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Dear 3A Families,
You did it again!! You overwhelmed me with such kind words & generous gifts.
What a great treat it was to see all of you today – in person!!
Thank you for coming out to my house so we could celebrate the end of the school year together this afternoon!
All the  beautiful signs, colorful balloons, & most generous gifts were a big surprise!
I love the rose bush! It is the perfect gift!
I will plant it in my yard &  everytime I glance at it I will remember my unforgettable 3A Class of 2019 – 2020!
Thank you so very much!!!
Mrs. Weiss

May 29, 2020

Dear Parents,
Thank you for sharing your most precious gift with me this school year.
Your children are awesome!! I will miss them like crazy!
Thank you as well for your generosity, kindness & support throughout this school year.
Together with your children, we worked hard to complete this school year in a most nontraditional way.
We did it!! We “zoomed” right through to the end!!
Thank you for an amazing year!
Mrs. Weiss

Dear Students,
Thank you all for such a great school year!
You are an amazing group of students.
You showed up each day eager to study & work together.
Thank you for the wonderful video messages that you sent my way!
I love it! It will always remind me of our time together!
Thank you for being a great help as we together found our way around the Zoom waiting rooms & Google Classroom assignments. You are a bright & pleasant group of students who I am sure will accomplish great things from year to year! I am so proud of each of you!
Over the summer be sure to take time:
*pray ,
*practice the  x  &  ÷  facts,
*review the upper case letter we didn’t finish in your handwriting book
*read some good books too
*check Mr. McGarvey’s page for fun field day activities
You worked hard & now it is time to enjoy some summer fun!
Mrs. Weiss


Friday, May 29, 2020
Happy Last Day, 3A!
We will dismiss at 10:30 AM!
Remember to bring your Rosary & Glorious Mystery booklet so we can pray the last decade of the Rosary.
Make a Bingo Card  using the multiples of 4, 5, 7 & 9.
See you soon!! 🙂
Players of the Day: Luke A
Congratulations to our Awesome Top Five Players!!!
Top 5 Players in Class 3A:
Parker – 10,368 stickers! Awesome work, Parker!!!
Nathan – 8,570 stickers! Amazing job, Nathan!!!
Luke A. – 7,878 stickers! Super work, Luke!!!
Emma – 5,308 stickers! Wonderful job, Emma!!!
Delaney – 4,893 stickers! Excellent work, Delaney!!!
Problem of the Day:
Lea collects coins.
She has 2 sheets.
Each sheet has 24 coins.
How many coins does she have in all?

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Hello, 3A! Smile!!
Summer break is almost here!!!
Players of the Day: Luke Fettes
Problem of the Day:
There are 23 slices of bread in a loaf.
If mother uses 2 slices for each sandwich, how many sandwiches can she make?
How many slices of bread will be left over?

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
Players of the Day: Cole, Chloe, Luke A
Problem of the Day:
Jim has recess at 10:20 AM. He eats lunch at 12:30 PM.
How much time is between recess & lunchtime?
English – Do the Adjective assessment on Google by 9:00 AM tomorrow.
Math – Do the Math assessment on Google by 9:00 AM tomorrow.
Spelling – Study list words for test tomorrow.
Reading – weekly test on vocabulary & poems tomorrow

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Welcome Back, 3A!
Hope you enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend.
See you soon!!
Religion – Complete Unit 4 test by 9:00 AM tomorrow
English – Do WB p. 82 Section D
Review Adjectives for test tomorrow
Spelling – do WB p. 118
Study list words for test on Thursday
Reading – Reread the narrative poem – The Captian’s Log – on Wonders Website
In Read/LA copybook – write down examples of rhyme & repetition found in the poem
Math – Review for the math test tomorrow:
Compare & order fractions & +, -, x. ÷
Player of the Day: ——
Problem of the Day:
There was a total of 7 students in Robert’s math group.
The teacher gave them 45 problems to divide up equally and solve.
How many problems did each student do, and how many problems were left over?

Friday, May 22, 2020
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy the holiday!
Early dismissal today! No noon session is scheduled.
I’ll see you at 9:30 AM! 🙂
Remember to bring your Rosary & Glorious Mystery booklet to class this morning.
Also remember to make a Bingo card using the multiples of 5, 7, & 9.
Upcoming Tests:
Religion– Tuesday -Unit 4 – pp. 131 – 172
English – Wednesday -Adjectives -Review WB pp.69 – 77
Math – Wednesday – Compare & Order Fractions, & computation (+ , -, x, ÷)
Spelling – Thursday – Soft c & g
Reading– Thursday – Week 5 – Poetry

Friday’s Players of the Day: Luke F., Parker, Cole
Today’s Problem of the Day:
7,000 pretzels were ordered for the school carnival.
Only 6,729 were sold.
How many pretzels were left to give to the helpers?

Thursday, May 21, 2020
Today is Ascension Thursday.
Morning class is cancelled so you may attend Bishop’s Schlert’s 10:00 AM Mass.
I’ll see you all @ 12:00 PM for our regular Math session followed by my Thursday 12:30 PM reading group.
See you soon! 🙂
Players of the Day:Luke F, Parker, Luke A.
Problem of the Day:
During recess, the 19 students in Mr. Smith’s class divided in half to play kickball.
How many students were in each group?
How many were left over?
Math – Make a Bingo Card using multiples of 5, 7, 9.
Study your x facts
Test next week – Comparing & Ordering Fractions & Computation Skills
Religion – Make sure TB pp. 171 -172 are finished by Friday morning
Bring your rosary to class tomorrow
Unit 4 Test on Tuesday
English – Adjective Test next week
Spelling – Test next week – soft c & g


Wednesday, May 20, 2020 
Hi 3A!
Player of the Day: Parker, Emma, Luke F.
Problem of the Day:
Ben reads exactly 3/4 of a book today.
Does he have more than one half, less than one half, or exactly one half of the book left to read?
Explain your answer.
Religion – Do TB pp. 171-172 by Friday
Unit 4 Test next Tuesday
Spelling – do WB p. 117
Reading – Go on the Wonders site & practice this week’s vocabulary words
Make sure WB p. 191 is finished!
Math – Do WB p. 147 Comparing Fractions < or >
Study your x facts

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
Player of the Day: Luke A
Play first in Math today!!!  🙂
Problem of the Day:
Leo’s plant is taller than Alan’s.
Leo’s plant is shorter than Ryan’s.
Reading – Hot Air Balloons- due today by 3:00 PM
Spelling  – Homophones – due today by 3:00 PM
Spelling – Do WB p. 116  – Words with soft c & g sounds
Reading – do WB p. 198  – soft c & g  and adjectives that compare +er, +est
Handwriting – do Upper case “I” WB p. 52
Math – Play 1st in Math for at least 15 minutes.

