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Week of  October 26 – October 30, 2020
Important Information:
  • Book orders due by Thursday, Oct. 29.  Online code: QZVW8
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences: October 27. 
  • Friday, October 30- 12:00 Dismissal (snack in school, no lunch)

This week in first grade we will learn:


The students will be able to define a saint as a person who loves God on earth and now lives with God in heaven, explain that God calls everyone to be a saint, pray the Litany of Saints, learn about the lives of Saint Teresa the Little Flower and Saint George.  We will continue to pray the Rosary’s sorrowful mysteries.


Jobs Around Town

Essential Questions: What jobs need to be done in a community?

Close Reading of Complex Text: cite relevant evidence from text; describe character, settings, and events; Retell the text 

Writing: Draw evidence from realistic fiction text; Write opinion text; Conduct short research on jobs in a community

Speaking and Listening: Engage in collaborative conversation about a community; Retell and Discuss Good Job, Ben!; Present information on the community

Content Knowledge: Explore the work people do. 

Language Development: Conventions- nouns; Develop oral vocabulary (occupation, community, equipment, fortunately, astonishing)

Foundational Skills: Phonics- short e spelled e and ea; inflectional ending -ed; Spelling words (leg, beg, men, hen, head, bread, grass, spin, there, again); High Frequency Words (again, help, new, there, use)


The students will be able to recognize the relationship between addition and subtraction, use related addition facts to check subtraction, identify addition and subtraction facts to 12 in a fact family, use subtraction facts to find the missing addend.



Monday:  Religion- read pg. 234 ; Math- workbook pg. 41 ; Spelling- pg.27 

Tuesday:  Math- workbook pg. 42 ; Spelling- pg. 28 ; Reading- read story to a grown up (book will be in folder) 

Wednesday:  Math- pg. 43 ; Spelling- pg. 29 ;  Reading- read story to a grown up (book will be in folder) 

Thursday:  Religion- talk about the saints ; Math- pg. 44 ; Spelling- study for test 

Friday:  Attend Mass on the weekend.


Friday–  Spelling Test and Reading Test (unit 2, week 1)


Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Computers 

Wednesday- Art  

Friday- Health and Music


Have a nice week, 

Mrs. Blessing