Class 2A

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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Class 2A – Ms. Erica Berkheimer


Welcome to 2nd Grade: Class 2A!

My name is Ms. Berkheimer and I am very excited to work with you and your families this 2022-2023 school year!

Important School Information:

Thurs. Nov. 24-Mon. Nov. 28: Thanksgiving Holiday = No School; School resumes on Tuesday, November 29.

Tuesday, November 29: 2nd Trimester begins

Thursday, December 1: Santa Shoppe in the Gym

Friday, December 2: Advent Prayer Service @ 8:15 A.M. in the Chapel; Santa Shoppe in the Gym; Picture Re-Take Day in the Library

Wednesday, December 7: Trimester 1 Report Cards sent home.

Thursday, December 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception Mass @ 8:15 A.M. in the Chapel

Friday, December 9: Christmas Program at the Main Church at 6:30 P.M.

Thursday, December 15: Band Concert for St. Jane’s School at 12:45 P.M.; 6:30 P.M. Evening Band Concert

Sunday, December 18: Breakfast with Santa at Notre Dame High School

Monday, December 19: NDHS at St. Jane’s School to read – Preschool to 2nd Grade; Santa visit!

Thursday, December 22: Christmas Prayer Service @ 8:15 A.M. in the Chapel; Early Dismissal; No Preschool; No Extended Care.

AMAZON WISH LIST FOR 2A: Thank you so much for your kind and generous Class 2A Amazon Wishlist donations to the classroom!

Week of November 28th – December 2nd: 

*Religion = Special Seasons -Advent Activities; Advent Packet Week 1; First Reconciliation Preparation

*Math = Chapter 9; Add Hundreds, Tens, and Ones; Count on 1, 10, and 100; Add; Regroup Ones as Tens; Regroup 10’s as 100’s Using Models

*Reading = Unit 3 Week 1; Story/Genre (Expository Text): “I Fall Down”; Essential Question: How Do The Earth’s Forces Affect Us?; Phonics: Long Aa: ai, ay, ea, ei, eigh, ey; Vocabulary: Contractions, Main Topic, Key Details, Root Words, Fluency, Phrasing; Word Work: Sound Segmentation; Blending Words – Long Aa Words: ai, ay, ea, ei, eigh, ey; Comprehension Skill/Strategy: Author’s Purpose, Reread Strategy, Similes, Model/Practice Fluency, Intonation, and Expression; Weekly Reading, Phonics, Grammar Tests

*English/Language Arts = Unit 3 Week 1: Spelling: Words with Long Aa: ai, ay, ea, ei, eigh, ey; Spelling Test Fri. 12/2/22 Grammar: Action Verbs; Abbreviations; Writing: Informative Text Writing, Story Response Writing, Writing Fluency, Order of Ideas, Facts, Concluding Statements; Handwriting: Cursive Letter Writing.

*Science = Magnets: Pushes and Pulls of Objects; Facts About Animals and Their Environments

*Social Studies = Flat Stanley Chapter Book Activity; Family Business Poster Project

-Please sign and return the Homework Book each day and the 2nd Grade Test Packets each week!

-For any transportation changes for your child, please send in a note or call the school office. Thank you kindly!

Special Schedule: Class 2A

Monday = GYM

Tuesday = LIBRARY

Wednesday = SPANISH & MUSIC

Thursday = HEALTH (Beginning Trimester #2-3)



Helpful Links:

Religion: LoyolaPress     Grade 2 Religion Resources

ABCya! Second Grade Games and Apps   Math, Language Arts, Reading, and more

Sadlier-Oxford Math   Grade 2 Practice Skills, Math Minutes

NCTM Illuminations  Math Interactives


*Class 2A Zoom link is:

Meeting ID: 889 925 5509

Passcode: class2a


*Class 2A Contact Information:

*To contact Ms. Berkheimer at St. Jane’s School:

-Please call the School Main Office: 610-253-8442

[email protected]


*Looking forward to a great school year! Many blessings to you and your families!

Ms. Erica Berkheimer

2nd Grade Teacher – Class 2A

St. Jane Frances De Chantal School