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Class 1A


Important Notes!!!!

* Santa Shop Tuesday 12/10- Don’t forget to send in money and shopping list!

* Christmas Concert at Church on Friday 12/13

* December Book Reports go home this week. Theme: Christmas. Reports are due Friday, December 20th. 

* Winter Uniform started FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST. Please review the Winter Uniform Guidelines that Mrs. Okula outlined in the weekly email communication. Important notes:

     1. Belts MUST be worn with pants.

     2. Shoes MUST be brown or black dress shoes. NO SNEAKERS except with gym uniforms.

     3. Brown, Tan, or Dark Green socks must be worn. No Black or white socks. 


This week in first grade

Religion-  This week, we will be able to explain that God allows his chosen ones to freely respond to him, tell the story of the Annunciation, describe Mary’s love for God in her saying yes to God’s invitation to be the Mother of the Savior, associate the words of the Hail Mary prayer with Mary’s visit to Elizabeth, describe the Hail Mary as a prayer to honor Mary, identify Saint Joseph as the foster father of Jesus, associate doing what is right with God’s will, select the right course of action for given situations, explain that God wants each one of us to be loved and cared for, identify those who provide love and care, express an appreciation for the love and care of others.

ELA- This week we will begin our third Unit of our Wonders series.  This unit’s topic is Changes Over Time.  Here is an outline of this week:


Math- This week we will represent even and odd numbers concretely as pairs and leftover ones, identify even and odd numbers to 50, skip count by 5s from 0-100 using a hundred chart and number line as models, discover skip counting patterns on a hundred chart, skip count by 2s from 1-100 using a hundred chart and other models, discover skip counting patterns on the hundred chart.

Social Studies: We will start to discuss Christmas traditions around the world!


***An important note to consider when packing snack and sending in birthday treats: We are a peanut and tree nut free classroom. Please do not send in food items containing these allergens. Students may have peanuts and tree nuts in their lunch, however. Thank you so much in advance!

Tests this week:

Thursday: Math- skills learned in Trimester 1- part 1

Friday: Math- skills learned in Trimester 1- part 2

              ELA- Unit 3 Week 1 Reading test, Spelling test


Specials Schedule

Monday- Gym (students wear gym clothes to school)

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Art, Spanish

Thursday- Computers

Friday- Health, Music



Homework will be posted here in addition to the students copying it into their homework book. 

Homework for week of 12/9-12/13

Monday:   Religion- Read page 85

                    Math- Workbook page 72

                    Spelling- page 52

Tuesday:   Religion- Read pages 86-87

                    Math- Workbook page 73

                    Spelling: pg 53

Wednesday:  Religion- Read page 88

                    Math- Workbook page 74

                    Spelling: Page 54

Thursday:  Religion- Read page 89

                    Math-  Worksheet

                   Spelling: Page 55 and study for test

Friday:     Test/ behavior folders signed and returned Monday

                   Attend Mass


***Please note- when covering books and folders, use clear contact paper. All of our books are paperback and this will keep them together for the entire year. This also will strengthen and extend the life of the copybooks and folders***


Remind App:

Remind App… I will be using the Remind app for a lot of  communication this school year. Most of you are familiar with it from last year. If not, you can locate the app in your App Store. The icon is a speech bubble. Here is the code for our class:




Scholastic Book Club:

Our Class Code: GVC89

Visit www.clubs.scholastic.comto order books for your child!


Stay tuned for more information….


*More parent information can be found online at