Monday, May 18, 2020
I hope you all had a great weekend!
The weather was so nice!
Let’s get to work!!  🙂
Math – Finish WB p. 232
Reading – Complete Hot Air Balloons Test by 3:00 PM
Spelling – Complete Homophone Test by 3:00 PM
Handwriting – Do upper case “H”  WB p. 51
Players of the Day: Luke A, Luke F, Parker
Problem of the Day:
Carly had 20 pennies.
With each step she took, she dropped 3 pennies.
She has 8 pennies left.
How many steps did she take?

First in Math Update – 5/15/20
Congratulations to Parker for reaching the 10,000 sticker milestone on First in Math!
We are all so excited for your accomplishment!
Way to go!!

Friday, May 15, 2020
Hello, 3A!
Players of the Day: Cole, Delaney, Luke A.
English – Complete ixl Adjectives  –  OO # 8 & 9 – It is due today!!!
Reading -test on Monday – Log onto Wonders to:
Study the selection vocabulary words- play the games
Reread the selection Hot Air Balloons – cause & effect signal words (so, because, as a result)
Handwriting: Upper case “G” on WB p. 50
Problem of the Day:
Tom walks 2 miles a day for 5 days and 3 miles a day for 6 days.
How many miles does Tom walk in all?

Also remember to make your Bingo Card for math class today.
Use multiples of 3, 4, & 9.
See you soon! 🙂


Thursday, May 14, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
Math -Search for & print a free copy of fraction strips on the internet.
A copy of fraction strips will help you compare fractions as being <, >, =
Make a Bingo Card: Use multiples of 3, 4, 9!
Try to play 1st in Math for at least 10 minutes! We are still only in 4th place!!
Religion – Reread p. 165  – Communion of Saints
English – Do ixl: OO Adjectives/Adverbs # 8 & 9
Go to Language Arts- 3rd grade- Grammar & Mechanics – OO Adjectives/Adverbs – #8 & 9
Reading WB pp. 187-188
Handwriting – WB p. 49 – Upper Case F
Players of the Day: Luke A., Luke F., Cole
Problem of the Day:
Carlos loves to read books from 7:25 p.m. until it’s time to go to bed at 9:00 p.m.
How long does he like to read books?
Specials: Take a Look!
Don’t forget to check out what going on in gym, music, art, computers, & Spanish!
Mr. McGarvey’s web page has fun health & physical activities for you to try!
Visit Mrs. V’s  Music Google Classroom too so you can earn your recorder belts!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Hello, 3A!
Players of the Day: Colin B, Luke A., Luke F.
Problem of the Day:
How long did the Brown family wait in the drive thru line for their food order?
They joined the line @ 5:25 PM and  received their order @ 5:50 PM.
Did they wait longer than 30 minutes? Explain.
Religion – Complete the Chapter 18 test by 3:00 PM today. Thank you! 🙂
Spelling – Complete WB p. 113
Study homophones for test tomorrow
English – Complete WB p. 74
Reading – Log onWonders & reread How Hot Air Balloons Work pp. 351-353
Find an example of cause & effect. Do you see any signal words?
Also read  the section Up to the Wind on pp 354-355.
After reading this section go back & find the answer to this question:
How does the wind cause a hot air balloon  to fly?
Math– Test is posted on Google Classroom. Complete the test by Friday @9:00AM – Thanks!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
Math – Do WB p. 264
Review for Math test on computation & fraction skills
Test will be posted after math class tomorrrow afternoon.
Religion– Study chapter 18 for test tomorrow.
Spelling – Test on Thursday – Study your homophones
English – Do WB p. 74     More Adjectives that Compare
Reading – Read “Ballooning History”
Log onto wonders & read pp. 346-349
Look for examples of cause & effect.
Are there any signal words?
Players of the Day: Luke A, Emma & Parker
Problem of the Day:
Ernie wants to buy a train set for $18.95 and a model car for $7.89.
Is $28.00 enough? Explain.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you one & all for making Teacher Appreciation Week so very special!
Everyday you surprised me in the most creative ways!
Thank you for the generous gift cards, the delicious fruit arrangement, & the many acts of kindness & support!
There was just one surprise after another.
My heart is full of gratitude.
I am truly blessed!
3A Parents & Students, you are the best!
Mrs. Weiss

Monday, May 11, 2020
Math –
Do top of WB p. 228- Use number lines to find equivalent fractions &
Problems # 12 & 15 at the bottom of the page.
Math test on Wednesday: +, -, x, ÷, & fractions
Religion –
Chapter 18 test on Wednesday
Begin to review the chapter
Reading – Do WB pp. 185-186
Spelling – Do WB p. 112
Test on Thursday
Players of the Day:
Emma, Luke F. & Luke A
Problem of the Day:.
Daniel wanted to learn to skateboard.
So he went down to the store and bought a skateboard for $86.78.
He also bought a helmet for $35.37 and kneepads for $23.00.
How much did he spend in all to enjoy this sport?


Happy Mother’s Day!
Have a fun weekend & a wonderful Mother’s Day with your children!!
God bless you all!

Friday, May 8, 2020
Let’s work hard  make it a great day!
Math – Test Tuesday – Computation & Fractions
Practice adding & subtraction 4 & 5 digit numbers, x & ÷ facts, & fractions (WB pp.144-145, 221-226)
Handwriting – Do p. 48  Upper case E
Be a responsible student & complete your assignments promptly!
Reading – finish writing your sentences for WB p. 181
Spelling – finish WB p. 111 if you did not do it yesterday
ixl is due by 3 PM today : vocabulary BB # 1, 2, & 3
Players of the Day: Cole, Luke F., & Nathan

Riddles of the Day: 
I am a number between 51 and 67.
I can be divided by 10.
What number am I?

