect a packet with fun summer assignments.

Summer Math work – Simple Solutions-Please use the remainder of the book to maintain math skills over the summer. Other work should include maintaining multiplication facts.  Math facts are a foundation for all math in 5th grade and students who lose these skills struggle in fifth grade math.  Mrs. Lytwyn promises extra points to the student who brings back a completed book in September.

Summer Reading Work – Newsela is a resource which combines reading skills with current events and topics taken from a variety of journals and newspapers.  Newsela adjusts the articles and aligns it to your child’s level. It’s a wonderful resource that gives your child a real world reading experience.  The articles are short and interesting and develops vocabulary in the “power words” activity.

Student Coming into 4th Grade Book List

The titles on our recommended reading list are popular with students of this age and vary by topic, interest and level of difficulty. The list will assist you in selecting engaging and appropriate reading material. Enjoy reading to and with your child; encourage independent reading as well. Highlighted books are ones I highly recommend. They can be found in the document below.

2020 Summer Reading List


Newsela – to sign on click on the link below and follow directions to sign in. Or go to newsela.com and type in the code 3DMA7M and follow the directions.




*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/