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Kindergarten 2017-2018


May Procession with Bishop Schlert at St. Jane School on May 3rd, 2018 followed by the May Crowning



Videos of St. Jane School Year 2017-2018


Slideshow of St. Jane School


Noah Talks About Why He Loves St. Jane School


Jack Talks About Why He Loves St. Jane School



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The mission of St. Jane Frances de Chantal School is to enable the learner to achieve his/her potential using a curriculum, infused with Catholic values, and diverse instructional methods in partnership with a supportive community. 

St. Jane Frances de Chantal School is a Middle States Accredited elementary school in the Diocese of Allentown consisting of Grades PK3 and PK4, and K through 8. Students receive instruction in the following subjects: religion, language arts, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, computer and Spanish. A program for remediation in reading and mathematics is available for those who qualify as set forth by the Intermediate Unit 20 criteria. Enrichment within the classroom is provided for those students who manifest the ability to do work beyond that required of the class as a whole. All students, Catholic and non-Catholic, are required to attend religion classes to learn the teachings of the Catholic Church.






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