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Class 3B

Welcome to Mrs. Cucciuffo Class / 3B

September 16, 2019  – It’s Catechectical Sunday the teachers will be at 10:30 mass on Sunday, September 15 at 10:30. There will be a boy scout recruitment on Wednesday, September 18 – all boy scouts can wear their uniform. We will be having confession on Thursday, September 19 and will be preparing in class. Friday, September 20 has been declared an all school NUT day – No Uniform Today.

Beginning of Year Notes:

Book Covers – Stock up on clear contact paper. All consumable books need to be covered with clear contact paper. You may cover the copybooks with clear contact if you wish. Hardbound textbooks (Math and English) need to be covered with jumbo sized book sock or paper cover. We just got our reading workbook and still waiting on our spelling workbook.

Absence Notes- Please remember to send in a note to verify the following:

Your child’s name, the date, the reason of the absence

Change of transportation home- Please send a note to make us aware of the change and I will post it on the board for both the student and I to be aware. You may also call the office and then I will post those changes too.

Handbook – Please review the parent handbook. Dress code guidelines are outlined for your reference. ***Remember to wear a belt. *****

Specials for 3B

Monday: Computers   Tuesday: Gym   Wednesday: Art / Library  Thursday:  Health (first half of year) /Spanish   Friday: Music

What we are studying about this week: 

Religion  – We are learning about talents and King David in lesson 2. Test on Wednesday, September 18.

Social Studies  – communities

Science – text features and communication

Math – we will be learning about money amounts and change next.

Spelling –  short e,o, u sounds  term assignment: each word 2 times each written, and 2 assignments from list in notebook due Sept. 18, Wednesday. Test is also that day.

Reading –The Dream Catcher and Yoon  skills: visualize and sequence Genre: realistic fiction Test on Thursday September 19.

English- types of sentences Test on Tuesday, September 17 . Then we will focus on subject of sentences.

Tests for week:

Tuesday, September 17: English test on types of sentences.

Wednesday, September 18: Religion chapter 2 test/ spelling test

Thursday, September 19: Reading test Yoon

Tests for the following week: Spelling test September 26- Thursday

Some websites we like to use in third grade:




Homework for the week of  September 16

Homework may change that day and I will try my best to change that day the post.

Long Term Assignment: Spelling in notebook: 2 x each word written and 2 assignments from monthly list due September 18

Monday September 16: spelling activities due 9/18, English test on type of sentences, math wkb pg  8 #1-5

Tuesday, September 17: Religion chapter 2 test, spelling 2x each word and 2 activities due and test, math wkb 8 #6-10

Wednesday, September 18: Religion notebook- confession , reading test on Yoon skills and vocab., math wkb pg 9

Thursday, September 19: math wks, science wks, English wkb pg 7, Nut day Friday, test folders signed ( I forgot to hand out on Wednesday)

Friday, September 20 –spelling assignment due  9/26 Thursday and test

Have a great week and any concerns email me at class3b@stjaneschool.com    Mrs. Cucciuffo

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/