Class 1A

January 24-28, 2022


We are in need of more antibacterial wipes. We would be so grateful if you could pick some up for our classroom. Any brand will do and you can also find them on our class Amazon Wish List! Thank you so much in advance!

Important Information:

    • Sunday, January 30- Catholic School Week begins- 10:00 Mass
    • Monday, January 31- 6:30 pm Family Rosary in School Chapel
    • Tuesday, February 1- Crazy Hat and Sock Day- with school uniform
    • Wednesday, February 2- Proud to be a Janer Day!  Dress down in green and gold.  Dance Marathon in gym.
    • Thursday, February 3- Religion Bee- grades 1 and 2- 11:00 on Facebook Live
    • Friday, February 4- 12:00 Dismissal
    • Monday, February 21- No School

    This week in first grade:


    Chapter 13:   Explain that all people work together to bring God’s love to our world, describe the different kinds of work that further God’s kingdom on earth, explain that Jesus loves them and takes care of them, express an understanding that Jesus wants them to ask for help when they need it, explain that all Christians are called to be Jesus’ helpers, identify deacons, priests and religious as people who share Jesus’ work in a special way, describe the life of Saint Frances Cabrini.



    Review Unit 3 Skills 

    Centers and Journal Writing


    Nickels and Pennies, Dimes and Pennies, Quarters and Pennies, Count on by Dimes and Nickels, Count Mixed Coins

    Recognize the value of a penny, nickel, and a dime, count on with nickels, pennies, and dimes. recognize the value of a quarter, count on with quarters and pennies, find the value of a group of coins consisting of a quarter, dimes, nickels, and pennies.


    Monday:  Reading- book in folder / Math- page 104

    Tuesday:  Math- page 105

    Wednesday:  Math- page 106

    Thursday:   Religion- study for Ch. 13 test



    Tests for the Week


    Tuesday:  Reading- Unit 3 (part 1)

    Wednesday:  Reading- Unit 3  (part 2)

    Thursday: Reading- Unit 3  (part 3)

    Friday:  Religion- Ch. 13


Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Library and Spanish (EOW)

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- None

Friday- Music and Computers


Mrs. Mitcheltree