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Class 3B

Welcome to Mrs. Cucciuffo Class! / 3B

Week of May 21, 2018  – We will use one of our dress down days from Hawk Walk  on Tuesday May 22.. Wle will be celebrating mass on Thursday May 24. We have school a full day on Friday May 25 and it will be our last day in the taking out books from the library.

Specials for 3B

Monday: Computers   Tuesday: Art   Wednesday: Google, Gym, Music   Thursday:  Spanish   Friday:  Library  every other week


What we are studying about this week: 

Religion  –  We are  studying about our gift with Jesus – grace.- chapter 21.- test on Tuesday May 22.

Social Studies  –   We will be studying about French and Englsih explorers. .


Math –We working on Chapter 12 – fractions.  – test on Thursday May 24

Spelling –  Test on closed syllables – test on Friday May 25.

English  – We are studying about adjectives.

Reading  –   Unit 5 week 3  Wildfires  EQ: How do teams work together  skills: ask questions  author’s point of view, genre: expositiory text, context clues .

Some websites we like to use: 





Homework for the week of May 21

**** Spelling Activities 5/25

Monday, May 21   –  spelling activities 5/25, math  wkb pg 267, Religion test chapter 21, English wkb pg

Tuesday, May 22- spelling activities 5/25, math wkb pg 148, English wkb

Wednesday, May 23- spellilng activities 5/25, math test – review chapter 12 fractions  vocab. wks,

Thursday, May 24 – Reading test selection and vocab., spelling test and activities


Tuesday May 22  Religion chapter 21 t

Thursday  May 24  Math test chapter 12 fractions

Friday May 25-  Spelling test and reading selection and vocabulary test

Next Week:

Have a great week and any concerns email me at class3b@stjaneschool.com    Mrs. Cucciuffo