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Class 3B

Welcome to Mrs. Cucciuffo Class / 3B

December 16, 2019  – The Advent season is here and Christmas is coming soon. We have lots of events this week.  Thursday, December 19 we will be going to mass. Friday December 20 is our final day before Christmas vacation. It is a dismissal at 11:00. We will be having our Christmas party/breakfast and movie date with our favorite stuffed animals. The students will be able to wear holiday theme dress down. We have a project before the holidays – landform Social Studies due December 18. We also have big Unit tests coming up too – Religion Unit 2 on December 17 and Reading test Unit 2 December 18 and 19.

Absence Notes- Please remember to send in a note to verify the following:

Your child’s name, the date, the reason of the absence

Change of transportation home- Please send a note to make us aware of the change and I will post it on the board for both the student and I to be aware. You may also call the office and then I will post those changes too.

Handbook – Please review the parent handbook. Dress code guidelines are outlined for your reference. ***Remember to wear a belt. *****

Specials for 3B

Monday: Computers   Tuesday: Gym   Wednesday: Art / Library  Thursday:  Health (first half of year) /Spanish   Friday: Music

What we are studying about this week: 

Religion  – Chapter 9 is about God being just and merciful. Unit 2 test will be on December 17.

Social Studies  –We are on to landforms, continents, and oceans which they are to know. We will have a landform project that will be given out on Tuesday December 10 and due date of Wednesday December 18.

Science – Matter chapter 10

Math – We are working on division facts 0-5

Spelling – 

Reading – How do people figure things out? – Poetry Empaniada Day / Inventor thinks up Helicopters/ Ornithopter skills: Limerick and free verse, point of view, alliteration and rhyme, vocab: simile Test on December 16

Unit 2 test December 18 and 19

Unit 2 skills: Theme, predictions, author’s point of view, Poetry- Alliteration and rhyme Vocab: Antonyms, Similes, prefixes, and suffixes Genre: Folktale, Historical Fiction, expository text, poetry- limerick and free verse

English- We are studying pronouns – possessives

Tests for week:

Monday, December 16: Reading test on Poetry- limerick and free verse

Tuesday, December 17 Religion test Unit 2

Wednesday – Thursday December 18-19 Unit 2 test in Reading

Thursday, December 19 advent test in Religion

Tests for the following week:

Relax it’s the holiday vacation

Some websites we like to use in third grade:




Homework for the week of December 16

Homework may change that day and I will try my best to change that day the post.

Long Term Assignment: Social Studies- Landforms project due December 18.

Monday, December 16 : Social Studies project 12/18, Religion test Unit 2, math wkb pg 52

Tuesday, December 17: Studies studies landform project due 12/18, math wkb pg 53, Reading Unit 2 skills test  

Wednesday, December 18: Advent quiz,  English wkb      , math wkb pg 54, Unit 2 skills test Reading

Thursday, December 19: Wear holiday wear early dismissal 11

Have a great week and any concerns email me at    Mrs. Cucciuffo

*More parent information can be found online at