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Thank you for the classroom supplies.  We should be good for now:)



Important Notes:


  • Please make sure your child has 3-4 sharpened pencils with erasers each day for school.  We waste so much time in class sharpening pencils!

  • Take home folders should be checked and emptied every night!!!  Also, please check your child's pencil case.  If it is sent home that means the pencils need to be replaced or sharpened!

  • REMINDER:  Library Books are due on Tuesdays:)

  • Please remember to write a note (on a separate piece of paper) if your child is going home differently than his/her normal way.

  • Communication folders are updated weekly on the website under the Parent's tab.  Please check it for important information.

  • If your child is absent from school please call the school office that morning and send in a written excuse note to me when your child returns to school. 
  • Spelling Pretests are on Thursday.  If your child gets a 100% on his/her pretest, I will put a star over the word "Study" in their homework copybook, and he/she will be exempt from the test on Friday.  There are also 2 words from previous lessons added to the test (10 words in total).

  • If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write a note in your child's homework copybook or email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can:) 


Dates to Remember:                                                   

Tuesday, April 17th:

  • Class Trip to State Theater - wear school uniforms and pack a lunch just in case we are not back in time for the cafeteria:)

Thursday, April 19th:

  • Mass at 8:15 am - IHM Chapel

Friday, April 20th:

  • Hawk Walk (full day of school) - All children need to pack a lunch!


Homework:  Week of April 16th:







Monday       Study Ch. 17 

      p. 77

   p. 117  

     p. 78

   p. 118
  Library Book Due 
Wednesday     p.  155-157
     p.  79
   p. 120




   p. 120


What Are We Learning?

Religion:   On Monday we will review key concepts of Chapter 17 and learn how to make a simple examination of conscience.  Our chapter test will be on Tuesday.  

Math:  This week we will begin Chapter 6:  Extending addition and Subtraction Facts.  We will be using different strategies to help us add sums to 18.   Please continue to practice memorization of math facts to 12.  Use flash cards!!!  You can make them or buy them anywhere.  There are also many apps and websites to use that encourage memorization of facts!!  Children need to know their facts to 12 before second grade!!!

Reading/Language Arts:   This week we are on Unit 5 Week 4 and on row 4 of our word list: color, early, instead, nothing, oh, thought, scrambled, suddenly.  Our Spelling words will concentrate on the "ou" and "ow" sound:  cow, town, mouse, how, out, mouth, nothing, early.  We will also be working with suffixes -ful and -ly.  The comprehension skill will be identifying the problem and solution in a story.  The Grammar skill will be identifying and using articles a, an, this, and that correctly in sentences.   Our weekly Reading test will be on Thursday this week.  Spelling will remain the same.  There will be a grammar test this week on capitalizing proper nouns, titles, and abbreviations.

Beginning with Unit 4, the weekly reading test is no longer read aloud by me.  The children are expected to read the selection silently and ask for help with any given word or words they may be stuck on.  Remind your child to look back in the story to find the answers to the comprehension questions!  


Monday:  Gym

Tuesday:  Spanish and Computers

Wednesday:  Library

Thursday:  Music

Friday:  Art

             Health (2nd half of year)




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