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 April 22, 2018 -

Test and other things this week....

Monday - please return signed test folders

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Religion Chapter 20

Thursday - Spelling;  Joyful Noise for disaster relief: Bring in any loose change can spare.

Friday - Simple Solutions



Philadelphia Field Trip - cash or check payment of $33 is needed by April 20th.  Requests to chaperone should be sent in writing.  All backgroud checks and Protecting God's Children requirements must be met. There is still availability to chaperone.

 Book Report - Due May 11. Please refer to packet for instructions.  Students should have their books in class with them to read.  Students should also read from their books approximately 15 - 20 minutes a night.  Another good strategy is to figure out how many pages should be read daily to complete the book by  May 4. That's about a week before the report is due.  This gives the students a week to write and illustrate their reports.  Students do have time during the day to read.  Please advise your student to make good use of their time during the school day.   Thank you!



Sunday - 4/22 -

Spelling - pp 158-161 due Wednesday.  Wds 3x and test Thursday

Math - math facts worksheet if you didn't hand it in on Friday

Simple Solutions pp 99-100 should have been completed.

Book Report - read from your chapter book  Book should be completed by next weekend.



Monday - 4/23

Math - WB p 102

Simple Solutions - #101

English - WB p 69

Spelling - pp 158-161 due Wednesday; wds 3x due Thursday; test Thursday

Social Studies - Chapter 12 Lesson 2 Review Questions


Tuesday -4/24

Spelling - pp158-161 due tomorrow; test and 3x each Thursday

Math - WB p 103

English -

Simple Solutions - #102

Religion - study Chapter 20 and the Ten Commandments


Wednesday - 4/25

Spelling - pp 158-161 wds 3x and test due tomorrow

Math - WB p 104

Simple Solutions - #103

Social Studies - PA book

Reading - read from chapter book; 


Thursday - 4/26 -8:15 Mass; Joyful Noise-bring in any loose change you can spare

Spelling - pp 164-167 due Wednesday; 3x each and test Thursday

Social Studies -

Math - WB p 106

Simple Solution - #104

Book Report - read from your chapter book.



Friday - 4/27

Spelling - pp 164-167 due Wednesday; Wds 3x due Thursday.

Book Report - read from your chapter book


 I will listen and follow directions.

I will raise my hand to talk.

I will respect my classmates and teachers.

I will respect school property.

I will walk indoors.

I will complete my homework on time.


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