Week of  April 12-16, 2021

Important Information:
  • Thursday, April 15- Spring Picture Day (Pre-registration required)
  • Thursday, April 15- Mass. Please wear regular uniform, no gym uniform (Unless your child is participating in spring pictures.)
  • Friday, April 30- 12:00 Dismissal
  • Reminder of Spring Uniform- All shorts, skorts, pants, tops, and gym uniforms must be Flynn and O’Hara brand. Belts MUST be worn with pants and shorts.

This week in first grade we will learn:

Religion: Chapter 20 review and test; Chapter 18- We Come to Our Good Shepherd. The students will become aware of unloving personal acts that offend Jesus, the Good Shepherd, make a simple examination of good conscience, and express sorrow for offenses. We will recall concepts presented during unit 3 and describe what it means to live as a Catholic child.


Unit 5 Week 4

Sounds All Around

Essential Question: What sounds can you hear? How are they made?

Oral Vocabulary:  volume, nervous, senses, distract, squeaky

Word Work: Phonemic Awareness- Phoneme Categorization/ Substitution/Blending/ Segmentation; Phonics/Spelling -diphthongs ou, ow cow, town, mouse, how, out, mouth; High Frequency words- color, early, instead, nothing, oh, thought; Vocabulary Words- suddenly, scrambled

Comprehension: Strategy-ask/answer questions. Skill-connections within text;. Genre-Realistic Fiction, Fiction, Non-Fiction

Fluency: Expression

Grammar: A, An, This, That;  Mechanics- Suffixes

Math: Give and Follow Directions,  Same Shape and Size,  Symmetry,  Problem Solving,  Problem Solving




Monday:  Spelling- page 117 / Math- page 99  / Study for Religion Chapter 20

Tuesday:  Spelling- page 118 / Math- page 100  / Reading

Wednesday:  Spelling- page 119  / Math- page 101  / Religion- pages 155-159

Thursday:   Spelling- study for test / Religion- study for Unit 3 test (Stump the Shepherd)/ Leveled Readers




Tuesday:  Religion- Ch.20



Friday:  Reading test Unit 5 Week 4 /  Spelling / Religion- Unit 3

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Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Computers

Wednesday- Art 

Friday- Music