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Welcome to Mrs. Cucciuffo Class / 3B

October 28, 2020 -“Never let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game.”– Babe Ruth 

October 27, 2020                Parent – Teacher Conferences — Check your teacher’s webpage to sign-up. Meeting are via Zoom. NO IN-PERSON MEETINGS. Conferences are through zoom on Thursday, October 22 3 to 5 PM and Tuesday, October 27 4 to 6 PM. Sign up is above on webpage. I will send password in test folder this week for the zoom meeting.

October 30, 2020        Noon Dismissal – Teacher in-service 12:30-2:30; Ext. Care 12-5 p.m. Halloween Casual Day — dress in Halloween colors. Donations for treats will be accepted by teachers. Everything must be prepackaged,                nothing homemade. Teachers will be handing out any treats. 

Communication for now will be on my teacher web page. Virtual zoom class will be the virtual platform. Zoom Personal meeting room number is: 674 123 8796. I will send password through email.

Virtual class please pick up papers for the week and drop off wks/tests for me on Mondays

I will be doing my test folders on Wednesday so in class will take them home then and virtual can pick it up in the black box that day. Please have returned by Friday so we can fill for the following week.

Here is today’s goals  and plan:10/28

Need: maint. sheet #5  maint. sheet #5 , Unit 1 reading pamphlet, science word find Science tools word search, and graduated cylinder

Morning work: journal entry

8- 8:30 Religion  story of Annunciation

8:30-9;20  Reading Part 1 review of Unit skills Genre workshop, visualize ixl E.2, character workshop pg 29, synonyms cc. 1 ixl, compound words ixl AA.3, Intro. project pamphlet unit 1

9:20- 9:30 Break    9:30 – 10:00 Recess

10;00-10:40 Art      10:40- 11:15 Reading part 2 -skills sequence ixl d.1, cause and effect d.4, ixl, metaphors workshop pg 79, work on unit 1 project

11:15- 11:45 Lunch

11:45- 12:35 Math – add 3 digit numbers pg 78 / maint. sheet #5 row 1

12:35-12:45 afternoon walk

12:45- 1:20 Language Arts: cursive letter f pg 19, Haiku rough draft

1:20- 1:55 show me cards from Social Studies / Science pg 28 graduated cyclinder and word search

Specials:  Monday – Computers, Tuesday – Gym,  Wednesday – Art, Thursday – Health, Friday – Music

Virtual classroom  I will have folders ready for most wks and items ready by 4 in black box outside of office on Mondays (this week – Tuesday 10/13) and Test folders on Wednesday.

Healthy snacks that have minimal clean up are best. Acceptable snacks include: crackers, pretzels, pretzels, dry cereal, string cheese, raisins, fruit or veggies, etc.

Here is link for review page for reading for next story: Unit 1 week 5

Unit 1 week 5  / A Mountain of History  weeklyoutline Unit 1 week5

Homework * LT Long term assignment – due at a later date work on small pieces until complete

10/ 26 Monday – HW – Religion chapter 3 test, Reading test on Mt. of History story, 

10/27 Tuesday –HW – LT Reading log 11/2, handwriting letter b pg 18, math wkb pg 19 #1-15  do vocab cards in  Social Studies community vocab cards

10/28 Wednesday –HW- LT Reading log 11/2, math wkb pg 20 #1-10, finish science word search  

10/ 29 Thursday –HW- LT Reading log 11/2, handwriting letter k pg 21, math wkb pg 20 #16-27

10/23 Friday –  HW – LT Reading Log due 11/2

Test schedule:

10/26- math check your progress chapter 2 addition lessons 1-4, Reading Log entry #1 due

10/27-Tuesday -Reading Test Mountain of History, Religion Chapter 3 test

11/2 Reading log entry #2 due

Some websites we like to use in third grade:



firstinmath  ***we are able to get our math textbook now at home

Username: Sadlier student    password ReadyToLearn!

Pray, hope, don’t worry – Padre Pio    Mrs. Cucciuffo

patriotic songs     – jump start #6

hundreds chart

music sheet     Math24 Pumpkin Patch