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Class 3A

Welcome to Mrs. Weiss’ Class Page

February 17, 2019

Teacher Notes:

  • Hawk Walk
    Hawk Walk Sponsor Lists were due Friday, February 8th.
    Thank you to all who have completed the paperwork & sent in stamps.
    Please send in your list & stamps if you haven’t done so yet.
    Letter Writing Day is quickly approaching!!!
    Once again, 3A is hoping for 100% participation!!!
    Please support our HSA with this annual school fund raiser.
    Thank you so much!!
  • Feed the Hungry Food Drive
    1/21/19 to 2/8/19
    Please donate instant boxed potatoes & boxed Stove Top Stuffing
    Thank you for your generosity!
  • Absence Notes
    Please remember to send in a note to verify the following information:
    *****your child’s name
    *****the date(s) of absence
    *****the reason for the absence
    Thank you
  • Math Web Sites
    Encourage your child to log on & practice math facts & skills using the following web resources:
    ***** First in Math *****
    ***** XtraMath *****
    Passwords for each site can be found in the homework planner.
  •  Handbook –
    Please review the parent handbook.
    It contains a wealth of information.
    Dress Code Guidelines are outlined for your reference.
    ****Remember to wear a belt!****
  • 3A Special Schedule:
    Monday- Computer
    Wednesday – Gym & Music
    Thursday – Health & Spanish
    Friday – Art


This Week in Class 3A

2/18/19 –  Monday *** Presidents’ Day ***
School is closed today! Enjoy the holiday.

2/19/19 – Tuesday
Religion Bee 
Cup Stacking Club after school today

2/20/19 –  Wednesday
Gym & Music
Science Test:
*Study the Atoms & Element review sheets in your folder
English Test:
*Study the types of sentences & the rules for capitalization
WB pp. 95-98

2/21/19  – Thursday 
Mass @ 8:15 AM
Spelling Test – Remember to add “molecule” to your word list
Spanish- word puzzle is due today

2/22/19 – Friday
Religion Test on Chapter 13
Reading Selection Test – Big Ideas from Nature

*****  Homework *****

Monday- 2/18/19 *** Presidents’ Day ***
Religion – Chapter 13 test on Friday
Math – Study x facts
English – Test on Wednesday
Study the 4 types of sentences, end punctuation &capitalization
Reading – Selection Test on Friday – Big Ideas from Nature
Spelling – Test on Thursday – Add “molecule” to your word list
Science – Test on Wednesday- Study Atom & Element papers in your folder
Spanish – Make sure the word puzzle is finished by Thursday.

Tuesday  2/19/19
Religion –
Reread p. 114
Chapter 13 test on Friday
Math – WB p. 124  #1, 3, 4
Do the work in your Math CB
Record your answer in your WB
English – Test tomorrow on end punctuation & capitalization
Review TB pp. 458-461 & WB pp. 95-98
Spelling – write each list word 2X ***Remember to include molecule
1x print & 1x cursive or 2x cursive
Reading – Selection Test on Friday
Science – Test tomorrow
Study the Elements & Atoms & the review sheet in your Science folder
Gym tomorrow

Wednesday  2/20/19
Religion – 

Study x fact

Thursday  2/21/19 
Study x facts
Spelling –
Social Studies

Friday 2/22/19
Math -Study X facts

Practice your math  facts for speed & accuracy.
Memorize them.
You need to know them “in a snap” !

Helpful Websites

First in Math

Christ Our Life

Spelling City

Sadlier Connect

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/