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January 14, 2018

No Math 24 this week.

Before we know it, Catholic School's Week will be here. The fifth grade will be putting on their annual Vocabulary Parade. Anyone that does not have a word by Tuesday will be assigned a word. We read the book Miss Alaineous in school to prepare students for the parade. You can get quite a few ideas from Pinterest. The word needs to be on a poster or the costume itself. Each student must say the word, give the definition, part of speech, and use the word in a sentence. It is really fun when the student makes up a little skit that goes with the word. We will be glad to help with anyone having a problem finding a word. This is a big event for fifth grade.

For Catholic School Week, we will also be creating a book inspired by the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  The students are so excited to make these books. You may have seen them this weekend. The title page and introduction page must be completed by Tuesday. We will be working on these in school and finishing touches will be done at home. 

We are having a subtracting fractions test on Tuesday. Students did have a review worksheet for homework. We will review in class before the test. I am confident that students know how to multiply fractions and will do well on the test. Fingers crossed!

We have finally begun the study of the American Revolution. We will be watching Liberty Kids episodes to enhance the understanding. Students can watch them at home to jump ahead or just for review. Students will have to read and highlight lessons. I will be giving a little quiz on each reading assignment. As long as student read the assignment, they should have no problem passing the quiz. Questions will be broad as opposed to specific answers. I would like to hold students accountable for reading assignments. We will not be reading the chapter in class, but reviewing what was read in class along with notes. 

I do want to continue with Spelling this week. I have created a list of commonly misspelled words on Spelling City. There are only 20 words instead of 25. 

Stay warm and read a good book:)

 Please save Chunky or small soup cans. These will be used for Colonial Days.

Tests for the Week:

Tuesday:  Subtracting Fractions

Wednesday:  English Test: simple, compound, complex sentence


Friday:   Spelling Test                          

Helpful Sites:

Religion:    Once on the site, click on Parents and then Grade Five.  There you will be able to find the chapter we are working on.



Extra Help for Pronouns:

Math and English:

Specials Every Week are as follows:

Monday: Library-every other week

Tuesday: Gym        

Wednesday: Spanish and Art

 Thursday: Music
                  First half of the year-Health

Friday: Computers    

Fifth Grade Policies

  • If your child is absent from school one day there is no need to send in for homework.  If your child misses school for two or more days,

    Please feel free to call in for homework.  Please call in before eleven o'clock to allow us time to gather materials needed for your child.







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