I am a number between 42 and48.
I can be divided by 5.
What number am I?

I am a number that can be divided by 2.
I have 2 digits.
One is a 6 and one is a 9.
What number am I?

Remember to bring your Rosary & Glorious Mystery Booklet to class today.
Also remember to make a Bingo Card.
Use multiples of 3, 7, & 9.


Thursday, May 7, 2020
The sun is shining!
Wishing you all a beautiful day!
Math – Log onto BrainPop Jr. and watch the Equivalent Fraction movie.
Try the easy & hard quiz too.
I hope it works for you!!
Religion – You may complete the stained glass activity on p. 160 at your leisure!!
Spelling – Do WB p.111
Reading – Do WB p. 181
ixl –  Homophones – due Friday by 3:00PM
Log on to ixl
Go to Vocabulary – BB Homophones – #1, 2 & 3
Players of the Day: Parker, Marco, Luke F        Great job, guys!
Problem of the Day:
Mary bought 5 packages of hair bows, each containing 1 dozen bows.
If she gave away 15 bows, how many bows does she have left?

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Hello, 3A!!
Let’s make it a good day!
Players of the Day: Cole, Parker, & Luke F        Nice job!!
Reading– Log onto Wonders & try the “Will It Fly” challenge!
Pull up the story titled Firsts in Flight.
The side bar, Will It fly?,  is on page 306.
Reread the directions & have fun trying to discover if the wing size affects how far the plane with fly?
You can record the results of your tests on a piece of paper or in your Reading copybook.
Have fun!!
Problem of the Day:
Jim stacks 7 rows of cans in a pattern for a store display.
He puts 31 cans on the bottom row, 27 on the next row, and 23 on the next.
How many cans will be on the top row?

Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Dear Parents & Students -“My 3A Family”,
Thank you all so very much for the wonderful cards, gift card, & treats!
You certainly surprised me throughout the day!
How very blessed I am to be your teacher.
Miss you all so very much!
Many thanks!
Mrs. Weiss 🙂
Math – Do WB pp. 262-263
Play First in Math
Study your x & ÷ facts
Spelling – Do WB p. 110 & study list words
Handwriting – Do WB p. 47 – Upper case D
Reading – Do the test – Amazing Animals of the Mojave
Players of the Day: Nathan, Parker, & Delaney  *** Well Done!***
Problem of the Day:
Sam baked 3 batches of 12 cookies each.
Nina baked 4 batches of 11 cookies each.
Ken baked 96 cookies in all.
How many more cookies did Ken bake than Sam & Nina together?
Music: Mrs. Vinovskis responded to our concerns.
All the materials for the Recorder Karate are on her page.
There are aslo some next level blues/jazz materials.
She said to start at the bottom & you will see how one level leads to another.
If you still need help, send an email to music @stjaneschool.com & she will be happy to answer your question.

Monday, May 4, 2020
Happy Monday, 3A!
Mrs. Vinovskis is hoping you check out her web page & Music Google Classroom page.
The code for her Google  for Classroom is pbyoiwz.
Log on to see the activities she has planned!
Check it out! She will be so happy you stopped into her “Classroom”! 🙂
Let’s make it a great week!
Religion – Reread p. 157  Pentecost
English – Grammar- Adjectives – Do WB pp. 69 & 70
Be sure to follow the directions!!
Spelling – Do WB p. 109 by writing each word in cursive.
Do your neatest cursive!!!
Reading – The Amazing Animals of the Mojave
Complete the assignment/test on Google: Classwork
Players of the Day: Nathan & Luke D
Problem of the Day:
Frank bakes a dozen cupcakes.
Angela bakes 3 times as many as Frank.
Together they sell 25 cupcakes, how many are left?


Friday, May 1, 2020
Let’s make today a great day!
Religion: Remember to bring your Rosary & Glorious Mystery Booklet.
Math: Make a lucky Bingo Card for Math class @ noon today.
Use multiples of 2, 5, & 6.  Good Luck!!
Spelling: I posted a Spelling assignment on Google.
Please complete it by 3:00 PM today. Thank you.
Players of the Day: Cole, Luke F. & Delaney *** Nice Job!***
Congratulations to all who played yesterday:
Luke A., Colin B., Luke D, Nathan, Luke F, Delaney, Cole,  & Parker.
Problem of the Day:
John added 29 + 36 on his calculator.
When 100 came up on display, he knew he forgot to clear the calculator.
What was the original amount on the calculator?

