Welcome to Mrs. Cucciuffo Class / 3B

February 24, 2020  –   Please make sure that you start sending in the addresses for Hawk Walk we will be having letter writing day on Thursday, February 27.  We will be having a fastnacht on Fastnacht Day whole school .This week we will be celebrating mass on Ash Wednesday is February 26.

Absence Notes- Please remember to send in a note to verify the following:

Your child’s name, the date, the reason of the absence

Change of transportation home- Please send a note to make us aware of the change and I will post it on the board for both the student and I to be aware. You may also call the office and then I will post those changes too.

Handbook – Please review the parent handbook. Dress code guidelines are outlined for your reference. ***Remember to wear a belt. *****

Specials for 3B

Monday: Computers   Tuesday: Gym   Wednesday: Art / Library  Thursday:  Health (first half of year) /Spanish   Friday: Music

What we are studying about this week: 

Religion- We are looking at how Jesus mission – Chapter 13.

Social Studies  –We are studying about explorers that came to North America- Chapter 3 lessons 3 and 4.

Science – We are moving on to atoms,  elements,  mixtures, and solutions. Test on worksheets February 25, Tuesday.

Math – We are working on  Geometry chapter 9.

Spelling – We are taking a Unit Benchmark break start again next week.

Reading – EQ: How is each event in history unique? The Long Road to Oregon/ Riding the Rails West  skills: summarize, sequence genre: expository text vocab: suffixes Test on February 25. Unit 3 Benchmark review – Test on February 27-28.

English- We are working on abbreviations and titles test on Wednesday, February 26. Then working on commas.

Tests for week:

February 25:Science test and Reading test on story

February 26: English test on Abbreviations and titles

February 27-28 Unit 3 Benchmark Reading test

Tests for the following week:


Some websites we like to use in third grade:




Homework for the week of February 24

Homework may change that day and I will try my best to change that day the post.

Long Term Assignment:

Monday,  February 24: Science test on notes – elements, mixtures, and solutions, math wkb pg 120,

Tuesday, February 25: science wks, math wkb pg 121, English test on abbreviation and titles

Wednesday, February 26: math wkb pg 254, English wkb pg    , Reading Unit 3 Benchmark test

Thursday, February 27: : math wkb pg 255, English wkb    , social Studies wks on timelines, Reading Unit 3 Benchmark test

Friday, February 28: 

Have a great week and any concerns email me class3b@stjaneschool.com    Mrs. Cucciuffo

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/