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January 14, 2018

Test and other things this week....

Monday - MLK School Holiday

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Religion Ch 11; Mid-trimester reports

Thursday - Spelling; Social Studies Ch 1 Lessons 3-4

Friday - possible Math division quiz with 3-digit dividends and 3 -2 digit quotients



January 27 - Phantoms Ice Hockey Game - St. Jane Spirit Night
January 28 - Catholic Schools Week Begins - 10:30 Mass and Open House from 12-2pm
January 29-Feb 2 - Famous American Press Conferences in 4A and 4B
February      - letter writing day for HawkWalk sponsors



Sunday - 1/4 -

Spelling-  next pages

Famous American presentation- last week students received a packet of directions and information about presenting a famous American of their choosing.  Briefly: students should choose a notable American about which they will write a one-page report and develop 7 questions for the "Press Conference" which will be held in class during Catholic School's Week. Students should get their information from two reliable sources. As they read students should take notes on index cards noting source and page numbers.  Check over the packet for details and please advise your student to ask any questions they may have during class this week.  This has been a project students get super excited for every year.  Parents will be invited to attend the press conference during Catholic Schools Week!

Monday - 1/15- MLK School Holiday

Religion -

Math - 

Social Studies - Ch 1 - Lessons 3-4 review packet. NOTE:  several students have yet to turn in their review packet which was due last Friday.  This is a graded assignment which should be handed in tomorrow.

Spelling - pp  due Wednesday; 3x ea and test Thursday.


Tuesday - 1/16 -

Math - WB p 62 - all

Social Studies - study Ch 1 Lessons 3-4 for test Thursday.  Vocabulary flash cards, notes, review packet, reread text.

English - WB p 38; memorize subject pronouns.

Spelling - pages due tomorrow

If Wednesday 1/17 is a snow day.  Complete the following assignments

Math - WB p 63 #1-4

Simple Solutions - Complete Lessons 57-60

English - WB p 39; memorize and know subject pronouns

Spelling - wds 3x each and study for test Thursday

Social Studies - study for test Thursday



Wednesday - 1/17 - Mid-trimester reports issued.  Check your child's test folder

Religion - Read p 97

Spelling - wds 3x ea and test tomorrow

Math - WB p 63

English - WB p 39

Social Studies - Study Ch 1 Lessons 3-4 for test tomorrow: vocabulary flash cards, notes, review packet, text.


Thursday - 1/18

Math - practice problems from WB p  62-63 for quiz tomorrow

Simple Solutions - Lesson #

Science - reread pp88-90 (or end of lesson) and complete worksheet questions due tomorrow

Spelling - pages  due Wednesday; wds 3x and test Thursday


Friday - 1/19

Spelling - pages 98-101  due Wednesday; wds 3x and test Thursday.

Religion - read pp 98-99

Math - WB 64- #1-4; Test Tuesday or Wednesday on WB p 62-64

Science - worksheet due Tuesday.


Work on your Famous American Presentation



 I will listen and follow directions.

I will raise my hand to talk.

I will respect my classmates and teachers.

I will respect school property.

I will walk indoors.

I will complete my homework on time.


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