Thursday, April 30, 2020
Let’s work hard & make it a good day!!
Players of the Day: Nathan,Emma, & Parker
A big shout out to all who played yesterday:
Luke A, Emma, Colin, Luke D, Nathan, Delaney, Collin, Lucia, Cole & Parkerbe
We need everyone to play.
Log on today!!!
Math – Do WB p. 144
Play 1st in Math
Make Bingo Card – Use multiples of 2, 5, & 6
Religion – Complete the Chapter 17 graded assignment.
Bring your rosary & your Glorious Mystery Booklet to class tomorrow.
English – Grammar – Complete the graded assignment posted on Google Classwork
Journal Writing – April 30, 2020
Would you rather be a duck on a pond or a butterfly in the air?
Explain. Write 4 or more sentences/draw & color a picture.
Reading – Do WB p. 177 – Look for the context clues
Problem of the Day
Thirty people visited the Liberty Bell the first hour, 35 the second hour, and 40 the third hour.
At this rate, how many visited the Bell during the seventh hour?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Hello, 3A!
Let’s make it a great day!!
Religion– Study Chapter 17 – log onto Christ Our Life & take the Chapter 17 review
The Chapter 17 graded assignment will be posted on Google Classroom tomorrow morning.
This graded assignment is due on Friday by 3:00PM.
English – Complete the graded assignment on Punctuation, Capitalization, & Abbreviations
It is under the Classwork tab on Google Classroom.
This graded assignment is due Thursday by 3:00 PM. Thanks!
Reading – Read the selection on WB pp. 173-174 “Adaptations: Grizzly and Polar Bears”
Complete the Venn Diagram on p. 172 or on another piece of paper.
Label one circle “Grizzly” & the other circle “Polar”.
Complete the Venn diagram by comparing & contrasting the 2 types of bears.
Players of the Day: Emma, Luke A, Cole
Emma, Luke & Cole scored a lot of stickers yesterday!
Great job!
Only 5 students logged on to play & score stickers.
Our goal: Everyone logs on & plays for a least 10 minutes today!
I will check  first thing in the morning!!
Problem of the Day:
Tickets to a ball game are 2 for $5.00.
How many people can go to the game for $40.00?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Today is going to be a beautiful day!
No rain!!
Math – Do WB p. 222 # 18 & 19 and WB p. 261
Study x & ÷ facts
Play First in Math
Religion – Do p. 153
Chapter 17 test on Thursday
English – Test tomorrow on Punctuation, Capitalization & Abbreviations
Review WB pp. 95-101 & 104-106
Spelling – Study list words
Test on Thursday
Reading – Read  Morning Warmth – pp. 336-337 on the Wonders Web site
Look for details to answer these questions:
How do iquanas warm up after a cool night in the desert?
How do roadrunners warm up?
Play the vocabulary games on Wonders to study for a test on Friday.
Handwriting – Do WB p. 46  Upper case C
Players of the Day: Luke A, Delaney, Cole  ***Great job!!***
Problem of the Day:
98,245 people attended the state fair.
78,372 people attended the county fair.
How many more people attended the state fair?

Monday, April 27, 2020
Hope you had a good weekend!
Math – Do WB p. 222  # 6-14
Play First in Math
Religion – Reread p. 152
Spelling – Do WB p. 107
Handwriting – Do WB p. 45  Upper case B
English – Review WB pp. 95-101 & 104-106 for a test.
End Punctuation, Abbreviations, & Use of Commas
I plan to post it on Google Classroom on Wednesday.
Players of the Day: Parker, Collin M. & Luke A.
Problem of the Day:
David’s reading class starts at 10:20 AM.
Lunch starts at 11:25 AM.
If David’s class ends 5 minutes before lunch time, how long does his reading class last?

Friday, April 24, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
It’s Friday! The weekend is coming!!
Players of the Day: Luke A, Delaney, & Chloe – Way to Go!!!
Problem of the Day:
A bus leaves the station at 6:15 AM.
On the schedule, the bus makes a stop every 15 minutes.
If the bus stays on schedule, what time will it be at the fifth stop?

Thursday, April 23, 2020
Green & Gold Day
Wear our school colors with pride!
Let’s Go Hawks!!
Math – Do the Geometry Assignment I posted in Google Classroom
Go to Classwork & it should be there.
Make a Math X Bingo Card Use multiples of 6, 7, & 8.
Handwriting – Do WB p.44 – Upper case A
Do your neatest work!
Spelling – Do WB p. 106
Study your spelling words
Reading – Do WB p. 178 Section A only – Word Sort – Vowel Patterns
Play 1st in Math – SJS is still #4!
Keep playing!!
In our school we have 2 players ranked in the Top Ten:
Parker is in 6th place & Nathan is in 9th place!!! Congratulations, boys!
Players of the Day: Delaney, Luke A., & Henry!  Great job!!!
You each had awesome sticker scores yesterday!

Problem of the Day:
Sharon has 75¢ in nickels and dimes.
If there are 10 coins, how many of each coin does she have?

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Rise & Shine, 3A!
Today is “Selfie Day”!
Take a selfie & share it with Mrs. Okula!
All  of the following assignments are due tomorrow.
Religion – Reread p. 150 & then do “A Crisscross Puzzle”  on p. 151
English -Log on to  ixl – Grammaar & Mechanics – HH#8 -Simple or Compound Sentences
Spelling – WB p. 105 – Word Sort
Reading – Log on to Wonders & read along with the computer: The Amazing animals of the Mojave
Think about …. How do different animals adapt to living in a hot, dry environment?
Math – Do WB p. 214  # 6, 7
Play First in Math!!!
Players of the Day: Parker, Delaney & Luke F… Great job!!
Problem of the Day:
The third grade students wanted to raise $75.00.
On Saturday, they made $48.75 and on Sunday they made $40.32.
Did they reach their goal?
How much more or less did they make?

Tuesday, April 21, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
This week we are celebrating Hawk Walk Spirit Week!
Today’s theme is  The Future is Bright! 🙂
Wear sunglasses to our morning session!
Religion– Reread p. 149
Find the date : Ascension Thursday
English – Do WB p. 106   complete only # 4, 5, 6, 7
Rewrite the compound sentence in your WB.
If you don’t think you have enough room in your WB, you may rewrite the sentence in your LA CB
Reading – Do WB p. 176
Players of the Day:  Nathan, Luke A.  & Cole ***Good job, boys!
Problem of the Day:
Rick and spot are pet dogs.
Rick is 3 years old and Spot is 12.
How old will each dog be when Spot is twice as old as Rick?
Think about different strategies you could use to solve this problem.
You could:
Make a list or chart
Guess & test

Monday, April 20, 2020
Greetings to Class 3A!
Happy Monday!

Math – Do WB p. 122 – Volume of a solid figure is measured in cubic units
Religion – Complete the Chapter 16 Assignment on Google Classroom
Spelling – Do WB pp. 103 & 104
Reading – Wonders Web site- pull up the selection Gray Wolf/Red Fox
Go to p. 292 Finding Food
Reread to find likenesses & differences between the gray wolves & red foxes.
Note any key words that help you understand the ways these animals are alike or different.
Write your notes or ideas in your LA/Read CB
We will talk about your ideas tomorrow.

Players of the Day: Emma, Luke A., & Parker  –  Way to Go!!!
SJS Hawks are still in 4th place in the diocese.
Let’s work on taking over third place!!!
Math Problem of the Day:
On Thursday the town recycled 3250 pounds of newspaper.
On Friday 1189 ponds were recycled.
How many fewer pounds were recycled on Friday?

