Class 3B

Welcome to  3B, Mrs. Cucciuffo Class

October 18, 2021       

We always have fun every week. We are turning to Science with technology and engineering problems and solutions. We are practicing our regrouping of addition in chapter 2 of Math.  They got excited about turning in their first Reading Log. I was impressed with following directions and using our Reading skills of character which most of the class picked to answer.  We ending our study this week chapter 4 on Mary answering the call to be holy. We started a Mary medal for morning work on Friday using aluminum foil. Each has their own vision of Mary.  Reading we are starting  the  story – Natural Beauty and A Mountain of History and test will be on October 22  Friday – It consists of three parts: Vocabulary words, comprehension of story – they make look answers in the book – first marking period we give page to look up then 2nd marking period we start having them put the page down that they found the answer. The last part is a fresh read story and using the skills taught to answer questions.  We are looking at our first Unit test of reading and will be going over the skills, vocabulary skills, and genre to get ready for it. We are looking to take it October 27 and 28. We are starting our first Reading log,  and the due dates will be Fridays October 15, 22, 29 and November 5. Test/ communication folders will be coming out on Wednesdays.

Reading Unit 1 theme: Growing and Learning

Reading week 5: EQ-How do landmarks help us understand our country’s story?

Vocab: carved, clues, grand, landmark, massive, monument, national, traces

skills: Ask and answer questions, main idea and key details genre: expository text vocab skill: multiple meaning words

Story: A Natural Beauty / A Mountain of History

weeklyoutline Unit 1 week 5

Reading Log forms

Events coming up:

Thursday, October 21 Pumpkin Patch for everyone at school

Friday, October 22 40 hours begins and Safety Town visit

Friday, October 29 Noon dismissal Teacher in service / Trunk or Treat at Church parking lot

Monday, November 1 All Saints Day Mass 8:15 / Winter uniforms begin

Thursday, November 11, Veteran’s Day Parade about 1:00PM

Wednesday, November 24, Thanksgiving Break begins

Monday -Computers, Tuesday – Library, Gym,  EOW Spanish Wednesday – Art, Music


Oct. 18  Monday  Religion Chapter 4 test, Reading log #2 10/22, English wkb pg 16 #1-10 and 17 part A, math wkb pg 20 #1-10

Oct. 19  Tuesday – Reading log #2 due 10/22,  Spelling activity – rainbow writing,  Math wkb pg 21 #1-20, Science vocabulary cards

Oct. 20  Wednesday – Reading log #2 due 10/22, English wkb pg 18, math wkb pg 22, Spelling test long o sound

Oct. 21  Thursday – Reading log #2 due, math wks, science wks crossword

Oct. 22 Friday – Reading log #3 due 10/29

Test schedule

Oct. 19 Tuesday – Religion chapter 4 test

Oct. 21 Thursday – Spelling test long o / Math quiz

Oct. 22 Friday – Reading Test – A Mountain of History / Reading log #2 due

Coming up tests:

October 26 Tuesday – Religion Unit 1 test

October Wednesday and Thursday 27- 28 Unit 1 test for reading

Computer sites we use:



tps://  ***we are able to get our math textbook now at home

Username: Sadlier student    password ReadyToLearn!

Don’t hesitate to email or call with any questions – I will get back as soon as I can. Mrs. Cucciuffo

Pray, hope, don’t worry – Padre Pio    Mrs. Cucciuffo

Fast and Fun Math week 5

Social Studies Mapping topics 1-8 and study guide