Class 2B

Welcome to Mrs. Zawarski’s

2nd Grade Class 2B!!

Important Upcoming Dates:

Friday, May 27- Monday, May 30– Memorial Day break- See you Tuesday!

Week of 5/23/2022

Please click on the link above to play review games for the End of the Year Religion test. We will take the test next Wednesday after Memorial Day. While we will be doing all the reviews in class, it is your responsibility to also review at home.

Parents! Inside your child’s homework copy book are the logins for the Wonders reading program, First In Math, EPIC! Books, and Prodigy Math. Please encourage your child to log in to these programs at home and continue working if they find themselves with extra time and nothing to do!

Monday, May 23: Wear gym uniforms!!
  1. Math pg. 160
  2. Read for 15 minutes.

Sharpen 5 pencils for tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 24: Bring library books!!!
  1. Math pg. 161
  2. Read for 15 minutes.

Sharpen 5 pencils for tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 25:
  1. Math pg. 162
  2. Read for 15 minutes.

Sharpen 5 pencils for tomorrow

Thursday, May 26:
  1. Read for 15 minutes.

Sharpen 5 pencils for tomorrow

Upcoming Tests:

Religion- End of Year Test on Wednesday, June 1st

Math- End of the Year Test week of May 30th

What Are We Learning? Ask your child to tell you about..

Religion: Review of the year

Math: Multiplication

Reading: What makes us good citizens? How can we protect the earth?

We are using Word Books to help the students learn sight words and vocabulary words to use in their writing. Each student has their own copy that they keep in their desks. Many words are already in the book, but there is also ample room to write any additional words they would like to use in any writing they do, from journal entries, to writing assignments, and even on tests! The goal is to increase their personal lexicons to give them the confidence and tools to go further in their writing with each new writing endeavor.

Handwriting…We are finished learning the entire alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase letters! Encourage your child to write in cursive all the time. NAMES MUST BE IN CURSIVE ALWAYS! It’s called our signature! Everyone should have one!



Science: Taking care of our planet

Social Studies: US History, PA History, Civics & Government



We could use more crayons, either a new box just for your child, or a couple boxes to contribute to our big class box of extra crayons that the kids come to find colors they have lost or have broken!!


Monday:  Gym – Please wear gym uniform to school.

Tuesday: Library (please remember to bring your library book!) and Spanish (every other week)

Wednesday:  Computers and Music

Thursdays: Social skills with Miss Darno

Fridays:  Art & Health


Please send a cloth napkin or tea towel to cover your child’s desk at snack and lunch time.  Snack should be limited to 1 item that your child is able to open without assistance.  


We will be eating lunch in our classroom.


Please send in a written note if your child will be dismissed differently than indicated the first week of school.

Extended Care:

Please see the school website for more information. 

Zoom Link:


[email protected]

Please reach out to me for any reason or concern! I am praying for a safe and healthy year!  

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Zawarski



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