Class 1A- Mrs. Mitcheltree

November 28- December 2, 2022

Dates to Remember:

  • Thursday- Monday, November 24-28- School Closed
  • Tuesday, November 29- Second Trimester Begins
  • December 1- Picture Retake Day
  • December 1-2:  Santa Shop (more info to follow)
  • Wednesday, December 7- Report Cards sent home
  • Thursday, December 8- Mass 8:15- Immaculate Conception
  • Friday, December 9- Dress Down in green and/or orange for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Honoring Mr. McGarvey.  $1.00 or more donation.  Also, Bake Sale during lunchtime.  Prices: 50 cents-$1.00
  • December 9- Christmas Pageant at main Church 6:30 p.m.  (details coming soon)
  • Thursday, December 22- 8:15- Prayer Service / Early Dismissal

What we will be learning this week in our classroom:


Chapter 9:  God Promised a Savior

God showed divine mercy when the parents of the human family used their freedom to oppose God’s expressed will.  The children learn the effects of sin and how the promised Redeemer restored to all people the possibility of sharing in God’s life, thus enabling them to live as God’s children on earth and to live with God forever in heaven.


Follow the Map

Essential Questions: How can you find your way around?

Close Reading of Complex Text: cite relevant evidence from text; Identify the main topic and retell the key details; Retell the text;

Writing: Draw evidence from nonfiction text; Write informative text; Conduct short research on surroundings

Speaking and Listening: Engage in collaborative conversation about finding your way around; Retell and Discuss Which Way on the Map?; Present information on maps.

Content Knowledge: Explore maps and globes

Language Development: Conventions- irregular and plural nouns;  Develop oral vocabulary (locate, route, height, model, separate)

Foundational Skills: Phonics- consonant digraphs ch, -tch, wh, ph; -es plural nouns; Spelling words (whip, whale, catch, match, chin, graph, shop, with, many, around); High Frequency Words (around, by, many, place, walk)



Compare 2-digit numbers using the symbols <, >, =, order numbers to 100, identify and describe number patterns in numbers 1-100, use a hundred chart to order numbers to 100, recognize and write numbers that are ten less or ten more than a given 2-digit number.




Monday:  Math- page 64 / Spelling- page 47 / Religion- study for Unit 1 test

Tuesday:  Spelling- page 49 / Math- Page 66 / Phonics- pages 281-282

Wednesday: Spelling- page 50 / Math- Page 67 / Test Folder

Thursday:  Spelling- study for test / Math- page 68

Our Specials Schedule for the year:

Monday- None

Tuesday- Library and Computers

Wednesday- Spanish, Gym, and Art

Thursday- None

Friday- Music

Thank you all who bought items from our class Wish List. Some items came with notes letting me know who gifted them, but a lot of them did not. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! The kids are really going to have a great year!