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Important Dates and Information:

  • April 14th- Blue and Gold Casual Day, Fundraiser for Notre Dame High School $1, First Holy Communion Retreat
  • April 15th- Spring Picture Day (prepaid only)
  • April 19th-23rd IOWA Testing
  • April 24th- First Holy Communion
  • April 26th- Hawk Walk begins
  • April 29th- Hawk Walk Tricky Tray
  • April 30th- 11:00 Dismissal

Week of 4/12

Religion:  Chapter 21:  We Receive the Bread of Life. During the Communion Rite of the Mass, we receive the Body and Blood of the Lord. In this chapter, the children are guided to prepare for Holy Communion and to receive Jesus reverently by meaningfully participating in each part of the Communion Rite. They learn that in Holy communion, they are united with Jesus and through him with the Father and the Holy Spirit and also with his Body, the Church.

Math:  We will continue to work with fractions, by comparing and putting them in order.


Unit 5 Week 4

Essential Question: How can we protect the Earth?

Close Reading of Complex Text: Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text, describe how characters respond to challenges, and describe a story’s structure.

Writing: Draw evidence from fiction and write narrative texts..

Speaking and Listening: Engage in collaborative discussions about preserving Earth.

Content Knowledge: See how people can innovate to solve problems.

Language Development

  Conventions:  Use contractions and possessive pronouns.

  Develop Oral Vocabulary: hesitated, memorable, pollution, reasons, suggest.

  Acquire and Use Academic Vocabulary: curious, distance, earth resources, enormous, gently, proudly, rarely, supply.                                                               

Foundational Skills: 

  Phonics: Introduce and blend words with variant vowel /ô/

  Spelling: ball, small, paw, jaw, pause, sauce, taught, chalk, walk, sought, new, fruit, city, own, read.

  High Frequency Words: city, father, mother, o’clock, own, questions, read, searching, sure, though.

  Fluency:  Intonation

Test on Possessive Nouns on Monday. Spelling pre-test on Thursday and test Friday, Reading Test Friday

Reading and Language Arts:  Track Reading will continue to be completed during school hours. https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/pictorialLoginSchool.do?code=k2y9

HOMEWORK:  Week of 4/12/21


  • Religion – p. 155
  • Math – p. 258
  • Spelling – p. 117


  • Religion – p. 156-157
  • Math –  p. 128
  • Spelling – p. 118

Wednesday:  First Holy Communion Retreat 9:30-11:30

  • Religion –Discuss retreat with family
  • Math – p. 129
  • Spelling – p. 119 & study for pre-test
  • Sign & Return Test Folders


  • Religion-
  • Math – p. 130
  • Grammar- p. 119
  • Spelling – Study for test


Thank you for covering books, copybooks, folders, and sending in supplies!!!  If you have not sent in a roll of paper towels for your child please do so.  We work hard to keep our areas sanitized. I will let you know when supplies need to be replenished.


Monday:  Gym – Please wear gym uniform to school and bring gloves to be worn during class.

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday:  Computers

Thursdays: Health

Fridays:  Music


Please send a cloth napkin or tea towel to cover your child’s desk at snack and lunch time.  Snack should be limited to 1 item that your child is able to open without assistance.  Please be sure that the snacks are peanut and tree nut free due to student allergies.


Please be sure that packed lunches are peanut and tree nut free due to student allergies. We will be eating lunch in our classroom.


Please send in a written note if your child will be dismissed differently than indicated the first week of school.

Extended Care:

Please see the school website for more information. 

Remind Link:


Zoom Link:


I will send you the password on Remind.




Please reach out to me for any reason or concern! I am praying for a safe and healthy year!  


Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Bozzi


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