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February 23, 2020

Teacher Notes:

  • Hawk Walk 2020
    Letter Writing Day is on Thursday, February 27th!
    We are so close to having 100% participation!!
    Please send in your information & stamps before Thursday.
    Thank you so very much for supporting  our HSA fundraiser!
    Go Hawks!!! 🙂
  •  Wonders Reading Resource
    The login information is now taped in your child’s planner.
    Please use the site to review stories, skills, & vocabulary at home.
  • Math Skills
    Continue to memorize the x facts for Fast Math drills
    Log onto First in Math or play flash cards games to help increase speed & accuracy.
    Practice all basic facts:
    Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication Facts (x2- x5)
  • Snack
    Our daily snack time is only 10 minutes.
    We use the restroom & enjoy a healthy snack to sustain us until lunch.
    Please send in a dry snack that doesn’t require a spoon.
    Some ideas might include:
    Granola Bars
    Fresh Veggies & Fruit
  • Absence Notes
    Please remember to send in a note to verify the following information:
    *****your child’s name
    *****the date(s) of absence
    *****the reason for the absence
    Thank you
  •  Handbook –
    Please review the parent handbook.
    It contains a wealth of information.
    Dress Code Guidelines are outlined for your reference.
    ****Remember to wear a belt!****
  • 3A Special Schedule for 2019-2020
    Monday- Computer
    Tuesday- Gym
    Wednesday – Art &Library
    Thursday – Health & Spanish
    Friday – Music


This Week in Class 3A

2/24/20 – Monday     
Computer with Mrs. Salvemini
Reading selection test – Riding the Rails West

2/25/20  – Tuesday
Gym with Mr. McGarvey
Science Test on Matter: Physical & Chemical Changes

2/26/20 – Wednesday  – Lent begins
Ash Wednesday – Mass @ 8:15 AM
Library – Books are due this week
Social Studies Test on Early European Exploration – TB pp. 90-97
Reading – End of Unit 3 test

2/27/20 – Thursday – Hawk Walk Letter Writing Day
Spanish-Homework is due
Reading End of Unit 3 Test

2/28/20  – Friday
No Spelling test this week

Looking Ahead to next week:
Monday, March 2, 2020 -Religion Unit 3 Test
Tuesday , March 3, 2020 – English – Test on Verbs – Study TB pp. 386-412

*****  Homework *****

 2/24/20 – Monday
Bring in Hawk Walk labels, & stamps
Religion-  Chapter 13 test tomorrow
Math – WB p. 72  Divide by 8
Study facts
Play 1st in Math
English – Do WB p. 63
Reading – End of Unit 3 Test – Wednesday & Thursday
Science – Test on Changes – physical & chemical
Read over the papers in your folder
Social Studies – Study TB pp. 90-97
Gym tomorrow

2/25/20- Tuesday:
Math – 
Study multiplication & division facts
Play 1st in Math
Art tomorrow

2/26/20 – Wednesday
Religion – 

Math – 
Science – 

2/27/20 – Thursday
Math –

Play 1st in Math
Study facts
Social Studies

2/28/20- Friday
Religion –

Science –



Continue to:
Practice your math  facts for speed & accuracy.
Memorize them.
You need to know them “in a snap” !

Helpful Websites

First in Math

Christ Our Life

Spelling City

Sadlier Connect

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/