No child will be denied admission on the basis of color, race, or ethnic origin.  While we do not provide a special needs education program, we will make reasonable accommodations for students with special needs.  Parents are required to disclose in writing to the principal any special needs so a formal meeting can take place before admission is granted.


Upon receipt of application materials, the school and parish staff will consider admission on the following:

1. Parish Membership

  • Registered and participating members of St. Jane Frances de Chantal Parish, Our Lady of Mercy Parish, St. Anthony Parish, Sacred Heart, Miller Heights Parish, and Our Lady of Lebanon Parish.  Participating means attending Mass, and contributing through the regular use of offertory envelopes.  Once a family qualifies as a registered participating member, applicants will be accepted in the following order:
  • Students with siblings in the school
  • Students who are enrolled in St. Jane’s Preschool
  • Students whose parents are alumni of St. Jane Frances de Chantal School, Easton Catholic, and Sacred Heart, Miller Heights School
  • Students from other families in the parish -- admission and placement on a waiting list will be determined by the number of years the family is a registered /participating member of St. Jane Parish.  Families who have recently moved into St. Jane Parish and are able to present a letter of participation from the pastor of their previous parish may be given “credit of years” consideration. 

2. Registered (non-participating) parishioner
3. Non-registered Catholic
4. Non-Catholic

NOTE:  In order to be eligible for the reduced tuition rate (subsidized by St. Jane Frances de Chantal Parish, Our Lady of Mercy Parish, St. Anthony Parish, Sacred Heart, Miller Heights Parish, and Our Lady of Lebanon Parish) a family must be registered and in “good standing” with their parish for a minimum of six months.  This waiting period may be waived for new parishioners who present a letter of participation from their previous pastor. 

5. Academic/Social Performance

    Admission to Kindergarten:

  • All children must be five years old by October 15 of the Kindergarten school year.  Upon acceptance of the general admission criteria, the following procedure is required:
    • Registration form completed by parent/guardian
    • Presentation of birth certificate
    • Presentation of immunization records in accordance with State requirements.
    • Presentation of baptismal certificate if child was not baptized at St. Jane’s.
    • Payment of non-refundable registration fee

   Admission to grades 1 through 8 will also be based on the following:

  • New students are admitted only if there are vacancies.  Upon acceptance of the general admission criteria the following procedure is required:
    • All students must be six years old by October 15 of the first grade school year. 
    • A transfer slip from the previous school must be present at the time of application.
    • Presentation of a copy of the student’s most current report card.
    • Presentation of a baptismal certificate if child was not baptized at St. Jane’s.
    • Payment of a non-refundable registration fee
    • Presentation of the original Pennsylvania Immunization card from previous school. (if applicable)
    • Notification of any physical or mental limitations of the child by the parents/guardians.
    • Students and parent interviews with the Principal.
    • At the discretion of the Principal, students shall take an entrance test to assess prior knowledge.
    • Parents may be requested to provide a tutor for their child in order to bridge any academic gaps that exist because of transferring schools.
    • Parents must acquire a letter of recommendation from their child’s current school from either the current teacher or the current principal.

All new students will be accepted on a probationary basis the first marking period; if warranted, probation could be extended to the end of the first semester.  The purpose of this policy is to ascertain a pupil’s ability to adjust to the school philosophy and education program. Any student who, after admission, does not perform satisfactorily will be asked to withdraw from school.

6.     Other Criteria

  • Catholic parents/guardians desire to raise their children in the Catholic faith, and in keeping with the laws of the church, which include participation in Saturday evening and/or Sunday Mass.
  • Parents/ guardians agree to support the organizations which assist the school, e.g. the Home and School Association and the Volunteer program.
  • Parent/guardians agree to cooperate and uphold the rules and regulations of the school
  • Parents/guardians are willing to participate in fundraising to support the school.
  • Parents/ guardians of non-Catholic students agree that their children study the Catholic faith and participate in all liturgical and para-liturgical services according to the school schedule.          
  • Parents/guardians will pay all tuition, fees, and other financial obligations in a timely manner.
  • Parents/guardians understand that the academic expectations of a student at St. Jane’s School may exceed those of his/her previous school, and that the parent/guardian will, if necessary, employ a tutor to enable their child to be successful.
  • Parents/guardians will give the principal a copy of any ER or IEP that is in existence for their child so that the principal and parent/guardian can meet BEFORE admission is granted.  

Contact the School Office for more information 610-253-8442.

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