School History

First Graduating Class 1927

St. Jane Frances de Chantal School was founded in 1926 as a parish school with 145 children. It has grown to a population of nearly 500 students. The school complex consists of 19 classrooms pre-school through eighth grade. The school office, library, chapel and pre-school through sixth grade classrooms are housed in the main school building located at the corner of 19th and Washington Boulevard. The junior high, the gym, computer lab, and cafeteria are housed in the Bennett Building located on the same campus, a short walking distance from the main school building. Through the Intermediate Service, classes for remediation in math and reading are held in the Conference Center located next to the main school building.

St. Jane Frances de Chantal School is part of the Diocese of Allentown School System under the direction of Bishop John Barres, ordinary of the Diocese, and Mr. Philip Fromuth, superintendent of schools.


St. Jane Frances de Chantal (1562-1641)

St. Jane married at the age of twenty-one and had six children, three of whom died in infancy. At her castle residence she restored the custom of daily Mass and carried out various charitable works. After her husband's death, she met Frances de Sales, who became her spiritual director. She joined his community for women, carrying out works of mercy. She served victims of the plague with all the resources of her convent. At times, she felt far from God, but she kept her faith in him.

St. Jane School BuildingSt. Jane Sanctuary

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