Friday, April 17, 2020
Happy Friday!! It is almost the weekend!!
First in Math News Flash: SJS is now #4 in the diocese!!!  🙂
We are on our way to #1!! Keep up the good work, 3A!
Fun Friday Bingo!!! Our winners: Luke A. Parker Y., & Collin M!!
Hope you all had fun!!!
Players of the Day: Luke F., Marco, & Aubree!! Nice job!!!
Math – Make your Bingo Card: 5, 8, & 9s
Do the problem of the day.
Spelling – Complete the spelling test on Google Classroom
I  posted it this morning.
Religion – Review for Chapter 16 check up on Monday
Log on to Christ Our Life to complete the chapter review activities
Handwriting– Do p. 41
Reading – Log onto the Wonders Web site.
Play the vocabulary game to practice new words.
Reading groups will begin next week 12:30 – @1:00 PM
I will meet with each small group 1 x each week.
Problem of the Day:
Which has a larger area: a rectangle that measures 4 m by 6 m or a square which is 5 m on each side?
Use you Mth CB to show your work.
You might want to draw a picture of each figure to help you plan & solve the problem.

Thursday, April 16, 2020
Good Morning!
Players of the Day: Collin M. , Cole, & Marco!!! Way to go, guys!!!
Problem of the Day: Due at noon today!! Use your Math CB.
If the perimeter of a square is 36 m, what is the length of each side?
Each side of the square measures ___ m.
Plan how you will solve this problem?
Religion – Do p. 145 Peace Pledge
English – Do WB p. 105  Direct Address
Spelling – Study Plurals for test tomorrow
Reading – Do WB p. 171
Finish each sentence using the vocabulary word provided.
Math – Do WB p. 257 #1 & 2 only
Do the work in your Math CB
Make a X Bingo Card – Use multiples of 5, 8, & 9
Play 1st in Math – SJS is # 5
We want to move up in the rankings!
Play, play, play!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!  🙂

Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 4/16/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Greetings, 3A!
Players of the Day:
Parker, Marco, Luke A  – Great job, guys!!
Problem of the Day: Be ready by noon today!!
How much time is between 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM?
Religion– Do Crossword Puzzle on p. 145
English – Do WB p. 104 – Insert commas where needed
Spelling – Write each word 1x in Spelling CB  Use cursive!!!
See the list on WB p. 97  “Plurals”
Study list words for a multiple choice quiz.
Reading– Complete & submit The Talented Clementine assignment on “google classroom” if you didn’t do it yet.
Math – do WB p. 256 # 1 & 2
Record the data in your CB.
Play 1st in Math!!!
We want SJS to be#1 on the diocese!!!
Let’s go!! Let’s show them all we are math wizards!!!!

Plan how you will solve this problem?
A clock may help you.
Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 4/15/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
Welcome back to zoom school!
Players of theDay: Aubree B. &Cole V.
Problem of the Day: We will check our answer today @ noon!
At 8:45 the outdoor temperature was 56°F.
When Molly measured the temperature 50 minutes later, it was 5° warmer.
What were the time & temperature when Molly measured again?
Time: ???
Reread Clementine & the Family Meeting
Find text evidence to explain why Clementine is unhappy about having a new brother or sister?
What lesson does Clementine learn about life in this story?
Journal- Easter 2020-
Free write about your Easter holiday.
Tell me something special, or fun that you did over the Easter break.
You choose!!!
English – ixl:
RR #2: Contractions with not
SS #1:  Commas in a Series
Do WB p. 211 Practice #1
Find the Perimeter (P) & Area (A)of each figure A-E.
Record the data in your Math CB
Then answer questions a. & b. based on the data you collect about the Area & Perimeter of each figure.
Study your math facts. Play 1st in Math

Enjoy your afternoon!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!  See you soon! 🙂
Players of the Day: Emma, Aubree, & Gia  —  Way to go, girls!!!
Read the story  Clementine & the Family Meeting using the Wonders website
Also try to do the assignment The Talented Clementine on Google Classroom.
Use your WB p. 161 for the lisst of words to use for the vocabulary section.
It seems I left out a word choice on the document.
I changed settings so hopefully you all are able to get into Google Classroom.
Mr. McGarvey –  Fitness Quiz  –
This morning Mr. McGarvey sent an email to let us know he posted a Fitness Quiz for grades 1 – 6.
Log onto his web page if you want to check it out!
I think I will!
Practice your x facts!
Play 1st in Math everyday.
Log on to BrainPop & play the Multiplication Blocks game
Use your flash cards to study too!!

Wishing my 3A family a very Happy Easter!
Stay safe, stay well!
I’m keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers.
Mrs. Weiss

Wednesday’s Problem of the Day
Jim’s boat is between 30 meters & 40 meters long.
It is longer than 6 x 6.
It is an even number.
How long is Jim’s boat?

Plan how you will solve this problem?
Drawing a picture may help you.
Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 4/8/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!



Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Hello, 3A!
Thank you, Lord for another beautiful Spring day!
I see the sun shining & I hear the birds singing.
This is the day the Lord has made!  🙂
Reread WB pp. 163-164 & answer the questions on p. 165
Make sure WB p, 101 is finished
Watch mocvie on BrainPopJr & complete the easy & hard quiz
Go to BrainPop Jr – Reading & Writing – Word – Plural Nouns

Oh my goodness! I forgot to check our problem of the day!!
We will check it tomorrrow for sure!!
I guess we’ll have 2 problems of day to go over tomorrrow!

Today we learned how to break a figure apart into smaller parts to find the area.

Look over WB p. 209 again.
We did #1 & 2 together in class today.
Try to solve # 3 & 4 on WB p. 210 for tomorrow.

We will practice finding the area of these kinds of figures again tomorrow.
Remember to study your x facts!! Play 1st in math!!

Our Players of the Day are: Aubree, Parker & Luke F.
Good job!!

Tuesday’s Problem of the Day:
A rectangle measures 4 cm on the short side and 9 cm on the long side.
What is the area of the rectangle?
What is the perimeter of the rectangle?
Area = _____ square cm.
Perimeter = _____ cm

Plan how you will solve this problem?
Drawing a picture may help you.
Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 4/7/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!

