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Class 2B

Welcome to Mr. Dicker’s 2B Class Page!

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“Love is patient, love is kind.”

– 1 Corinthians 13:4

Notices and Reminders: 

  • Thank you for all the Valentine’s Day treats and goodies!! Mrs. Sahl and I felt so loved ❤ 
  • Hawk Walk 2019: It’s not too late to send in your sponsor lists and stamps. Class 2B is aiming for 100% participation. Thanks for supporting our biggest fundraiser of the year 🙂
  • Monday 2/18 – School Closed. Happy Presidents Day!
  • Tuesday 2/19 – Religion Bee at 8:15 AM. Good luck, Tessa and Zach!
  • Thursday 2/21 – Mass at 8:15 AM in the IHM Chapel. Our class is preparing this Liturgy. Please join us 🙂

SJF Communication Folder:  Please refer to the Weekly Communication Folder for additional school information.

Scholastic Book Club:  Class Code PHZBX.  Order online or send in check (payable to Scholastic Books) with order form. February Book Order will be due on Friday 2/22.


Specials Schedule:

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Library, Spanish

Thursday: Computer

Friday: Health (Aug.-Jan.), Music 


What We Are Learning This Week:


Chapter 17: Jesus Invites Us

Ask me …

– to tell you what the Mass is a celebration of.

– to tell you what genuflect means.

– to explain why we genuflect before taking our place at Mass.

– to tell you what the altar is.

– to explain what happens at the beginning of Mass (I should be able to tell you the order of the Introductory Rites of the Mass).

– to tell you what we do at Mass.

– to tell you the special roles that some people do at Mass.

– to tell you the prayer we say at Mass to ask God’s forgiveness.

– to tell you what prayer we say at Mass to praise God.

– to tell you what “Amen” means when the priest prays and asks God to help us.


Telling Time (Test on Friday 2/22)

Ask me …

– to skip count by fives and tell you why that helps in telling time.

– to tell you the difference between an analog and digital clock.

– to tell time to the hour and half hour.

– to tell time in five minute intervals.

– to tell time using: o’clock, thirty, half past, minutes before, minutes after, quarter to, quarter after.

– to identify activities in my daily life that happen in the a.m. and those that happen in the p.m.

– to tell what time it will be when given a length of time.

– to solve problems involving time.

– to give the elapsed time for an event.

– to draw the hands of a clock for a certain time.

– to distinguish between Noon and Midnight.

First in MathLog in to practice your math facts and earn stickers! Who will be our next player of the day???


Unit 4 Week 3 (Test on Wednesday 2/20)

Weekly Concept: Our Culture Makes Us Special

Essential Question: How are kids around the world different?

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize

Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Vocabulary Strategy: Similes

Phonics: r-Controlled Vowels (or, ore, oar, ar)

Unit 4 Week 4 (Test Next Week)

Weekly Concept: Folktales About Nature

Essential Question: How can we understand nature?

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize

Comprehension Skill: Theme

Genre: Drama

Vocabulary Strategy: Root Words

Phonics: Words with r-Controlled Vowels (eer, ere, ear)

ConnectEd: Log in to read the weekly stories, play fun games, and practice reading skills. 


Unit 4 Week 3 (Pretest on Tues. 2/19 & Test on Wed. 2/20)

Words with r-Controlled Vowels:

port, north, more, store, oar, roar, board, part, start, park

Review Words:

first, hurt

High-Frequency Words:

ago, carry, people

Unit 4 Week 4 (Test Next Week)

Words with r-Controlled Vowels:

deer, cheers, steer, here, jeer, near, ear, dear, clear, spear

Review Words:

store, north

High-Frequency Words:

again, house, inside


Irregular Verbs:

  • Irregular verbs do not add -ed to form the past tense.
  • Students should be familiar with the following irregular verbs: go (went), do (did), see (saw), say (said), tell (told), come (came), run (ran), hide (hid), give (gave), sing (sang) & sit (sat)


*Practice rapid recall of math facts each night: Addition and Subtraction up to 20*


Rel. – 

Math –

Spell. – Pretest Tomorrow

Practice Vocabulary words.

Library book due tomorrow.


Rel. –

Math – p. 93

Spell. – Study Words; Test Tomorrow

Grammar – p. 89

Practice Vocabulary words.


Rel. – p. 127

Math – p. 94

Spell. – 

Practice Vocabulary words.

Sign Test Folder.


Rel. – p. 128-129

Math – Worksheet & Study for Test

Spell. – p. 92

Practice Vocabulary words.

Helpful Links

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Have a great week! God bless! 

Mr. Dicker 🙂

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