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Kindergarten 1 – Pacchioli

Welcome to Mrs. Pacchioli’s Page


Parents:  Please be mindful that we have a child with a severe peanut/nut allergy in our classroom.

Important Dates:

  • Monday:  Gym                  
  • Tuesday:  Please return Library books.
  • Wednesday:  Show & Tell – Letter Dd 
  • Thursday:  Dress down for K-1 for parent survey
  • Friday – Christmas Concert at Church (not at school) – All children must be seated in their assigned seats by 6:15.  Parents – please hold your child’s coat until after the program.
  • Scholastic Book Code:  HBWD3. 

Snow information:  If there is a threat of snow, or snow begins while we are in school, please have your phone or computer close.  Easton is very good about sending us home early or bringing us in 2 hrs. delayed.  In the event that we have a 2 hour delay, we will not have a morning snack.  Mrs. Okula is very good at keeping everyone informed.  I have everyone’s weather emergency forms.  If your child’s form of transportation changes for that day, please call the office.  I do not check my Remind App during these times.  Most days, I do not check my phone or email once the children begin arriving into the classroom (7:10).

December 7, 2018

We had sooooo much fun enjoying donuts with our Dad’s! It is always so nice for the Dads to come visit us and spend some special time with their child.  Great memories for all!

Here is what we did this week:

 RELIGION:  As you know, we are now in the season of Advent.  We discussed ways in which we can prepare our hearts for Jesus’ birthday.  We talked about lighting the second purple candle this weekend.  Each child was given a prayer card for their family to pray each day by their Advent wreath.  On Thursday, we celebrated St. Nicholas Day.  I hope your child was able to tell you some important facts about him.  Each child made a special “miter” in honor of St. Nicholas.

 MATH:  Wehave started learning about numbers past 10.  As we learn these numbers, we talk about the teen numbers having one complete set of ten and some extra.  It is important that your child be able to recognize and write all the numbers 0-20.

We continue to practice rapid recall of addition facts through 5.  At this time, your child is also practicing adding up to 10.

Your child should be able to count to 100.  Please listen carefully when your child counts to you to be sure he/she is not skipping any numbers.

Teaching young children to identify numbers in various ways is a year-long adventure.  In our classroom, we use many various tools/manipulatives to help us learn and identify numbers.  Their happy faces and sense of accomplishment make math so much fun!

 LANGUAGE ARTS:  Our theme this week was:  Time for Work:  What do people use to do their jobs?

Words your child must know:  I, red, can, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, brown, zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

Blending Practice:  Dot   mad   dip   cod   dad   Dan   Sid   Tod   did   Don   sad   pad

Our letter this week was Oo.  We identified pictures and words containing the short /o/sound.  We danced/sang several songs about the letter O.  We practiced printing this letter correctly.  We played detective to identify these letters when they were mixed in with other letters.  We loved making our “octopus” hats and wearing them all day.  We made an “octopus” for our letter art.

Each week, the children spend time writing in a small group.  This week, the children wrote four sentences to explain the process of decorating a Christmas tree.  Their sentences began with First, Next, Then, Finally.  Once again, this was a challenge, but each child was able to succeed!

We are concentrating on writing good sentences.  Sentences must make sense.  They begin with a capital letter, have spaces between words, and end with either a period, question mark, or exclamation point.  The children love to write in their journals.  They write in their journals several times a week.  This allows them to be creative and write about whatever they want.

CENTERS:  Computers; Listening; Writing; Word Work (Can you see the __?); Math (designs with tangrams); Writing Around the Room; Numbers (addition with cubes); ABC (match Christmas picture with correct word)    Extra:  poinsettias

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We learned about the following Christmas symbols:  candy cane, ornaments, stockings, and tree.

STUDENT OF THE WEEK:  Our Student of the Week was Vihaan.

Every child will have a turn to be the Student of the Week.  I pick a different child each week.  When it is your child’s turn, he/she will be given a special “All About Me” paper to be completed at home and returned on Monday.  He/She will also be able to bring in a “special” Show & Tell on Monday to share with the class.

Thought for the week:   Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

God Bless and have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Pacchioli           


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*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/




Did you know…Phonemic Awareness is done orally and without print.  Phonemic awareness is the knowledge that words are made up of individual sounds.  It is also the knowledge of how to manipulate these sounds through blending the sounds, rhyming, syllables, and segmenting the sounds.

Phonics is the connection between sounds and letter symbols.  Children start by learning the individual sounds letters can make.  They progress toward looking for patterns within words and how combinations of letters produce various sounds.

Fluencyis a reader’s ability to read with expression, accuracy, and speed.  Not only do readers need to be able to recognize and decode words, they must also understand the words as they are being read.

UNIFORMS:  All uniforms must by purchased from Flynn &O’Hara.

This is the Gym uniform which must be worn on all gym days. It may also be worn everyday during the specific times of the year.

  • Boys & Girls:  First day of school through October 31 and April 1 to the end of the school year:   green T-shirt with school logo, black mesh shorts with school logo, white socks, all white sneakers(including laces/velcro).
  • November 1 through March 31:  green T-shirt with school logo, grey sweatpants with school logo, white socks, all white sneakers(including laces/velcro).  Optional:  grey sweatshirt with school logo.
  • GIRLS:  May not wear nail polish or hoop/dangle earrings.  Options from first day of school through Oct. 31 and April 1 till the end of the school year:  Tan skort or shorts, green golf shirt with school logo, white socks, all white sneakers and laces/velcro.
  •  The following must be worn from November 1 through March 31but may be worn at any other time during the year:   Plaid jumper, white Peter Pan collar long or short sleeve blouse; dark green knee socks/tights; black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes(heels no higher than one inch); dark green sweater is an option.  Option 2:  Tan pants, green golf shirt with school logo; brown, dark green, or tan socks; black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes(heels no higher than one inch).
  •  BOYS:  May be worn from the first day of school through October 31 and April 1 till the end of the school year: Tan shorts; green golf shirt with school logo; white socks; all white sneakers(including laces/velcro).
  •  The following must be worn from November 1 through March 31, but may be worn at any other time during the year: Tan dress pants; green golf shirt with school logo; brown, dark green, or tan socks; black or dark brown leather-like non-skid dress shoe.