Monday, April 6, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
Remember to take some special time to pray this week.
Do WB p. 100 Oops!!!
We corrected 100 today in class & I explained & assigned p. 101.
Do WB p. 101 by Wednesday.
I’ll give you an extra day to finish it because of the confusion.
Complete the ixl activities listed below if you didn’t do them yet.
****Go to ixl, find Grammar & Mechanics, UU – Abbreviations – # 1 & 2****
Go to Wonders & bring up the story The Talented Clementine
Reread the story to complete the sentences & cite text evidence (page numbers)
Use your Reading/LA CB to finish these sentence starters:
1. I know that Margaret’s teacher & Mrs. Rice are different………
2. Margaret’s teacher is anxious (antsy)  the day of the talent show because …..

Do WB p. 254 – Find the Area of a Rectangle
Study your x facts & ÷ facts
Play First in Math for at least 10 minutes each day!
Play BrainPop Multiplication Blocks to increase your speed & accuracy rates!

Math Player  of the Day: Luke A. Way to go, Luke!! 🙂

Holy Week is now upon us.
Yesterday we remembered how Jesus rode into Jersulem as a King.
This week we remember all the events of His Passion & Death.
Take some time to reflect upon the sorrowful events of the Passion & Death of our Lord.

Make sure you checked Mrs. Oklula’s email for the password to enter our Zoom Room.

Monday’s Problem of the Day:
Mrs. Smith made a quilt from squares of fabric.
The quilt is 8 squares across and 5 squares down.
How many squares did she use to make the quilt?

Plan how you will solve this problem?
Drawing a picture may help you.
Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 4/6/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!


Sunday, April 5, 2020
Dear Parents & Students,
I am wishing you a very blessed Palm Sunday.
I hope you are healthy, happy, & enjoying the lovely day!
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in our Zoom Room tomorrow.
This week we will meet on Monday 4/6/20, Tuesday 4/7/20, & Wednesday 4/8/20.
We will not have sessions on Holy Thursday 4/9/20, Good Friday 4/10/20  or Easter Monday 4/13/20.
Please note that Zoom requires us to use a password as a security feature.
This aftenoon Mrs. Okula sent an email to address this situation.
Please check her email for the password needed to access my Zoom Room.
Thank you!
Keeping you in my prayers!
Stay well. Be safe.
See you in Zoom!
Mrs. Weiss

Friday, April 3, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!
Happy Friday!
Players of the Day:
Luke A, Izzy, Cole***Way to Go!!***
Multiplication Bingo 4/3/20
Today our winner is Colin Best – Congratulations!
Just a Note:
Next week we will meet on Monday 4/6/20, Tuesday 4/7/20, & Wednesday 4/8/20.
We will not have sessions on Holy Thursday 4/9/20, Good Friday 4/10/20  or Easter Monday 4/13/20.
Palm Sunday
Tune in for the virtual edition of Palm Sunday Mass with your family.

Watch the movie Area on Brain Pop Jr & complete the easy & hard quiz.
Continue to practice you math facts daily using First in Math!
Try to increase your speed with BrainPop’s Multiplication Blocks game.
Easter Bonnet:
Design a fun Easter bonnet, hat or headband to wear to class next week!
Use whatever craft supplies you have at home.
No need to buy anything.
I can’t wait to see how creative you can be!!
Have fun!!

Today’s Problem of the Day: Elapsed Time
Terry got to the playground at 11:30 A.M.
She left at 12:20 P.M.
How long was Terry at the playground?
Terry was at the playground 50 minutes.

Plan how you will solve this problem?
Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 4/3/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!

Thursday, April 2, 2020
Good Morning, 3A!

Do p. 142
Do WB p. 100
Do WB p.168
Log onto Wonders & Play the Phonics Games: Plural words
Do WB p. 121 – Area – Remember to use “square units” in your answer
Make a Bingo Card:
Fold you paper into 4×4 sections (16 total)
Then fill in the multiples of 6, 7, or 8 time tables.
We’ll try to play a game of Multiplication Bingo tomorrow.
Google Classroom:
Check to be sure you completed the Religion Chap 15 assignment.
Check to see if the Spring Haiku assignment came up & try to type your haiku /submit by Monday

Thursday’s Problem of the Day
Jack bought 30 feet (ft) of fencing.
He uses all of the fencing to make a pen for his goat.
The pen is shaped like a triangle. 
Each of two sides is 9 feet (ft) long.
What is the length of the third side?

Plan how you will solve this problem?
Draw a picture?
Choose an operation?
Write a number sentence?

Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 4/2/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!

Wednesday 4/1/20
Think of something you can do to bring peace to your family?
Then, do it!! 🙂
Do WB p. 99
Do WB p. 167 – Prefixes: pre, un, non, im
Reread the Impossible Pet Show looking for text evidence to answer this question:
How did Daniel’s point of view change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?
Cite text evidence by jotting down your ideas (include page numbers)in your LA CB.
Look for what a character says or does that help you understand how he is feeling.
At the beginning of the story Daniel feels  _____.
I know this because on page ___ he says/does …..
At the end of the story Daniel feels ___.
I know this because on page ___ he ….
We will go over your ideas tomorrow.
Try to write a Spring Haiku in your CB. 
Look over your lists for the Signs of Spring to inspire you!!
Remember a Haiku has 3 lines:
*****5 syllables
*****7 syllables
*****5 syllables
Work on this writing assignment no more 15 minutes max!
If you aren’t done, it’s okay.
I’m  sure you got a good start!
Math: Try to solve the Problem of the Day before we meet at noon.
Practice you x facts!!
Play 1st in Math for at least 10 minutes
Play BrainPop Multiplication Blocks – try a few rounds.
It’s a good way to practice your facts!
I love it!
I’m hooked!!
Enjoy the rest of your day.
See you tomorrow!!!

Wednesday’s Problem of the Day : We will solve & discuss at noon today.
Mary draws a rectangle 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.
Joan draws a rectangle 7 inches long and 3 inches wide.
Whose rectangle has the greater perimeter?

Plan how you will solve this problem?
Draw a picture?
Choose an operation?
Write a number sentence?

Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 4/1/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!

 Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Religion –
Try to access my Religion Chapter 15 assignment on Google Classroom.
Try to complete this assignment by Thursday. Thanks.
If you have problems, don’t worry. We will get help!!
Do WB p. 98 – Use your best cursive writing!
Reading –
Do WB p. 166 – Genre
Reread the Impossible Pet Show on the Wonders website
See you @ noon for math!
Make sure you worked on the problem of the day. (see above)
Math – 
Use your inch ruler to measure the perimeter of these objects to the nearest inch:
*Math WB
*Math CB
*An object of your choice
Practice your math facts – Play First in Math for @ 10 minutes


Monday, March 30, 2020
Do WB p. 161 ***underline or circle the context clues
Respond to the Essential Question in your LA CB:
How can you use what you know to help others?
Write 4 or more sentences. You may draw & color a picture as well.
Spelling :
Plurals: WB p. 97 -Write each word in cursive on the line
Math: Perimeter
Watch the BrainPop Jr video on Perimeter
Go to BrainPOP Jr – Math – All Math Movies – Perimeter
Take the easy & hard quizzes
Do WB p. 120 to find the perimeter of each figure
We will check it tomorrow in math class.



Sunday, March 29, 2020

Dear Parents,
Thank you for your patience & support the last two weeks.
Crash courses in Zoom & Google Classroom have my head spinning!!
Please continue to be patient with me as I become comfortable with these new platforms.

Over the weekend, Mrs. Cucciuffo & I decided to hold two Zoom meetings each day.
We came up with a schedule which includes one Zoom meeting in the morning & another at noon.
I would like to meet @ 9:30m – 10:30 AM & also from 12:00 – 12:30 PM.
The schedule we created helps to structure your child’s “school day”.
Please know I am here to address your concerns.
Just send me an email, & I’ll get back to you.
Your patience & support mean the world to me.
You are the best!
We are all praying that we will be back to school after Easter.
I’m looking forward to greeting all my awesome 3A students in person!
I can’t wait! I do miss them so!

3A Daily Schedule

8:00 to  9:30 AM Office Hours /Planning/email
9:30 to  9:35 AM Zoom Room Opening Exercises: Greetings/Prayer/Pledge
9:35 to  9:50 AM Zoom Room Religion
9:50 to 10:30 AM Zoom Room Reading/LA
10:30 to 11:00 AM Independent work: Reading & LA
11:00 to 12:00 PM Lunch break/ Free Time
12:00 to 12:30 PM Zoom Room Math
12:30 to 1:00 PM Independent work: Math
1:00 to 2:00 PM Office Hours/planning/email


Remember to be ready for every  class!
Bring your backpack filled with all of your school books, copybooks, & pencils to our session.
Remember to have your Religion project handy so you can share your art work with us.
We all have to get used to participating via the computer screen.
I’m sure you guys are more comfortable than I am doing this!
One more thing, I’d like to take a moment to remind you of our classroom rules:

***3A  Zoom Room Rules***

***Be ready for class.

***Be a good listener.  Look at and pay attention to the speaker.

***Raise your hand to speak. Do not call out.

***Patiently wait your turn.

***Do not distract or disturb others – practice self-control.

***Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.

I thank you for respecting our rules.
Let’s be patient with one another & take it one session at a time!
I’ll see you soon on Zoom!!

Brain Pop
User Name: weissmaria
Password: class3a


First in Math Update for March 30, 2020
Our Players of the Day are:
*****Luke A
Way to Go!!!
Keep playing & sharpening those skills!
Who will be our POTD tomorrow??
It could be you!

Our top 5 Players in 3A are:
*****Luke A.
Keep up the great work!!

Monday’s Problem of the Day : We will solve & discuss at noon today.

Thomas cuts a 32-inch piece of rope into 4 equal pieces.
What is the length of each piece?

Plan how you will solve this problem?
Draw a picture?
Choose an opertion?
Write a number sentence?
Remember to do the work in your Math CB.
Title it: Problem of the Day – 3/30/20
Do your work & label you answer.
As always – be neat & organized!



Thursday, March 26, 2020   *****Do Handwriting WB p. 40 – lower case “z”
Good Afternoon, 3A!
Great job today!
I am so impressed!
You are all beginning to feel more comfortable participating via computer.
So many shared their religion projects & journal entries with us!
You are awesome!!!
If you didn’t finish your project or jounal entry, try to finish them up.
Solve today’s problem of the day in your math CB if you didn’t get to it yet.
Add practice handwriting to our list by doing WB p. 40 – lower case z. Use your best cursive!!
Also review our Zoom Room Rules (see below).

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Brain Pop
Try this to enter:
User Name: weissmaria
Password: class3a
I hope it takes you to the site!
Scroll down to the bottom & you can click BrainPopJr.
Math –  Geometry :
***Congruent & Similar Figures
***Line, Segments, Points
All of these activities review the material we were doing in class before the break.
Watch the short movies, take the easy quiz, & if you do well, take the hard quiz.

Journal Writing:
Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Which of the 7 dwarfs are you most like:
Sleepy, Grumpy, Happy, Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, or Bashful?
Write 4 or mores sentneces to respond to the writing prompt.
Use your best cursive!
Draw & color a picture too.


Good Morning 3A!
It’s Wednesday, and I would like to meet @ 12 noon.
Please make sure you have paper & a pencil so we can solve a few math problems together.
Be ready to work!
Have you materials handy.
Our Zoom sessions will be used to introduce and develop lessons.
Remember it’s easy to get into my zoom room.
Simply click the link listed to access my meeting!

I’ll post the day & time I will be holding a Zoom Meeting above my link so you can find it!
It is a good idea to check my web page daily for updates to stay “connected”!!

I’ll see you soon!
Have a great day, 3A!
Mrs. Weiss

First in Math Update:
Our Players of the Day are:
Way to Go!!!
Keep playing & sharpening those skills!
Who will be our POTD tomorrow??
It could be you!

Our top 5 Players in 3A are:
*****Luke A.
Keep up the great work!!


Problem of the Day for Wednesday, March 25, 2020
A delivery truck was carrying 136 packages.
At the next stop, 25 packages were dropped off & 13 packages were picked up.
How many packages did the truck carry then?
the truck carried _______ packages after the stop.
Show your work on paper.

