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Class 5B

Welcome to Mrs. Lytwyn’s 5th Grade Class 

Be the Best That You Can Be, Every day!!!!  Give 110%  

December 9, 2018

This is a Journal Writing Week – only 2 with 3 from last week. Will collect and we will continue Journal Writing after the holiday.

Kindness Club- Monday and Tuesday until 3:15

No extra help or Math 24 until after the holidays.

Help to Get Rid of Mrs. Lytwyn’s Junk- Meeting on Wednesday from 2:00 until 4:15. Girls that are coming do need to have a ride home.

Just a reminder that if homework is assigned for computer: either IXL, Spelling City, or Sumdog; students are expected to complete assignment,

Book Report Presentations start on Friday and will continue through next week.

Looking for soup cans washed and cleaned for Colonial Days. I will need about 55 and right now I only have about 5.  Regular soup cans or Chunky   will work just fine. Thank you for your help.

Some students are having a difficult time with reading comprehension. I sent home a paper with IXL skills that they can work on at home. These skills would be a big help in reading comprehension that students can do on their own, on the computer—which they love to work on!!!!  Some students just need to slow down and look back in the test to make sure the answer they picked is correct.

Tests for this week:  Social Studies Test Next Tuesday-December 18th.
We will also have a Math Test on subtracting fractions Tuesday and on Thursday a test on adding/subtracting fractions.  Next Wednesday -test on pronouns


Friday: Spelling -Test 16   Religion Test -Chap 9

Helpful Sites:

Religion:  http:www.ChristOurLife.org    Once on the site, click on Parents and then Grade Five.  There you will be able to find the chapter we are working on.

Math: http://www.sumdog.com/user/sign_in


Spelling: http://www.spellingcity.com/class5b/

Extra Help for Pronouns:  http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/pronouns

Math and English: www.ixl.com

Specials Every Week are as follows:

Monday: Library-every other week

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Spanish and Art

Thursday: Music
First half of the year-Health

Friday: Computers

Fifth Grade Policies

  • If your child is absent from school one day there is no need to send in for homework.  If your child misses school for two or more days,Please feel free to call in for homework.  Please call in before eleven o’clock to allow us time to gather materials needed for your child.

*More parent information can be found online at www.stjaneschool.com/parents/