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Class 7B

Welcome to Class 7B!


Mrs. Margie DiLollo

December 5, 2018

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On December 20, our school will be having a special liturgy with Bishop Schlert.  During this mass, a special chalice will be blessed and it will serve as a reminder to students for vocations awareness.  In addition, each homeroom has been given a crucifix which will be sent home with a different student each week.  Its purpose is to remind the student and his or her family to pray for vocations.  There is also a binder that will be sent home with suggestions for daily prayer.  We will begin sending home the crucifixes in 7A and 7B this week, and then expect them to be returned by the next Friday so that another student will get a turn.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Important Dates:

  • 12/6 Advent Prayer Service
  • 12/10 Buddy Activity: “Reindeer Games!”
  • 12/12 Mrs. Fields cookie order pickup in FFH 2:30-6:30pm
  • 12/12 Band Concert
  • 12/13 Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • 12/14 Dress Down for 7A/7B (reward for reaching our school goal in the parent Middle States survey)

Math Class Updates

8-1 Algebra:  We continue to work in chapter 5 with polynomials.  The students have become quite successful in learning the FOIL method to multiply binomials.  We have also begun to factor, first a monomial from a polynomial, and then recognizing the pattern of the difference of two squares.  We will begin to factor trinomials using a method called “tic-tac-toe.”  It takes some practice, but like all things, the students who put the time in become quite skilled and find this chapter easy.  Without the practice, they will easily become overwhelmed.  I’m looking at a quiz or test on factoring before Christmas break.

7-1/8-2 Pre-Algebra: We have been working in chapter 3, first with the distributive property and then with combining like terms.  Many students still need practice in recognizing what terms are alike and can be combined, and which ones cannot.  We have also begun solving equations with one step, and now in two steps.  There will be an equations quiz before Christmas break.  Date TBD.

7-2 Math: In chapter 4, we learned the divisibility rules to help us find factors of numbers.  We also practiced a method of using prime factor trees to find the GCF of two numbers.  The rest of the chapter has us practicing percents, ratios (reducing!) and then finding least common multiples.  Quiz before Christmas, TBD.

Remind App Codes for 2018-19

To: 81010

Use each code below in the message field to join a subject:

7th Grade Religion and General Announcemens: @fc74a4e

7-1 Math: @71math2018

7-2 Math: @72math201

7-2 Saxon@saxon72

8-1 Algebra: @81algebra2

8-2 Pre-Algebra: @82pre

8-2 Saxon: @saxon82

Extra help after school is available on an as-needed basis.  Students are encouraged to ask questions in class and I am available most days after school if additional reinforcement is needed.

** In an effort to make students more accountable for their homework, some quizzes will be open notebook homework quizzes.  I will reference a homework problem by page number and problem number, and students will open their notebook to the homework section and copy the problem, work, and answer.  We will have already checked the homework and it is up to the student to bring any concerns to class.  Homework quizzes should be easy 100%!!** 

Classroom Rules

1.  Show respect for each other, our school, each other’s property.

2.  Be prepared with supplies, homework, and a positive attitude!

3.  Pencils, pencils, pencils for math!  I will not grade work done in pen.  Save the pen for religion and other classes.

Have a Great Week!

Mrs. DiLollo

Email: class7b@stjaneschool.com

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