Tuesday’s Problem of the Day Solution:
Debbie scored 22 points in the basketball game.
Each basket she scored was worth 2 points.
How many baskets did she make?

Answer: She made 11 baskets

Solution: This is a division problem.
22 ÷ 2 = 11
Total number of point scores = 22 (dividend)
Each basket = 2 points (divisor)
Answer = 11 (quotient)

You could also use missing factor:
? x 2 = 22
? = 11


ixl Update:
 You can now log onto the Social Studies tab!
Go to Social Studies & Grade 3
My suggestion is to practice your map skills.
Look for:
A: Geography – #1-9

Religion– Lenten Writing Activity
Please compose a short paragraph (4-5 or more sentences) describing your completed project.
On a piece of paper describe the Sorrowful Mystery you illustrated.
Use this opening sentence:
My project depicts the ______ Sorrowful Mystery.
Continue writing sentences which describe your picture.
Include details to answer & explain who, what, where, when, why?
You can end your paragraph with a personal prayer to Jesus.
Glue the description on the back of your project.
Be sure to use your best cursive!
Also, proofread your writing for errors in spelling, capitalization & punctuation.
I can’t wait to read your descriptions!

Solve the Problem of the Day (check above)
Keep working on your math facts.
Finish the Multiplication & you may begin the Division Gyms today.
I can see from my teacher page that you are working! Good job!
Do  a little each day.
I like to see how fast I can complete the cycle.
These gyms really are fun!!
Also finish up Equal Time.
Use your  X flash cards to practice facts!!!
Maybe you can play a round of  X Roll’em with an older brother or sister.

Reading – Log onto ixl
***Reading Strategies-

***M -Analyzing Literature – Historical Fiction &  Fantasy  -Keep trying!!!
***Vocabulary –
***W – Prefixes & Suffixes – #1 & 2
***DD  – Shades of Meaning – # 1 & 2

English – Log onto ixl
***Grammar & Mechanics – UU – Abbreviations
#5, 6, 7 : metric units, street names, state names
#1 & 2 : These activities review the abbreviations for the days of the week & months of the year.
#3 & 4 : Abbreviations for people’s titles & units of measure
**Make sure English WB pp. 95-101 are completed.

Religion Lenten Project (assigned last Monday – 3/16/20)
Lent is a good time to refelect on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.
These mysteries help us understand that Jesus suffered & died a cruel Death out of love for us & to save us.
His suffering is known as His Passion.
The project will take several days to complete. Don’t expect to do it all in one day.
It requires you to stop & think about each mystery & spend some time in prayer.
Thank Jesus for all He has done for you & all the blessings in your life!

Directions to assemble the booklet:
*Tear out the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary booklet which can be found in the back of your Religion book.
*Cut the page in half along the dotted line.
*Place the upper half of the page (pages 4 & 5) on top of the lower half (pages 2 & 3)
*Fold the page on the solid line

Prayerfully read through each Sorrowful Mystery & if you have a Bible also read the Scripture passage indicated.
#1: The Agony in the Garden  (Matthew 26:36-46)
#2: The Scourging  (Matthew 27:15-26)
#3: The Crowning with Thorns (Mark 15:21-25)
#4: The Carrying of the Cross (Mark 15:21-25)
#5: The Death of Our Lord – the Crucifixion (Mark 15:33-39)
Also reread Chapter 15 in our Religion books.
Choose a scene from one of the Sorrowful Mysteries.
Create a poster, drawing, painting or even a diorama of the Passion(Suffering) of Jesus based on the mystery.
A diorama is  scene created in a shoebox. You can use all kinds of materials – clay, play doh, legos …be creative!
You can paint the scene or use construction paper to line the box.
You choose which type of project you would like to do – a poster, drawing, painting, or diaroma.
Please bring these project into school when we retun &  we can share our works of art with our classmates!!
Feel free to email me at class3a@stjaneschool.com to let me know how your project is going.
Send photos too!
I can’t wait to see what my artisitc 3rd gradrs will do!!!

Your Social Studies Explorer Project was assigned a couple weeks ago.
It will be due when we return to school.
Finish up  so you don’t forget about it!!

The Pot of Gold Challenge
I’m sure some of you have reached your goal!
Bring in your completed challenge paper when we retun to school. Thanks!





Wonders Reading Resource

  • The login information is now taped in your child’s planner.
    Please use the site to review stories, skills, & vocabulary at home.
  • Math Skills
    Continue to memorize the x facts for Fast Math drills
    Log onto First in Math or play flash cards games to help increase speed & accuracy.
    Practice all basic facts:
    Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication Facts (x2- x5)
    Strive to complete the Pot of Gold Challenge! Due 3/20/20
  • Snack
    Our daily snack time is only 10 minutes.
    We use the restroom & enjoy a healthy snack to sustain us until lunch.
    Please send in a dry snack that doesn’t require a spoon.
    Some ideas might include:
    Granola Bars
    Fresh Veggies & Fruit
  • Absence Notes
    Please remember to send in a note to verify the following information:
    *****your child’s name
    *****the date(s) of absence
    *****the reason for the absence
    Thank you
  •  Handbook –
    Please review the parent handbook.
    It contains a wealth of information.
    Dress Code Guidelines are outlined for your reference.
    ****Remember to wear a belt!****
  • 3A Special Schedule for 2019-2020
    Monday- Computer
    Tuesday- Gym
    Wednesday – Art &Library
    Thursday – Health & Spanish
    Friday – Music


This Week in Class 3A

 – Monday     
Computer with Mrs. Salvemini


  – Tuesday
Gym with Mr. McGarvey

 – Wednesday
Library –


 – Friday


*****  Homework *****

  – Monday
Spelling –
Gym tomorrow

– Tuesday:
Math – 
Play 1st in Math
English –
Art tomorrow

– Wednesday

– Friday

Math –
Spelling –
Reading –


Continue to:
Practice your math  facts for speed & accuracy.
Memorize them.
You need to know them “in a snap” !

Helpful Websites

First in Math

Christ Our Life

Spelling City

Sadlier Connect

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/